Workout From Home: 16 Brands Changing The At-Home Fitness Game

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Even though (or maybe because?) I grew up as a multi-sport athlete, the studio fitness world has always intimidated me. Don’t get me wrong: I love exercising and I do it daily, but I’ve always been the girl you see running in the same spot at the same time everyday, not the chick experimenting with electric muscle stimulation or aerial hammock conditioning for fun. Honestly, I’m sweating thinking about trying either. 

However, as the monotony of quarantine life drones on -- and winter has shown up to the party with chilly temperatures in tow -- I’ve found myself eager for something new. Much to my pleasure, I’ve discovered that the at-home fitness landscape has a lot to offer. Will I be electrocuting my own muscles or installing a silk suspension training tool into my own home, you ask? Well, no I won’t. But, I have curated a list of brands who bring fun, safe, and approachable fitness solutions to you, at home, during winter (and beyond!) for any level of experience or investment. From gear to gadgets and everything in between, read on to discover some of the at-home fitness brands helping me level up my workout game. 


Outdoor Voices

Created to “Get The World Moving,” Outdoor Voices designs apparel that encourages recreation and fun over performance. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, walking, or dancing, OV simply aims to get you moving and creating endorphins in their cult-favorite Exercise Dresses, Kits, and Outerwear because “Endorphins Make You Happy.”

OV Founder Ty Haney teaching ‘Endorphin Hour’ from home

Alo Yoga

Founded to “spread good by bringing yoga to the world,” Alo creates yoga clothes that are as stylish as they are functional. Celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing Alo’s leggings -- both to workout classes and as everyday athleisure. Alo’s yoga clothes and accessories are great for working from home and working out from home.

Credit: @aloyoga

SET Active

SET Active sells quality and aesthetic workout sets using their proprietary SCULPTFLEX and LUXFORM fabrics to ensure top-notch support. The brand is known for their Core Collection colors and allows you to shop by color as well as style

Credit: @ameliezilber


An often overlooked workout essential is the sock, which Comrad has absolutely perfected (after 145 prototypes, that is). Comrad uses Antimicrobial SmartSilver technology to kill bacteria and prevent odor, ensuring that each wear is as clean and stink-free as it is comfortable. The brand also goes above and beyond to shatter compression sock stereotypes by offering a myriad of styles, colors, and patterns. 


APL knows performance -- in fact, the brand’s first-ever basketball shoe was banned by the NBA for creating an “undue competitive advantage.” Each shoe they’ve launched since has melded performance and luxury, and the brand has grown a massive following. I’m not surprised: APL’s TechLoom Wave is the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn -- and I’ve logged a lot of miles in mine. Whether you’re walking, running, or training, APL has a shoe for you.  



LARQ is on a mission to get rid of single-use plastics, and they’ve designed a water bottle that cleans itself in the process. LARQ uses a proprietary ‘PureVis’ technology that gets rid of 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful bio-contaminants when each bottle activates every two hours to self-clean. At a time when hygiene is more important than ever, LARQ is the perfect addition to your gym basics lineup.  

Credit: @livelarq

Bala Bangles

As seen on Shark Tank, Bala Bangles can be worn on your wrists or ankles for added weight to any workout. Unlike traditional weights, they’re sleek, slender, and stylish (shocking, I know). Available in over 15 colors, they’re regularly sold out online -- snatch yours while you can! 

Credit: @bala


Lately, my most fun workouts have been on a Brrrn Board, created by New York’s first and favorite cool temperature fitness studio. Brrrn workouts involve lateral, skate-like movements on a slide board for building balance, stability, mobility, and endurance. Brrrn classes are so fun that you almost forget you’re working out -- until the soreness kicks in. The brand is also offering free streaming until 2021! 

Credit: @brrrn


Tonal brings the entire gym to you. It’s an all-in-one smart fitness system that incorporates digital weights, sensors, and a touch screen for complete, well-aligned workouts. Tonal is the ultimate embodiment of fitness technology -- the system chooses sets your weights for you and increases them as you get stronger. If you’re a tech and fitness junkie, Tonal's system is calling your name. 

Credit: @lindseyharrod


A beautiful and elegant at-home fitness solution, Mirror looks like, well, a mirror. It’s also a screen that houses live and on-demand classes from world class trainers. Mirror has over 50 workout genres ranging from beginner to expert and 5 minutes to 60. With Mirror, fitness equipment is no longer an eyesore -- and it’s perfect for small spaces, too!

Credit: @mindfulhealthnyc

Peloton Bike

I’ve been a Peloton fan for years (I even wrote an entire ode to it) and my family’s bike has been a true lifesaver during quarantine. Peloton allows beginners and advanced riders and runners to get fit with world-class coaches on their Bike and Tread technologies (while rocking out to the best music, of course). In case you aren’t sold already: Peloton recently announced a multi-year partnership with Beyonce. Need I say more? 

Ally Love’s Peloton x Beyonce Ride


For an efficient and fun addition to your fitness routine, consider Crossrope, a modern take on the traditional jump rope. Crossrope sells durable, portable, interchangeable weighted jump ropes and a companion app that allow you to burn over 1,000 calories in just an hour. 

Credit: @wojciech.herra


While yoga is meant to be relaxing, it can turn into a stressful experience with the wrong (smelly, slippery) mat. Nupravas mats are mindfully crafted to eliminate the pain points of traditional yoga mats: their microfiber suede surfaces provide a no-slip grip and function as both a yoga mat and towel. Each mat is machine washable, made with eco-conscious materials, and available in dreamy colors like Sunset and Moss

Credit: @nuprava

Online Services/ Classes

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Tepperburg’s MWH Method focuses on precise, low impact movements to sculpt “long lean lines throughout your entire body.” Melissa Wood Health’s online workouts have become extremely popular during quarantine, perhaps in part to her mind/body/spirit connection focus. Women across the internet have reported feeling both healthier and happier with their bodies thanks to the subscription course.

Credit: @melissawoodhealth

Peloton Digital

In case you aren’t quite ready to commit to Peloton’s Bike or Tread, the brand also has a Digital App with thousands of classes that can be streamed at home, with and without equipment. Peloton Digital offers treadmill and outdoor runs, strength training, yoga, and bootcamp classes on desktop, mobile, or Smart TV. 

Credit: @codyrigsby


P.Volve is a functional workout method that uses resistance and high-intensity, low-impact movements to build strength and sculpt the body. The brand’s P.Ball -- which activates the glutes, thighs, and core -- is a runaway favorite (hello, bubble butt!). P.Volve also offers over 200 classes on their online streaming platform, so you can try this celeb-approved workout method without leaving home.

Glo is home to over 4,000 yoga, meditation, and pilates classes taught by some of the best instructors in the world. The platform has content across twelve different yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative for beginner to advanced practitioners. While I initially struggled to maintain my yoga practice from home, Glo has helped me infuse a bit of calm into an otherwise crazy time. 

Credit: @aliomyoga

Whether you’re a fitness vet or looking to dip your very first toe into the workout world, I hope you’ve found a brand that inspires you to get moving in new ways in this roundup. Experimenting with my workout routine has certainly made me feel stronger -- but what’s better is that I’ve also felt more centered and grounded as well. At a time when so much is unprecedented and new in all the wrong ways, I’ve found at-home fitness to be a novice with a welcomed stay. 

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