5 Hammock Chairs For Hanging Out In Style

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The ultimate vacation feeling: a piña colada in hand, sunburnt cheeks, a straw hat if you’re feeling cheeky. You can hear the ocean waves crashing, and most importantly, you are in a hammock. 

In the search to recreate that peace and relaxation at home, we recommend indulging in a hammock chair to imbue your living space or backyard with a little dolce vita. Whether your style veers bohemian regardless or is a little more traditional, this piece combines the best of a swingy, breezy hammock with the sturdiness of a chair – and it’s small-space friendly. It’s also easier to hang a chair from one point than to hunt for two posts far enough apart for a genuine hammock.

Whether inside or outside, these five hammock chairs will give you all the vacation vibes.

The Cocoon-Like Hammock Chair 

Credit: Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

The Chair Hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammocks, $179.

The Hook: Born and bred direct-to-consumer brand Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a go-to of ours for *regular* hammocks thanks to thoughtful details, comfy designs, and hand-signed craftsmanship. (Each hammock comes with a tag signed by the artisan who created it.) Its weathersafe materials and soft-to-the-touch weave boost our affections.

The Look: Each Yellow Leaf Hammock design is available in multiple colorways. For the Chair Hammock, we prefer the neutrals of the Big Sur scheme, made of earthy natural khaki. Weight capacity is 330 lbs! 

The Lowdown: The natural fibers of the aptly named Chair Hammock are more organic than structural, molding to your body like a cocoon rather than an egg chair. Their knit is tight yet more flexible than your standard rope hammock, meaning that you’ll feel yourself sink more – yet enjoy more of a zero-gravity feeling as you relax into it.

The Eco-Friendly Hammock Chair

Credit: Bliss Hammocks

Island Rope Chair from Riverbend Home, $60

The Hook: If you’re going to be channeling your latest vacay, add some personality! Go all in with this colorful Island Rope Chair, taking you straight to a Caribbean mindset.

The Look: This multicolored swinging chair is easy to hang and easy to admire. A solid wood spreader bar opens to 40 inches wide, while the strong, handwoven rope hanging below is made of 100% recycled materials. Subtle wooden beads embellish either side of the swing.

The Lowdown: This version combines the flair of a more decorative chair with the practicality (and eco-friendly values) we demand from the furniture we use everyday in our homes or yards.

The Sleek(er) Hammock Chair

Credit: The Novogratz.

Sally Hanging Swing from The Novogratz, $476

The Hook: Say you want the sensation of being weightless, but you don’t want to lean all into the casual look of most hammock chairs. (We totally get it: they soften a room in a way that may clash with many decor styles.) You don’t have to give up on your desire. Instead, opt for this steel and wicker version that conveys a more traditional look.

The Look: Instead of looking hippie, this hammock chair is more coastal grandmother: beachy yet refined thanks to a rounded bottom and more neutral coloring. It still appears polished and relaxed without looking worn. 

The Lowdown: The Novogratz consistently delivers as a funky yet elegant brand, and the Sally Hanging Swing is no different. Better yet, it comes with cushions: a seat cushion, back cushion, and lumbar pillow that immediately elevates your space.

The Hippie Hammock Chair

Credit: blueflamedecor.

Macrame Hammock Chair Swing from blueflamedecor, $99.99

The Hook: Who would we be if we didn’t include the OG hammock chair, the macrame woven hanging chair of your dreams? This is the chair you longed for in your bedroom during your teen years, and this is the one that’ll give you a little extra joy every time you sit down in it.

The Look: This charming macrame swing has an extra-durable frame for ultimate solidity, while the wide weave and fringe detailing add breeziness and casual boho charm to any space – indoor or outdoor. The design conveys lightness, ideal for use in meditation, journaling, or just unwinding during your day.

The Lowdown: Macrame adds a unique texture to any space, so it’s no wonder it’s your first thought when you hear “hammock chair.” 70’s decor styles are surging, so you’ll definitely be on-trend, but macrame itself is pretty timeless for any area focused on relaxation. 

The Escape-The-World Hammock Chair

Credit: TreePod

TreePod Cabana from TreePod, $299.

The Hook: Inspired by the Magis Spun Chair featured in the New York MoMA, the TreePod has a 360 degree design allowing you to essentially be suspended in your own little tent. Mesh paneling makes this version a no-brainer for active types, campers, and honestly anyone with children.

The Look: The TreePod Cabana is much sportier than the others, made of a technical performance fabric meant to hold up over time. It’s not so much decorative as it is functional (although you can pick from a variety of colorways). With a UV-treated canvas, steel frame and steel quicklink, this “pod” design is meant to withstand adventure, and rolls up into a carrying case for travels.

The Lowdown: With a 500 lb weight capacity (much higher than our other picks) and an easy-to-clean design, the TreePod Cabana wins points for versatility. We also love that you can order accessories like an in-pod mattress and additional mesh panel for those buggy summer days.

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