Add To Cart: Editors’ September Picks

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

After a summer spent livin’ la vida loca, September is here – with a healthy dose of reality in tow. In this in-between month, we’re soaking up those final summer rays while trying to remember how we once kept a routine. Below, the products helping our editors settle back into the swing of things. 

Credit: @monostravel

Monos: Metro Sling ($75)

“For the past two years, I've fallen into the habit of not carrying a purse. I just grab my wallet and call it good. But so often, I find that this puts me in a bind when I need something beyond my wallet! Not wanting to lug around a purse or backpack, I decided to try a sling bag instead, since it's lightweight and easy to throw on. This one from Monos is simple, sleek, and beautifully made. Consider me converted.” –Kaleigh

Credit: @tinyorganics

Tiny Organics: Fresh Baby Meals (from $4.66 per meal)

“In the neverending struggle to feed two toddlers, Tiny Organics has been a HUGE lifesaver. Not only does it save me a ton of time from meal prepping, but the pre-made meals are healthy, have a huge variety of flavors, and are super easy to prepare (plus, they're great for travel). I've been sending them to daycare for my youngest and I love the peace of mind knowing she's eating science-backed, organic foods that will keep her well nourished!” –Jenni

Credit: Le Labo

Le Labo: EDITION Shower Gel ($54)

“Like many, I spent a decade obsessed with Le Labo’s masculine, leathery scent. My love affair has returned with the Le Labo EDITION Hotel Bath Collection, available online – no plane ticket required (although the hotels are typical Ian Schrager perfection). With its powerful black tea scent, brimming with citrus, smoke, chocolate, pepper and floral notes, the shower gel (my favorite product) lathers my spirit and my skin. The Vitamin E, olive leaf and flaxseed extracts, and aloe vera leave my skin soft, but it’s the scent that transports me.” –Christine


Feel Goods: Immunity Icon (from $33.15)

“After 2 years, COVID finally got me. Very fortunately, it was a mild case – but the cough and fatigue were no joke. This immunity tonic was a great way to make sure I was getting the vitamins & nutrients I needed, and served as a nice energy boost at the start of my day (I was still bed-ridden, but any little spark helps). A wide variety of all-natural ingredients, and a vast range of health benefits come along with it. (Not to mention a delightful flavor.) This is basically the 2020s answer to Emergen-C, and I’m 100% here for the update.” –Jordan

Credit: @shopyogastrong

Yoga Strong: Yoga Mat ($89.99)

“I've been looking for a quality, long lasting, non-slip yoga mat for a while and am more than pleased with my choice of the Yoga Strong mat. Whether I'm taking or teaching yoga, I want to give 100% effort and need a mat that matches my intensity. The designs are fun and the material is kind on my joints and easy to clean. I highly recommend it to my fellow yogis!” –Hannah

Credit: @kinnstudio

Kinn: Mother’s Ring ($680)

“Since receiving a pair of Petite Hoop Huggie Earrings a few months ago, I've kept a constantly-open Kinn tab on my phone (a highly dangerous form of entertainment). I was thrilled to pick up the brand's Mother's Ring – a piece I had been eyeing – at a recent sample sale in Downtown LA. It reaffirms what I already knew to be true: Kinn's everyday staples are elegant, chic, and extremely compliment-worthy.” –Hallie

Credit: Venus Et Fleur

Venus Et Fleur: Terre Travertine Vase ($689)

“My grandmother passed about a month ago and loved yellow roses, an association I'll now always have. During hospice and after, we'd buy endless roses for her, ourselves, and others. I'd always seen Venus ET Fleur around: gorgeous blooms guaranteed and preserved to last you over a year. They're pricey because they feel like having fresh flowers everyday (one of my favorite feelings) and make an incredible gesture. Although some of the beauty of flowers is that they're ephemeral, a marker of a moment, the comfort of holding onto them for longer is something that I deeply appreciate right now when I'm longing for the clock to go backwards. The brand recently released a hand-carved, chic stoneware vase – with an included arrangement of fifty-five Eternity Roses – and the sight of them on my bedside table is an invaluable comfort.” –Grace

Credit: Dandy Del Mar

Dandy Del Mar: The Sebastian Shirt ($169)

“The unfortunate reality is that summer is nearing its bitter end, although my fashion sense still lives somewhere on a tropical beach in mid-July. Dandy Del Mar’s Sebastian Shirt is a hip blend between a beachy polo and a vibey knit sweater and feels like the perfect transition garment from summer-to-fall. The Sebastian Shirt is expertly tailored in Portugal and is the epitome of an “outfit repeater.” Oftentimes when I wear this bad boy out in the world, I’m stopped and asked “Hey, where'd you get that shirt?” This is also a great gift for any stylish dudes in your life. Give Dandy a shot. You won’t be disappointed.” –Hunter

Credit: Tower 28

Tower 28: MakeWaves Curling + Lengthening Mascara ($20)

“I’ve been on the lookout for a mascara that actually works for years now. In the past, I’ve tried various brands and each one seems to come with a different issue: either my eyes become irritated, or my eyelashes become clumpy, the waterproof effect makes it even more complicated to take my makeup off, or it just doesn’t last very long. But I confidently say that after trying this new, vegan and wavy mascara, I have finally found the one! The dual sided brush is perfectly flexible – it follows the shape of your eyelashes so well that I didn’t even need to use an eyelash curler – there were absolute no clumps, my eyes looked dashing all night long and I was able to remove the mascara so easily right before going to bed. Truly a must buy for everyone!” – Naomi 

Credit: goop

GOOPGLOW: Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk (from $89)

“Summer tanning with baby oil (thanks, mom!) in my teen years has left my late-30s skin with a few sun spots, and I'm not okay with it! Before I invest in expensive laser treatments, I was curious to try the newest product from Gwyneth Paltrow's brand, Goop. After three weeks using the Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, my skin has felt softer, and I can see a subtle improvement in areas with sun damage. The exfoliating formula is gentle but effective, and I use it between serums and moisturizer at night. So far it's definitely worth the price!” –Laura

Credit: @sydneyannphotography via @drinkwalkerbrothers

Walker Brothers: High-Gravity Kombucha (from $45)

“If last year was my summer of hard seltzer, this year I'm all about a hard kombucha. As fizzy and pleasantly fermented as beer, but with probiotics that leave me feeling less bloated instead of more, kombuchas have become my go-to low ABV sipper. Though not yet available in stores, the best I've tasted are Walkers Brothers' ‘high-gravity’ offerings, especially the punchy and refreshing Pineapple Jalapeños. Lucky for us DTC mavens, the brand offers a $5 flat rate shipping on 12- and 24-packs, making them the perfect level up if you're sick of the supermarket offerings. Cheers to that.” –Ryan

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