Aventon’s Unparalleled Comfort And Power Makes It The Rolls Royce Of E-bikes

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As you may have already noticed on just about any busy street, demand for e-bikes is on the rise (in fact, the market has experienced double-digit growth in recent years). Consumers are picking up on the fact that electric bikes aren’t just a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation – they’re also convenient, easy to ride, and pretty technologically savvy. In 2023, I imagine even more people and businesses will turn to e-bikes as an alternative to traditional transportation.

The popularity of e-bikes also means that many brands have popped up over the past few years. And if we’re being totally honest, we’ve found sorting through the bevy of e-bike brands to be a bit overwhelming here at TQE.

That’s why Aventon’s Level2 e-bikes caught my attention a few months ago. My husband and I have been eager to give this new mode of transportation a go, and we were attracted to the brand’s positive reviews and sleek design. Aventon, which was founded in 2013 in Southern California, seeks to make high-quality bikes (we’re talking everything from road bikes to electric bikes and fixed gear bikes) that are both stylish and affordable. Aventon’s bikes are designed with a focus on performance, style and value, and known for their lightweight frames, high-quality components and comfortable riding positions. It sounded like the perfect entry point for us.

A Winning Choice

The specific features of an Aventon bike depend on the model you choose and its intended use. Road bikes will have lightweight frames and aerodynamic design for speed and efficiency, while electric bikes will sport a motor and battery for assisted pedaling. But, rest assured: Aventon’s accessibility, elegant design, history of high-performance, and reliability on every ride are apparent no matter which model you choose (this attention to detail across every small factor, Aventon claims, is also what sets the brand apart from others in the space). Aventon also offers a 1 year warranty and 14-day returns, which eased any fears we might have had about making the investment.

We went with the Aventon Level2 ($1,949), a compact and stylish e-bike that is designed for urban commuting and leisure riding. Level2 is an upgrade to the flagship commuter eBike – joyriding re-invented – and engineered for riders looking to escape their cars and keep up with traffic at the same time. It’s built with geometry and convenience features for urban riders, like a 250W brushless motor and a fully integrated 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery, which provides a range of up to 35 miles per charge. We live in Los Angeles and can easily ride back and forth to the beach, pick up groceries, and do family joy-rides to breakfast without worrying about them even coming close to running out of charge.

The Technical Components

The Level2 is built for performance with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, a front suspension fork that provides ultimate comfort and safety no matter the terrain or time of day, and a comfortable saddle and handlebars for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Other features of the Level2 e-bike include a display panel for tracking speed and battery life, as well as a built-in headlight and taillight for visibility in low light conditions. If you really know your bikes and are looking for specifics, it’s equipped with preinstalled fenders and a rear rack.

We bought a saddleback for the rear rack so we can easily haul groceries or goods for a picnic. The Level2 can transport it all, from work essentials to picnic goodies, without the elements taking their toll. It's also available in a range of colors and sizes to suit different riders and preferences (we got his and hers Polar White and Clay Gray).

Enjoying The Ride

As first-time e-bike owners, we have been very impressed by the powerful and efficient performance and durability of these bikes. You can take control of your ride with Level2, intuitively amplifying your effort or going against electric and pedaling solely with your power. When I’m looking for a workout, I take off any of the electric support, but when I’m looking for the bike to take me on a ride or climbing a steep hill, I’ll amp up the support.

It’s been a joy experiencing city-living in a completely new way. And it’s been incredible bringing our kids along for the ride. If you live in a bike-friendly city or neighborhood and are curious about the experience, we can’t recommend Aventon enough. Adventuring outdoors with the whole family in tow is well worth the price.

Five More Reasons To Love Aventon’s E-Bikes:

  1. Right now, you can get $150 off with the code Level150 or $200 in free accessories with the code FreeAccessories.
  2. The Level2 bike alone has over 2,000 five-star reviews. These bikes are well-loved by a community of riders.
  3. Level2 comes in two sizes to suit most adults: Regular for individuals 5’3" - 5’10" and Large for those 5’10" - 6’4".
  4. The brand offers add-ons like helmets, a child trailer, cooler bag, and pet basket.
  5. Whether you’re looking for an e-bike, fat tire bike, off road bike, step-through bike, or folding bike, Aventon has a high-quality, mindfully-designed bike fit for you.

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