Graduation Gifts For Just About Every Type of Grad

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A time filled with lots of excitement, anticipation, and maybe some existential crises. Any guesses? We’re talking graduation season. 

While the high school and college grads have historically stolen all the thunder, this guide celebrates everyone from the Pre-K line leader to the Med School valedictorian. 

To tearful endings, new beginnings, and many memories along the way – happy graduation! 

For The Pre-K Grad

Will they remember what you get them? Probably not, but preschool graduations are an adorable ritual filled with laughs and tears as you watch your kids (kind of maybe) turn into real people. Plus, it’s a great excuse to treat your kid to a new toy or a special treat!

A fun activity little ones will love.
Credit: The Dough Project

A playdough kit made with all-natural ingredients to inspire their inner chef (The Dough Project Pizza Project, $39.99)

Colorful, personalized rainbow crayons for a summer of drawing (Art2TheExtreme Personalized Crayons, from $19.95)

A stuffed animal that helps improve their confidence and self love (Slumberkins, from $45)

For The Elementary School Grad

I remember my elementary school graduation like it was yesterday. At 10 years old (or whatever age people graduate 5th grade), I felt on top of the world. As your little grad gets ready to start fresh, treat them to some fun gifts. 

A lunch box that's as cool as they are.
Credit: Calpak

A fidget toy that’s all the rage (Pop-It! Sensory Game, $19.99)

A cool lunchbox to take to middle school (Calpak Insulated Lunch Bag, $42)

A plush stuffed animal that’s totally on trend (Squishmallows, from $19.99)

For The Middle School Grad

Nobody gives middle school graduation enough attention, but for tweens moving up to high school, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Below, we’ve rounded up some sweet gifts any middle school grads will love.

"When I was your age, we listened to music on one of these..."
Credit: PBTeen

A cool new backpack for roaming the high school hallways (State Backpacks, from $90)

A gift card to support their reading habit and indie bookstores (Bookshop Gift Cards, from $10)

A vintage style record player that’ll let them experience their favorite tunes the old school way (Crosley Cruiser Deluxe, $89.95)

A pair of sneakers to help them embrace their own sense of style (Veja Sneakers, from $85)

For The High School Grad

Heading off to college is huge. It can be scary, but also so exciting to navigate this new chapter. For your high school grads, we recommend gifts that will help them make, or get them excited about, the transition ahead – whether that means college or hopping right into work. 

There's something about polaroids that just makes your memories look even better.
Credit: Target

Some college apparel to get them excited about heading to campus (Fanatics Apparel, from $10)

An instant camera to capture their favorite memories on film (Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, $70)

A great pair of headphones for study sessions, walks, and listening to music without bothering their roomates (Jabra Elite On-Ear Headphones, $99.99)

A portable diffuser to keep their home away from home smelling great (Vitruvi Move Diffuser, $182)

For The College Grad

The transition from college to the real world can be a tough one. Gone are the days of living with all of your friends in a cramped dorm and wearing pajamas to class. The real world comes with its own set of rules, like business casual duds and office desk knick knacks. 

Give them everything they need to chop, cut, dice, slice...
Credit: Material

A chic bag that can take them from work to happy hour and beyond (Senreve Maestra Bag, from $895)

A gift card they can put towards getting unique art to decorate their new space (House of Spoils Gift Card, from $20)

Their first set of good quality knives (Material Trio of Knives, $155)

A really nice robe they’ll want to wrap up in the minute they get home (Parachute Waffle Robe, $129)

A digital frame so they can display multiple pictures at once (Aura Mason Luxe Frame, $249)

A pair of everyday gold hoops for their workday uniform (Mejuri Bold Huggie Hoops, $178)

For The Master’s Grad

Wow, they’ve been in school for a while! At this stage, your giftee has adjusted to the real world a bit and has the workings of an adult life (whatever that even means) in place. So, when it comes to getting them a gift they’ll love, here's our criteria: something that feels a bit indulgent while also being functional. 

Funky cocktails await!
Credit: Haus

A set of unique, low-alcohol aperitifs for whippin up fun cocktails (Haus Cocktail Kit, $50)

A box of ridiculously indulgent, delicious cookies (Levain Signature Cookie Gift Box, $27-$68)

A weighted blanket to melt away stress and anxiety (Bearaby Napper, from $199)

A personalized candle that smells great and adds a mystic touch to their space (Birthdate Candle, $59.99)

A luxe set of silky pajamas for sleeping and lounging (Summersalt Cloud 9 PJ Set, $125)

For The Law School Grad

You’ve watched them grind nonstop for the past three years. Now that they’ve got their degree, and hopefully some time off, help them celebrate with one of these thoughtful gifts. 

4 wicks, 200+ hours of warm, calming aromatics.
Credit: Snif

An XL candle for when they’re burning the midnight oil…every night (Snif Off The Grid XL Candle, $179)

A personalized gavel to adorn their first desk (Personalized Wood Gavel, $33)

A smart mug that keeps their coffee or tea warm for hours (Ember Mug 2, $129.95-$149.95)

A coffee subscription so their mug ^ is always filled with the best (Atlas Coffee Club Subscription, $60-$199)

For The Med School Grad

You probably already call them whenever you have a medical issue, but now you can make it official with an in-office visit. Cheers to the ones that keep us healthy with these gifts for the newly-minted doctor in your life. 

Being on your feet for hours is a lot more comfortable in Atoms.
Credit: Atoms

A ridiculously comfy pair of shoes for long days spent on their feet (Atoms Sneakers, $129)

A daily vitamin to boost their overall health and immunity (Ritual Essential for Women, $30)

A great, water-resistant bag to tote all of their things to and from work and beyond (Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag, $110-$230)

Let’s get to gifting

We hope this list helps you find something special for the grad in your life. If you’re looking for more inspiration you can check out all of our gift guides here

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