ARMRA’s Colostrum Immune Powders Pioneer A New Frontier Of Wellness

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I have a notoriously weak immune system. Those who attended high school with me may remember my hacking over a tissue box in class, visibly sick, because our stringent absence policy wouldn’t let me go home. I have a vivid recollection of taking the PSAT while burning a high fever. If it sounds gross, that’s because it was. I was ill so often that I had to power through school, sports, and other activities as normal.

Nowadays, that wouldn’t fly. In the last few years, the entire world’s attention has turned towards health. But my zombified sick days in high school and college are core memories. The pandemic allowed me, in a strangely ironic way, the space to break free of my constant cycle of feeling run down. Social distancing afforded me the space to truly value what it means to wake up every day and feel healthy.

Fast forward to early 2022, and I’ve gratefully re-joined a gym and signed up for a co-working space whilst flexing atrophied social muscles. Unfortunately, this return to “normal” takes a toll on my body: stress, sleep deprivation, and sweaty bar crowds have all come back with a vengeance. I’m relearning how to balance it all again without catching a cold.

Enter ARMRA Colostrum.

If You Don’t Make Time For Your Health, Your Body Will Make It For You

Many of us have re-evaluated our health levels over the past two years- and immune strength has taken center stage. ARMRA Colostrum, the innovative, research-backed superfood that strengthens your first line of defense and restores foundational health, is a key tool towards realizing transformational health benefits.

ARMRA Colostrum (we’ll get to that word in a second) promises to be the first smart superfood to build back your immune barriers in the face of modern living. The world around us has evolved rapidly and our bodies are still playing catch up. We’re in need of protection from the sheer volume and aggression of chemicals, pollutants, pathogens, and everything else we encounter on a daily basis; our health is our ultimate empowerment.

When I first heard about the brand, I’d been miserably sick. I asked if I could get my shipment overnighted.

What Exactly Is Colostrum And Why Does ARMRA Colostrum Work So Well?

If you’re a parent, you may have heard the term colostrum in reference to infants’ immunity. Colostrum is the first form of milk that is produced by all mammals after birth.  It has evolved over 300 million years to give the body the blueprint to build its immune system and foundational pathways. Bovine, or dairy colostrum, has been consumed for its health benefits for millennia dating back to Ayurvedic medicine. To date, there are over 5,000 published studies documenting colostrum’s benefits in optimizing health at all stages of life. It’s been linked to fewer respiratory tract and GI infections, and can help prevent the flu. It’s mind-boggling that people haven’t caught onto this “undiscovered” superfood, the new frontier of wellness.

ARMRA has pioneered a low-temperature-extraction technology that protects the integrity of over 200+ bioactive nutrients and removes the unnecessary compounds from dairy colostrum humans don’t need (like casein and fat) to create a premium colostrum concentrate that is the most pure, potent, and effective.

At the forefront of this emerging category (and as the first superfood supplement to target root causes that threaten health), ARMRA has pioneered a low-temperature-extraction technology that protects the integrity of over 200+ bioactive nutrients and removes the unnecessary compounds from dairy colostrum humans don’t need (like casein and fat) to create a premium colostrum concentrate that is the most pure, potent, and effective. These functional nutrients like micronutrients, peptides, antibodies, and growth factors, work together in the body to strengthen the immune barriers, build the whole body microbiome, and enhance cellular heath. Many of them are exclusive to colostrum and cannot be found naturally in any other source.

Big nutrients, little box.
Credit: ARMRA

Research showed ARMRA activated anti-bacterial immune defense that was faster and 32% stronger than other bovine colostrum products. It also triggered immune protection in under two hours and regenerated a damaged gut barrier 70% faster than the control.

ARMRA uses the purest colostrum from grass-fed cows raised on family-owned U.S. dairy farms. Cows produce a surplus of colostrum that is considered a waste product in the dairy industry. The brand only collects this overflow, ensuring that it doesn’t take anything from the supply that baby calves need; instead, ARMRA is repurposing the excess in a way that is productive for others. I love that these superfood sticks are fortifying my body and immune system in the most natural and sustainable way possible – without resorting to an ingredient list I can’t pronounce.

My package of Immune Revival Stick Packs($37.99 with subscription) was waiting for me when I emerged from the depths of my aforementioned sickness. Having gone roughly two years without getting sick, I’d gotten rather accustomed to feeling healthy. I tore into the box, ripped open a packet, and poured it into my water to help aid my recovery.

