Wayb: The Travel Car Seat You’ll Want To Take Everywhere This Summer

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There are a lot of things people don’t tell you when you become a parent, including just how difficult it is to travel with kids. The sheer amount of stuff you need to bring on a trip is mind boggling. That said, with the right gear and organization, traveling with littles is totally manageable. And with a few successful family trips under my belt, I finally feel like I have a pretty good handle on what to bring. 

One thing I’d been missing, though, is a car seat solution for my three-year-old. She obviously no longer fits in an infant car seat (which is super easy to travel with), which has left me with two choices: begrudgingly bring her giant, 28 lb car seat with us or take a major safety risk by skipping the car seat all together (not an option for me, personally). Enter the Wayb Pico, a super safe portable car seat that’s perfect for toddlers. Problem solved. 

With simple, clear installation instructions, this seat is perfect for cars, airplanes, even trains (photo credit: Wayb)

Making Family Travel A Breeze

At only eight pounds, the Wayb Pico car seat ($380) makes traveling easy. It’s perfect for forward-facing tots two and older – this seat folds up practically flat, stashes away easily in this backpack travel bag (more on that later), and is really easy to set up on airplanes, trains, or rental cars. It even fits in the airplane overhead bin and doesn’t count as a carry on! After several bad experiences with rental car seats that were flimsy and straight up dirty, I can’t even begin to describe what a game changer bringing my own seat has been. 

Setting The Standard For Safety

When it comes to car seats and family travel, the saying “safety first” is always true. Most parents would agree that no compromises can be made in the safety department (and certainly using a gross rental car seat or lugging a heavy convertible one is worth ensuring the safety of your children). Luckily, with the Wayb Pico, you don’t have to make any sacrifices. This car seat passes all U.S. safety standards, including those regulated by the National Highway Traffic Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration. These handy installation instructions walk you through exactly how to make sure it’s safely latched and installed in any moving vehicle. Plus, because it’s so light, you’ll never be tempted to forgo the car seat altogether.

This ultralight and easy-to-fold car seat can travel everywhere with you this summer (photo credit: @hellowayb)

A Comfortable Ride, No Matter Where You Go

Despite its low profile, this car seat is packed with super premium materials designed to ensure both safety and comfort. The frame itself uses an ultralight and super strong AeroWing™ space-grade aluminum alloy that absorbs energy forces in a crash (it’s literally made from the same materials as jet engines and rocket ships). The padding is made from a polyester and wool blended AstroKnit™ mesh that optimizes for breathability, so your littles aren’t sweating through their seat. It’s also super easy to spot clean if it gets messy (let’s be honest, we all know it will!). Last but definitely not least, we love Wayb’s focus on sustainability, with responsibly sourced wool and no polyurethane foam.

The frame itself uses an ultralight and super strong AeroWing™ space-grade aluminum alloy that absorbs energy forces in a crash (it’s literally made from the same materials as jet engines and rocket ships).
We love the travel bag as a backpack, or use the luggage strap to attach it to your luggage for a hassle-free airport experience (photo credit: @hellowayb)

Accessories Make Everything Better

The car seat itself is a total game changer – and its accessories complete the package. I absolutely adore the aforementioned travel bag, an ergonomically-designed backpack that makes it easy to tote the car seat around with you wherever you go. It’s simple to use and has three extra pockets for small items like keys, wipes, even an extra diaper or two. Plus, the fabric is wipeable and water resistant, making it perfect for worldly travels. We also love the seat protector, which soaks up spills and prevents scuff marks (great for rental cars!) and of course the cup holder so there’s always a place for snacks.

If I had to pick one travel essential for kids, it would be the Wayb Pico. It has made family travel so much easier and less stressful – the peace of mind alone is worth everything to me. Enjoy safe and easy breezy travels this summer with Wayb

Five More Reasons to Love Wayb 

1. This product has longevity! It can be used from 22 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs!

2. The car seat comes in a handful of colorways, including earthy tones like olive, rust, blue, and light gray.

3. With free shipping, easy returns, and a three-year warranty, trying it out is a no-brainer.

4. We love a brand that cares about sustainability, and Wayb is no exception. The brand’s products are all designed with the planet in mind and feature recyclable materials, responsible suppliers, and none of the “bad for you” stuff.

5. Founded by three dads with a background in outdoor travel gear, Wayb is super transparent about its brand mission and principles.

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