Western Rise Apparel: A Seamless Weave Of Form And Function

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When it comes to fashion, my approach to picking outfits is sort of like my approach to picking records: “If it ain’t broke, put it on again for the millionth time in a row.” Hence the single pair of jeans I wear until the crotch is worn through, or the Eurythmics song I’ve been playing on repeat for the last six months.

So when I saw Western Rise describe their slacks as “The Last Pants You’ll Need,” I couldn’t help but think, “Sweet dreams are made of this.” It sounded too good to be true, so I decided I had to put the performance clothing brand’s signature AT Slim Pant to the test. And why stop at the waist? Between the label’s Session Tee and Limitless Merino Button-Down, it looked like my workout gear and everyday duds might have finally met their lifelong matches, too.

Beloved by cats and humans alike

The Frontier of Functional Fashion

It seems I’m not the only one who enjoys a single outfit (or song) fit for every occasion. Founded with the lofty goal of creating “one set of performance clothing for anything your day may bring,” Western Rise has set out to serve guys like me with an entire wardrobe that can fit in a duffle bag, no matter where we’re headed. Tailoring high-performance fabrics with office-friendly cuts, the brand boasts clothes that can handle mountain hikes and staff meetings alike.

The apparel company also applies that “less is more” philosophy to its designs and detailing, “removing anything unnecessary for maximum efficiency.” As a fellow minimalist, I appreciate a line that’s free of flashy patterns or loud labeling, and Western Rise’s collection is aptly understated from top to bottom. That versatility in both form and function certainly proved itself in practice: I donned the bottoms on a Monday, and Friday came without my ever facing a fashion faux pas.

Trousers for All Types

Sliding into the set of AT Slim Pants, I immediately gained a newfound appreciation for high-tech fabric. Designed for everyday wear with 97% air-texturized Nylon and 3% Spandex, the pants felt light and sturdy, but with a stretch that put a veritable glide in my stride. They made my regular jeans feel heavy by comparison, even though the woven canvas material is apparently 5x more durable than denim.

Another technical touch that tickled my fancy was the secret zip on the back pocket, giving my wallet an extra layer of protection from any hopeful pickpockets. I also got a chance to test the “Nano-scale C6 durable water repellent treatment” when taking out the trash during a downpour. The droplets magically beaded up without soaking through, leaving me fly and dry. Perhaps that C6 treatment is what accounts for the snow-pants-like “swish” sound I was hearing in my first few strides—but a day later, they were fully broken-in, and it was smooth sailing from there. Now I wonder when I’ll ever take them off...

Completely spill-proof and water-repelling

The Light Stuff

A few months ago, I finally found a form of cardio that made me actually want to work out: VR-enhanced aerobics. (I know, I know, I’m pretty rad.) The high-intensity sessions leave me dripping with sweat, so I was curious to see how Western Rise’s appropriately-named Session Tee could handle the heat. Since it’s developed for active movement and described as “astonishingly lightweight,” I also wondered what the Japanese-made Deltapeak™ micro mesh construction would feel like in reality—the analog kind, that is.

Welp, they said it: I was truly astonished. I knew I’d just put a shirt on, but I felt more like the Emperor in his New Clothes. What trickery was this? No sorcery, just science: the 100% polyester double knit fabric definitely delivered on its “next-level breathability,” and I stayed cool throughout the workout, as the activewear tee’s moisture wicking took care of the sweat. And even after a few days of thorough testing, the odor-resistant material did its job far better than my previous gym wear ever could. It’s no stretch to say this flexible fabric has quickly become my fitness favorite.

The Button-Down for Every Getup

Lucky for us, the exercise top isn’t the only article that gets the miracle-fabric treatment from Western Rise. As I buttoned up their Limitless Merino Button-Down, I was delighted to once again find that feather-light feel, this time in long-sleeve form. Made with “the softest Australian Merino wool,” the shirt’s Oxford-style look belies a comfort usually found in pocket tees. I felt like a sheep in wolf’s clothing—comfy as hell on the inside, looking executive-sharp on the outside.

The sleeves themselves run just a tad on the long side, but I always roll my cuffs up anyhow, and the rest of the fit was right on the money. I love a button-down I can leave untucked without it looking like a painter’s smock, and Western Rise clearly cut this one at the perfect length. Plus, the material’s 4-way stretch keeps that tailored fit constantly close without ever constricting, offering a flexibility in form to match the same in function—no wonder it’s recommended for travel. It also pairs dangerously well with the AT pants above, forming a go-to outfit that leaves others hanging on the rack for days. I suppose I’ll have to mix it up at some point...good thing they both come in other colors.

The Fit’s A Hit

All around, Western Rise has definitely hit the sweet spot between smart style and creature comfort. But don’t just take my word for it—check out their Try At Home program for a taste of their great garb yourself.

Five More Reasons to Love Western Rise

  • They’re sustainable: Western Rise works with industry-leading sustainable materials and manufacturers to create long-lasting clothes with minimal environmental impact.
  • They’re multi-functional: from top to bottom, their pants and shirts are ready for the sporting life, the corporate life, and everything in between.
  • They’re built on experience: three generations of performance yarn and textile manufacturing have led to an true expertise in creating technical fabrics.
  • They’re resilient: neither snow nor rain nor heat stays these clothes from their swift performance, as the fabrics are stain-resistant, temperature-regulating, odor-neutralizing, water-resistant, and more.
  • They’re easy to wash: despite all the high tech material woven into each article, you can throw Western Rise’s duds right in with your regular suds.

Try Western Rise for yourself here.

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