I’ve Tried A Lot Of Supplements So Consider Me Impressed

I’m unbearably picky about the texture of supplement powders. If they taste bad, I won’t drink them – no matter what benefits they promise. Psychologically, in order for our brains to form a habit, we usually have to assign a short-term reward to an action. A.K.A. the immune powder has to taste really good for me to do it.

The instructions said to pour into water and shake. I had some deep-rooted skepticism about fake orange drinks based on years of guzzling sugary Emergen-C, so I side-eyed the Blood Orange label at first.

To my pleasant surprise, the Blood Orange mixed well and tasted good and natural – which is high praise for an immune supplement. I’m sipping on it now as I write, and it’s neither too sweet nor too obvious.

Even better: the brand offers an unflavored version that can be taken straight or added to any drink. These stick packs go perfectly into the protein shake that I already have every day, making me even more likely to stick with them and enjoy the full immune benefits. (Editor’s note: you should not mix with hot liquids because heat will degrade the ingredients’ efficacy.)

ARMRA’s Immune Revival comes in Unflavored Stick Packs ($37.99 for 30 servings), Blood Orange Stick Packs ($47.49 for 30 servings), or an Unflavored Bulk Jar ($104.49 for 120 servings).

The Benefits I Saw From Using Immune Revival

Tests and doctors figured out that basically my immune system is under near-constant attack from a long list of mild allergies, contributing to my near-constant sickness growing up. My asthma makes each bug go straight to my chest, which has resulted in many, many cases of bronchitis (and a few bruised ribs).

In terms of supplements, I’ll optimistically try anything, but recommend few if any. While I can preach about the physician-developed and clinically-backed science of ARMRA, none of that means anything without proof it tangibly improved my circumstances.

So in pondering my perception of ARMRA Colostrum’s Immune Revival, I kept going back to the methodology. How could I objectively determine that it made a difference in my daily life – a significant enough shift for me to shell out more $$ for another 30 days’ supply?

The answer was in my fitness tracker.

My Whoop fitness tracker keeps a score of my recovery is based on 4 physiological metrics: Heart-rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), sleep, and respiratory rate.

When I was sick, I was sleeping 10+ hours a day but was at my highest strain and lowest recovery scores. My body was under siege.

My Whoop Recovery Score While Sick. Newsflash — 4% is not good.

While Sick.

Although I considered myself “recovered” during the week after, I couldn’t quite break past the 60% mark. I hovered at just barely halfway over my energy capacity – even resting and getting intentional sleep hours. When my ARMRA arrived, I hoped it would push me past my plateau.

With ARMRA on-board, I showed my first signs of recovery thanks to a great night's sleep.  

While Recovering.

The night I first tried ARMRA Immune Revival was my first night of good sleep in quite a while. I woke up with an optimal recovery score, meaning that I was fully primed to take on the day and its challenges.

Back in the ‘green’ with recovery peaking!

While Recovering & Taking ARMRA (With No Other Variables Changed.)

While correlation is not causation (and time, activity, and other stressors are worth considering), I was deeply impressed by my quality of sleep, overall energy levels, and the confidence I had going into a new day knowing that I was reducing my likelihood of falling sick. Having incorporated the Immune Revival product into my daily consumption, I’ve consistently been “in the green” and overall feeling good, with fewer quantified recovery dips than normal.

To me, that security makes it worth the initial buy – and likely the subscription, too.

5 Reasons To Love ARMRA’s Immune Revival.

  1. Colostrum is nature’s 300 million-year-old superfood, the original source of our body’s first “building blocks” for the immune system and foundational health.
  2. ARMRA Colostrum is physician-developed and clinically-backed, ensuring ultimate transparency and maximum effectiveness.
  3. This is the first smart superfood that targets the modern root causes that threaten our health by building back immune barriers throughout the body for proactive defense.
  4. ARMRA thoughtfully sources its colostrum from grass-fed cows on family-owned U.S. dairy farms and only collects overflow. This product is pure, with no GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, artificial additives, soy, gluten or sugar.
  5. Today’s environment is evolving with everyday chemicals, pollutants, pathogens, and processed ingredients threatening our mental and physical state. Now more than ever our bodies are in need of protection.

Try ARMRA for yourself.

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