Virgo Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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Can you feel the crisp in the air? The turn of the leaves? The sudden urge to color code your Google calendar and maybe also your pantry? Virgo season is here. Virgos know exactly what they want, and often won’t feign love for something they don’t want – which can make surprising them with the perfect gift a little daunting.

Fortunately for you, I’m here to help. While a Virgo’s particular tastes might be intimidating, these qualities mean that the Virgo in your life will cherish a practical gift they’ll use and appreciate every day. As a sign that’s often “all business” – serious, driven, maybe even a bit competitive – Virgos also deserve to be reminded of pleasure, rest, and even inspiration around their special day. Read on for a selection of gifts that strike the perfect balance. 

Elevate Their Functional Wardrobe: From Self-Massaging Slippers To Polished Athleisure, from $48

Credit: Parachute and Terrelique 

Virgos are typically type A – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need (or want) to relax, too. Maybe their athleisure is meticulously folded and filed by activity, but they still love that functionality and comfort! Upgrade their entire relaxation wardrobe from head to toe. 

Slippers from Terrelique ($48): not only are these chic and genuinely soothing (with a massaging footbed and yes, peppermint oil infused into the shoe itself), but they’re also the perfect price point for a quality gift that says: “I love you, but I’m not a millionaire.”

Parachute’s recently launched Cloud Cotton Sleepwear (from $54), made from the brand’s best-selling organic Cloud Cotton fabric, will give them the best sleep of their life (and extra long, nourishing mornings in bed).

Ultra-soft spacedye sets from Beyond Yoga: whether your Virgo prefers leggings and a crop top for their weekly pilates regimen; or a wear-everywhere dress ($128) they’ll live in on busy days, from morning to night.

A Functional, Decadent, And Delightful Beverage Ritual (from $28)

The Virgo you know is likely often focused on optimization, and probably already has their morning routine down to a science. Elevate their caffeine or tea habit (and again, infuse it with a little pleasure) with a SuperLatte blend from the Meghan Markle and Oprah-loved Clevr Blends. 

Credit: @clevrblends

The adaptogens, probiotics, and superfoods in each SuperLatte will make your Virgo feel energized but calm in the face of a packed schedule – and it doesn’t hurt that each latte is uber delicious.

Yes, Chef: Refresh Their Kitchen Arsenal, from $145

Credit: @ourplace and Material Kitchen

Virgos love their tools. Gift them some multi-use, high quality kitchenware from Our Place and Material, and you’ll be invited over to their next intimate, perfectly planned dinner party. The Always Pan ($145) is a universal crowd pleaser, and Virgos are no exception to this rule. In the (likely) event that they already have an Always Pan, send them the Perfect Pot ($165) – perfect (pun intended) for easy comfort meals that fit right into their busy lives. 

For the Virgo who’s in need of a kitchen tool upgrade, gift the best-selling Knives + Stand set from Material Kitchen ($225). High quality, sharp, and resilient knives made from Japanese steel, housed on a beautiful walnut or beech wood magnetized stand? It doesn’t get more Virgo than that.

For The Virgo That Really Needs A Chill Pill (Or Tincture), $36

Credit: Wooden Spoon Herbs

While a Virgo’s meticulous preferences are one of their shining qualities, this can often manifest in a need for control, causing unnecessary stress that is more harmful than helpful. Select a few soothing tinctures from Wooden Spoon Herbs – because a daily sense of calm is the best gift ever, full stop. They’ll likely get the most potent benefit from the Anxiety Ally and Adaptogen Balance tinctures, formulated thoughtfully with powerful herbs that promote calm, nourish the nervous system, and help the body and mind adapt to daily stressors. (Maybe get yourself some, while you’re at it…)

Help Them Organize Their Life – The Elegant Way, With Papier, price varies

Credit: Papier

By now, you probably get the whole “pragmatic” strength of a Virgo. So maybe you’ll already understand why a planner, calendar, or recipe journal from Papier would all make the perfect gift for the Virgo in your life – and one they’ll genuinely use every day. Personalize the journal with a monogram, and take a peek at capsule collections that feature beautiful designs created in partnership with small artists. Go crazy and throw in some stationery, as a treat.

An At-Home Garden Fit For An Ambitious Earth Sign, from $399

Credit: @lettucegrow

Virgos, in addition to being naturally eager to pick up new projects and hobbies, are also Earth signs – inclined towards all things involving green thumbs and verdant plants. For a Virgo you love and want to invest in (or maybe a Virgo you live with), buy a Lettuce Grow Farmstand ($399), enabling them to nourish and grow their own produce in their own backyard or living room. When you see how quickly these seedlings flourish into bountiful gem lettuces, kale, and herbs galore, you’ll probably want to claim some foraging rights. You were the gift-giver, after all.

Spoil Your Virgo With A Timeless Piece From Dorsey, from $110

Credit: Dorsey

You don’t have to be a Virgo to love beautiful fine jewelry. For the Virgo you really, really love, select a piece (or two) from Dorsey’s vintage-inspired, lab-grown gemstone collection. If your Virgo leans more toward understated elegance, you can’t go wrong with anything from the Dorsey ID collection. And for Virgos born in September, you can shop Dorsey’s White Sapphire pieces to bestow them with a very special birthstone necklace or bracelet.

Finally, you can give a Virgo a meaningful birthday gift they’ll actually use...and love. Get to shopping – and check back here next month for our complete guide to gifting a Libra.

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