Add To Cart: Editors’ October Picks

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Welcome to Add To Cart, a rundown of our editors’ most loved and used products. Discover what we’re using, wearing, applying, cooking, eating, and drinking this month! 

While it may not always feel like fall (especially at TQE HQ, where we’re still recording temps in the 80s), October carries a certain seasons-are-turning magic. Our editors are embracing changing trees and temps, and we invite you to sneak a peek into our kitchens, bathrooms, and closets while we stock up for the final stretch of our year. 

Credit: @actandacre

Act + Acre: Cold Pressed Scalp Detox ($48)

“Act + Acre is famous for getting us to treat our scalp like we do our faces. In that sense, this oil is the secret weapon I’ve been missing from my routine. I have a very itchy, flaky scalp that gets unbearable in between washes. This Scalp Detox Treatment works like a charm, and although it’s not the point, I adore the subtle botanical aroma; it smells like a classy, understated perfume oil. You’re supposed to put it on a dry scalp pre-shower, to remove any excess buildup and repair other imbalances that may occur. The relief starts instantly, and I like to savor it a bit – I leave it on for a bit longer than the suggested 20 minutes just to bask in the soothing feel and scent. It helps me get the most out of my infrequent shampoo sessions, and my hair has responded immediately. More shine, less shedding, and much less irritation throughout the week.” –Jordan

Credit: @drinkmaie

Maie: Discovery Pack ($35)

“Though it may officially feel like fall in other parts of the country, here in LA summer has a way of hanging on. With the daily highs and lows mostly unpredictable, buying wine can be a bit of a challenge – I can never quite decide if I'm in the mood for something chilled or a glass worth cozying up with. That's why I'm a big fan of Maie Wine's Discovery Packs, individually-sized samplers of their white, rose and red offerings so my guests and I can make a game-time decision.” –Ryan

Credit: @ladysargeant

SAY IT DO IT: Truth Or Dare Game ($25)

“If I'm being honest, I'm not much of a "game" person. Sure, I can get down with an occasional poker night with pals or find myself settling in for a long afternoon of Monopoly while cozying up on a cabin retreat but, generally speaking, games are not my thing – which very much disappoints my game-loving girlfriend. Well, all of that has changed with SAY IT DO IT, a truth or dare game to connect. SAY IT DO IT was carefully crafted during the pandemic and stems from the desire to connect more deeply with friends and family after a year (and then some!) of social isolation. The 52 questions and challenges are meant to help players open up emotionally with others in a group setting, while also allowing for play and fun. My girlfriend and I have made a nightly ritual of both picking a card and playing a quick round before dinner – and it's provoked some pretty enlightening and hilarious conversations! Simply put, the game is doing what it set out to do: helping people connect more deeply.” –Hunter

Credit: @go_upwest

UpWest: Vintage Utility Denim ($118)

“I was recently sent these jeans as a sample for review, and I have been wearing them non-stop for the past few weeks. They're the most comfortable jeans I own, and I love the slouchy fit (I am so over skinny jeans!). These are the perfect casual pants that aren't restrictive and look great with fall layers. 10/10 recommend!” –Kaleigh

Credit: @belliwellisnacks

BelliWelli: Gut-Friendly Baked Snack Bars ($26.96)

“The infamous brand behind the coined phrase ‘hot girls have IBS,’ BelliWelli makes gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar and certified low FODMAP bars that are surprisingly delicious. As someone who struggles constantly with indigestion but also has a massive enough sweet tooth to single handedly keep confectionary brands afloat – I could not have enjoyed my box of Strawberry Shortcake bars more. The Fudge Brownie bars are currently enroute to me, and I already know I'm going to love those too.” –Lillie

Credit: @lezethelabel

Lezé The Label: Workleisure That Feels Like PJs (from $45)

“This new-to-me brand has the softest, most comfortable "lazy, but fancy" workwear. Think, the feel of pajamas with the polished structure of a suit. I've been going back into the office a few days a week and love pulling out pieces like the Bengal shirt or Haven pant to complete an outfit that feels like WFH, but wears like RTO.” –Jenni

Credit: @hulkenbag

Hulken: Lightweight Bag On Wheels (from $69.99)

“I just moved to NYC a few days ago, and this rolling bag has been a lifesaver. I saw it as a targeted ad meant for commuters in big cities and can confirm — it's spacious, durable, and frankly, awesome. I've used it thus far for a myriad of purposes including 1) buying groceries 2) buying all my home goods and organizers in my initial move-in haul and 3) carrying my boxes and trash down five flights of stairs to the curbside of a walk up. I love that the Hulken can roll beside you OR be carried as a massive tote on your shoulder. I underestimated how useful it would be in hauling so much for blocks at a time, and I'm proud to own one! Plus, although it accommodates so much, it folds down to nothing, so it's spectacular in a limited space.” –Grace

Credit: @parkeofficial

PARKE: Denim Shorts (from $165)

“Denim shorts have never felt like fashion until I found Parke. Made exclusively from vintage Levi’s, and redesigned with a crossover waist, these denim shorts (available in long and short versions) are elevated in style and so much cooler than standard cutoffs. Being 100% upcycled makes each pair unique while also reducing the impact of dreadful fast fashion.” –Christine

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