Meet the Cult-Favorite Running Brand With Streetwear You Can Sprint In

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Running can feel like a bit of a cult. As the most love-it-or-hate-it form of exercise there is, its devotees are often almost rabidly defensive, often making the pastime into Their Whole Personality. And while I fully understand, as someone who got bit by the running bug during COVID – for anyone who's simply running-curious, the lifestyle might appear too hardcore to ever be any fun.

BANDIT Running, though, leaves the opposite impression: they invite you into a world of running that feels like a real community. Founded in 2020 by a group of passionate runners from New York City, they've had a ground-up approach to growth fueled by input from fellow runners nationwide. Known not just for their performance products, but also for the parties they throw at marathons everywhere from Copenhagen to Berlin, they're hyper plugged into their customer base in a way that feels warm and welcoming.

Whether you're at those events or not, running in BANDIT feels like a party because you know you look damn good. Their aesthetic is minimalist in all the best ways: it's confidently cool streetwear you can crush a workout in. With a wide catalog spanning from hoodies to run belts to the shortest of short shorts, it felt ripe for a rundown of their most essential products.

Photo credit: BANDIT Running


Anyone who's tried training in the cold weather months knows how essential the right long-sleeved running shirt is. On the men's side, the SoftSpeed Long Sleeve Performance Crewneck ($88) is somehow both highly breathable and totally insulated. They've even specified how and when to layer it (it works solo when temps are below 40 degrees and is best as a base layer when conditions are below freezing), a rare but unbelievably helpful bit of consumer communication.

The women's counterpart is the SoftSpeed Cold Weather Quarter Zip ($115), which has the zip neck added but keeps the same smart branding and hidden back pocket. The sweat-wicking SoftSpeed fabric shines on this product as well, and can be layered with either the Superbeam Sports Bra ($68) or the even-cuter Superbeam Race Crop ($78). That almost nude Backhill colorway is truly on point.

Photo credit: BANDIT Running


Say what you want about runners, but few others have the chutzpah to rock shorts with a 3-inch inseam. BANDIT's Litewave 3" Splitty Run Short are cool as hell, thanks to the drape and angular hem, while the exposed elastic hem is the kind of distinctive touch that defines the best menswear.

The Cold Weather Run Leggings – also made from SoftSpeed fabric – are available for both men and women ($120 each), and are similarly easy to rock solo or layer over. The contrast in textures between the slick exterior and soft interior was a real surprise when I tried them on, and gives them the kind of heft they need to stand up to the elements. Having gone on a few runs in them by now, I can also report that they really do stay put, with no bunching or riding up to worry about.

Photo credit: BANDIT Running


Imagine your relief when you get to ditch the dowdy fanny pack in favor of BANDIT's Run Belt ($35). It's much more low-profile but still fits an iPhone plus a few extra goodies, making it just as helpful on a non-running travel day. And after all the cold weather faves above, I'm stoked to shout out the CoolMax Race Weight Socks ($36 for a 2-pack), which are as lightweight as it gets for those brutal summer sweat days. Of all the variations, the vertically oriented logo plus text gets my vote.

Photo credit: BANDIT Running


That's right: BANDIT looks just as good off the race track too. They've got a few casual everyday shirts, but I'm an especially big fan of the Find the Balance Tee ($58). The patched info tag on the front funks it up a little bit, while the soft pastel colors and wavy text on the back cues up the zen we're all looking for.

Meanwhile, the handpainted Textural Current Hoodie ($120) made in collaboration with artist Huê Thi Hoffmaster brings vibrant, celebratory brushstrokes to an otherwise understated garment. As a limited-edition run, the price tag feels like a steal even for a hoodie – it's a truly unique piece where the mark of the artist is immediately apparent.

In general, the Lifestyle section is what makes me confident that BANDIT will only continue to grow and evolve as a brand. It's where they're taking bolder swings, and yet every piece continues to feel cohesive with their core aesthetic. As a fledgling company, they've already made a strong statement about who they are and what they value – and it's that marriage of style and substance that makes them so easy to root for.

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  1. Signing up for their email list won't get you inundated with offers. The B-Mail functions more like a newsletter, with everything from tips on running locations to interviews with leaders in the field.
  2. Signing up for their membership program will get you any available hoodie of your choice, 10% off on all choice, and inclusion on their Instagram Close Friends list, where they conduct polls for new product ideas and ask for input on style preferences – among other perks.
  3. Speaking on input, all of their products are part of a community-centered design process, undergoing rigorous testing by runners out in the elements to make sure they hold up.
  4. BANDIT has teamed up with Fast Feet NYC to donate 10% of all profits towards increasing equality and inclusion in athletics.
  5. Looking to fill up some bare wall space? BANDIT also has two stellar NYC-themed art prints for sale at very, very reasonable prices.

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