Billie Is The Razor That Puts Women First – And Works Better Than The Rest

In partnership with Billie.

Does anyone actually enjoy shaving? I mean seriously, it feels like a chore to me – something I definitely don’t look forward to doing. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing like silky smooth legs. I have vivid memories of grabbing the latest scented shaving cream from my local drugstore (you know the one – a mashup of vanilla, melon, and whatever other scent appeals to teenage girls) and then asking the store worker to unlock the “razor” cabinet so I could complete my purchase. 

I’m happy to report those days are long behind me, as I now have the perfect razor. Meet my new best friend, Billie.

My “dream team”

A Perfect Shave, Every Time

I started using the Billie razor about four years ago and haven’t looked back once. First and foremost, this razor literally floats over your skin. It’s so cushy and comfortable, yet incredibly effective. Everytime I shave my legs, they’re left feeling so silky smooth – and I’ve yet to experience any stubble or irritation after using this razor. In fact, I sometimes shave without any shaving cream and have no issues at all (not sure this is recommended…but pretty cool nonetheless!). 

The razor itself has five sharp blades that are spaced out appropriately to help avoid clogging so I get a super close shave. On top of that, Billie’s products are safe for all skin types and dermatologist-approved. Perhaps best of all, each razor comes with a cute little magnetic holder so you can store your razor on your shower wall rather than in a gross puddle of water on the floor.

My Billie razor in action, giving me the smoothest shave possible

A Pop Of Color...Why Not?

Cuteness level is definitely not something I thought to consider when picking a razor, but I definitely do now! Billie’s razors come in six fun and spirited colors, including my favorite 80s inspired “Malibu” colorway. For those more neutral-minded, the soft blue and blush colors are perfect. The brand also just released its Astrology Shave Set ($23), with a glittery handle and scented shaving cream that plays to your astrological sign. It’s super fun and would make the sweetest gift for the teenage girl in your life.

Works For Every Budget

I love that Billie’s products are transparently priced and affordable. According to the brand, “razors are the biggest culprits of Pink Tax” – instead of marking up women’s products like other brands do, Billie priced its razor in line with men’s products. At just $10 (with free shipping!) it’s way cheaper than the old-school drugstore options – and it’s easier too. You can opt to receive refill blades every month, two months, or three months, depending how often you shave, and the subscription model means they come right to your door with zero extra work on your part.

Instead of marking up women’s products like other brands do, Billie priced its razor in line with men’s products. At just $10 (with free shipping!) it’s way cheaper than the old-school drugstore options – and it’s easier too.
I love a brand that puts women first, and Billie does just that

Made With Women In Mind

At some point in my life – I can’t quite remember when – I gave up on old-school drugstore razors and actually started stealing my husband’s shaving supplies. They were so… effective. And I wondered to myself, why aren’t women’s razors this good?! As it turns out, Billie picked up on this problem too, and is actually the first women’s razor brand not born out of a men’s brand. Since launching, Billie has donated 1% of revenue to support women around the world, including organizations like Every Mother Counts and Black Girls Code. It’s also the first women’s razor brand to put body hair on the big screen – celebrating body hair and reminding women that shaving is a choice, not an expectation. This is such a welcome departure from traditional beauty products, which make consumers feel like having hair is shameful and you’re not “perfect” unless you fix it.

For all of these reasons and more, Billie has won basically every award possible, including Allure’s Best of Beauty. Check out the full product lineup here.

Five More Reasons to Love Billie: 

1. Don’t sleep on Billie’s other products! I love love love the Whipped Shaving Cream (a dream, really), the Razor Travel Case (simple, but a toiletry kit staple), and the Wonder Wipes (yes, Billie will even round out your makeup-removal routine).

2. Everything Billie sells comes with free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about added costs.

3. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free so you can feel extra great about what you’re putting on your skin.

4. Billie was the first razor brand to ever show body hair -- before, razor brands were shaving already-smooth skin.

5. The brand is sassy (fun, right?).

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