Outer's Buzzy New Collection Sold Out In Under 48 Hours -- Now It's Back, And We're Shopping Fast

In need of an immediate backyard transformation as the weather gets warmer and small outdoor gatherings feel like a possibility again? Us, too. Which is why we’re so excited about Outer’s new Aluminum Collection. (And we're not the only ones -- the collection's presale sold out in less than 48 hours.) Our favorite outdoor furniture brand just launched its sleek, low-maintenance, and gorgeous Aluminum line, and we think you should be the first to shop it, now.

Featured on Shark Tank and founded by Jiake Liu and Terry Lin, Outer has seen greater than a 1000% increase in sales over the last year alone, earning it the title of the fastest-growing outdoor furniture brand in North America. The new Aluminum launch is Outer's third collection (following its stunning Wicker and Teak lines) and we’re clicking “add-to-cart” -- before it sells out.

Shop the aluminum collection now.

Aluminum: Fresh And Sleek For Summer

Outer’s new collection features an effortlessly modern design we love, taking inspiration from the aerodynamic aesthetics of the automobile world. And even better, Outer’s take on this sleek and chic outdoor look is one that can upgrade your backyard with no fuss or complicated maintenance.

The Aluminum collection is weather-resistant and will never rust, decay, or loosen -- finished with a powder coating guaranteed to last more than ten years.

Sustainability and durability are pillars of all of Outer’s designs, and the new Aluminum line is no exception -- each piece is 100% recyclable and comes with Outer’s Shark Tank-approved OuterShell® cover.

By shopping the new collection, you'll be doing good for more than just your backyard. 1% of the revenue from the Aluminum collection will go towards Climate Neutral, supporting the non-profit's mission to offset and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A Modern, Crisp Aesthetic, With Outer's Trademark Comfort And Durability

We love Outer’s best-in-class comfort for outdoor furniture that rivals the nicest indoor couches we’ve tried -- and the Aluminum collection is no different. The secret is under the hood, so-to-speak. Firm yet conforming, the sofa has a multi-layer foam cushion system:

1. Starting with their proprietary stain-resistant & fade-resistant fabric, the cushion covers are incredibly comfortable to the touch with a cotton-like texture.

2. Below that is a waterproof protective barrier, locking out any moisture concerns other outdoor furniture cushions are notoriously bad at.

3. And for those looking to nerd out: each chair has 2 different types of foam cushioning: Visco elastic memory foam for luxurious comfort and high resiliency foam for support

On the cushions, Liu shares, “How do you make it as stylish as indoor furniture, as comfortable as a mattress, and as durable as camping equipment?”

The resulting ‘sit experience’ is extraordinarily comfortable -- and will make you want to spend all of your time in your backyard, enjoying your Outer furniture.

An Innovative New Aesthetic, With The Same Clever OuterShell™ System

While the Aluminum collection presents a fresh and modern aesthetic, it still embodies Outer’s core design principles, like its innovative OuterShell®. The patented OuterShell® cover, one of Outer’s key differentiators in all of its collections, is an integrated cover that quickly rolls out and over the cushions on each chair. It’s unbelievably convenient, protecting your cushions from everyday dirt, debris, and morning dew. And because it’s built-in at the individual cushion level, it makes covering up a quick and easy habit each time you use the sofa. If a large storm is heading your way, the system converts into a cushion carrying case to bring them indoors.

5 More Reasons To Shop Outer's Aluminum Collection Now:

1. Commitment to sustainability: Outer’s new Aluminum Collection is 100% recyclable.

2. Coated with a top-of-the-line powder finish, the Aluminum pieces are guaranteed to last upwards of ten years with no fuss or maintenance.

3. The furniture can be left outside all year. It is designed to take whatever nature throws at it: scorching temperatures, burning sun, wilting humidity, heavy rain, sub-freezing temperatures, and snow.

4. Their factory is owned by their CEO's family, so they have a personal relationship with the people that so carefully craft their products. They work together to ensure fair wages, safe work environments, and benefits for families and their children.

5. Hundreds of five-star reviews like this one: “Yes, it’s expensive...but you get what you pay for and you won’t regret the investment. It was easy to set up...quality tools provided and it took about 30 min from start to finish. Super comfortable, modern and it will clearly last for years.

Shop the aluminum collection today.