Thirsty for Something New? Dive Into The 9 Water Bottles We’re Loving Right Now

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I recently lost my 10-year-old dented, scratched, well-worn HydroFlask and suddenly found myself at a loss. Do I buy another to stay in the Hydro-cult? Do I branch out (unsure if anything will be able to stack up)? 

I opted for the latter and – cue The Little Mermaid – discovered a whole new world of water bottles. Read on to discover the brands that have raised my standards of convenience, functionality, technology, and design.  


UV-Brite: The Beam Bottle, $79.99

My hiking must-have 

Growing up in upstate New York, I knew summer was coming when my family started planning our hiking/camping trips. I always thought about how useful it would be to have an automatic water-cleaning water bottle when we needed to fill up in streams, so I was beyond excited when I finally got my hands on a UV Brite Beam Bottle. Not only did it come packaged in an exquisite box with a charger that lasts up to 100 disinfections, but it has served its purpose on hiking trips, leaving me more than content. I love being able to access pure mountain water while knowing for certain that it is safe to drink (within a matter of minutes!). 

The HidrateSpark Pro, $69.99

You’ll want this bluetooth feature for all your personals 
Credit: HidrateSpark 

The HidrateSpark Pro bluetooth water bottle monitors your daily H2O intake and reminds you to drink water throughout the day. Compatible with both Apple and Android, simply connect it with your phone or watch so it can help you achieve your hydration goals with a healthy kind of drinking game. Plus, the app keeps track of where your bottle was last synced, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Tease Wellness: Smart Travel Tumbler, $29

Never another burnt tongue. 
Plant this card and watch the wildflowers grow! 

This deep mint green, stainless steel, smart water bottle ($29) has a digital temperature gauge to ensure each sip is your optimal drinking temperature (whether hot or cold). It’s handy for teas, coffees, and – my personal summer favorite – fruit-infused water. Consider your water leveled-up.


Hitch: Bottle and Cup, $69

2 in 1– so you don’t need that extra set of hands  
Credit: Hitch

Hitch’s Bottle and Cup is in high demand, and rightfully so. I’m often juggling my phone, wallet, and keys on-the-go, so I appreciate the versatility and compactness of this full-size water bottle and drinking cup combo. Stay hydrated all day – and look good doing it with this combo’s beautiful matte colorways. 

Vitajuwel: ViA Wellness, $84

Miranda Kerr shows off her Kora x VitaJuwel bottle
Credit: Kora Organics

VitaJuwel is a family owned and operated business that was born in 2007 with one crystal clear vision: to revolutionize the water we drink. The brand uses crystal vibrations to restructure water and bring better energy into our lives. Its patented Gempods are carefully curated by hand in the German Alps. Made of premium, pollutant-free glass, each is filled with precious gemstones meant to create specific energy. The glass container acts as a prism for the crystals' natural vibrations, transforming the very structure of the elixir of life. 

My overall impression? VitaJuwel’s ViA Ayurveda water bottle makes a perfect “to me from me” gift. The concept and the visual aesthetic are intriguing, and I especially appreciate the bottle's removable, easier-to-clean bottom. 


bkr: GOLDIE, $38

A viral sensation for a reason
Credit: @mybkr

These glass bottles with neutral-colored, spiky or smooth silicone sleeves have gone viral. Bkrs are the perfect balance of luxury and simplicity. I was sold by the brand’s illustrative product descriptions topped with a whimsical sense of humor. And no, I don’t always fill mine with water. Aesthetic bottles deserve aesthetic liquids– I don't make the rules. 

Asobu: Orb, $29.99

Dream in these shades of blue 
Credit: Asobu 

This insulated Orb water bottle is compact and practical, eye catching, and soft to the touch. Its copper lining keeps your bev of choice hot or cold for up to 24 hours. My favorite part? The lid becomes a cute little cup for relaxed sipping. (I’m not going to talk about the brand’s money-back-guarantee because you won’t need it.)  


Stanley: IceFlow Vacuum Water Jug, $41

The bottle that brings out my inner-child

I remember the OG Stanley Tumblers that my family brought camping, and I can vouch that the quality and durability is still of the highest standards. Stanley's Tumblers offer a hefty dose of hydration in a variety of shapes and sizes. The rugged handle and built-in fence hook provide portability and convenience, and its built-in straw flips up for clean, fresh sipping. It’s simple, but sometimes that's all you need. 

All the better – Stanley has made changes in production to improve sustainability efforts. The IceFlow Jugs are made in part from recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, sparing our waters of plastic waste. Stanley prevents nearly 100 pounds of waste from entering our waters per every 1,000 IceFlow Jugs manufactured. 

Iron Flask: Retro Water Bottle, $19.95

Earth: 1, People Who Drink IronFlask: 1 
Credit: Iron Flask

The Retro Iron Flask looks cool – and the story behind it is cool, too. In 2016, Iron Flask set out to create tasteful and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles. I’d say the brand has accomplished that…and more. It now offers several colorways and styles – each with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cheers to sustainability, elegance, and cost-effectiveness!

Summer is almost here, so it’s time to get hydrated! Sip from something new – and let us know which brand you chose @thequalityedit.

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