Somehow, This Premium-Quality Commuter Bike Is Both Stylish And Affordable

In partnership with Velotric.

Get up, get outside, get moving. It’s a routine I was raised to embrace – and one whose benefits neuroscientist Andrew Huberman has explained on many, many podcasts lately. In short, viewing morning sunlight and practicing some form of exercise triggers the brain’s first dopamine release of the day (from there, your whole day sort of falls into place). Lately, I’ve experienced mine while cruising – along the Santa Monica beach path, en route to brunch with friends, on the way to run a few morning errands – on my Velotric e-bike. It’s bliss.

I’ve spent more time outside, moving – joyfully – in the past few weeks, and Velotric is entirely to thank. Whether you’re seeking a new form of exercise or functional transportation (and whether you’re riding morning, noon, or night), Velotric’s bikes are designed with you in mind.

A New Way To Cruise

If you’re new to the e-bike world, welcome. In transparency, I am too – and Velotric is an ideal entrypoint. The brand offers two models: the Nomad 1 (fat tire, $1,599) and the Discover 1 (long range commuter, $1,399), each in a Step-Thru (designed for riders 5’1” to 6’4”) and High-Step (for riders 5’6” to 6’9”) design. Velotric positions itself as an accessible brand – in the e-bike landscape, it stands out for its reliability, ease of use, comfort, style, and affordability (other e-bikes with similar features can run you anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000). These aren’t the type of bikes you have to have any sort of expertise to enjoy riding (hello!). They’re incredibly fun and functional for everyday folks like you and me.

(And mom, if you’re reading this, these bikes are also extremely safe. Both the battery and bike are UL®-certified, one of the highest safety standards in the e-bike industry. Velotric bike frames have been quality tested over 150,000 times under the toughest conditions.)

Getting Technical

If I may get technical for a moment, Velotric really wows (you can check out its Electric Bike Report here). The Nomad 1 is designed for all terrain and boasts an integrated battery with a 55 mile range, 750W Velopower system, 80mm travel suspension fork, and it is IPX6 Waterproof. Thanks to its tires, this bike is made for all roads in all weather.

Equipped with a 21700 48V 14.4Ah removable battery made by Samsung, the Velotric Discover 1 features a 50% longer range compared to similar bikes in the market (65 miles!) and a stylish design (it comes in colors like Cyan and Mango, in addition to Grey and Silver). Its battery and controller are fully integrated, which means you get clean wiring and no ugly welding points. Plus, the step-thru frame means it’s very easy to hop on and off (at 5’3”, I was most concerned about this part, but it really is a breeze). It’s basically a cross between a premium-quality e-bike and a stylish beach cruiser.

Let’s Ride…

I opted for the Discover 1 in the delicious ‘Mango’ shade. After placing my order, a large Velotric box quickly arrived at my doorstep. While the brand does offer assembly instructions, I took mine to a local bike shop for assistance. (Assembly isn’t my strong suit, and this didn’t exactly feel like a product to gamble on.)

I went to pick it up a few hours later and received the basic rundown from the shop owner: the Discover 1 can be ridden as a normal bicycle or with electric assist. It offers 5-level pedal assist, throttle assist, and seven gears so you can adjust your ride depending on where you are and what you’re looking for. Its screen displays mph, miles ridden, and battery life, and that battery is removable for easy charging with the help of an included key and charging pack you can plug into any normal outlet (you won’t have to do this often – the brand recommends charging ~once per week). It also has both a headlight and taillight for safety. With that, I popped on my helmet and was off.

It’s Electric!

Before my bike arrived, a friend had told me e-bikes sort of ruin regular bikes. She’s entirely correct. This thing is so fun to ride. While I sometimes leave the pedal assist off in an effort to challenge myself, I typically keep it on levels 2 or 3. It’s an amazing extra burst of speed without being overwhelming (I wasn’t looking for a motorcycle or anything remotely close), and the higher levels are amazing for conquering hills. The bike feels sturdy, quality-made, and comfortable to ride (the seat especially!). My only note is that this bike is pretty heavy and hefty – I keep it on my balcony, and it’s a tight squeeze getting it into my building’s elevator (if you have a garage, you’re golden).

As I mentioned before, I use mine both for joyrides and errands. When it comes to local to-dos, my car has nearly been rendered useless – this bike makes any errand within ~5 miles feel super feasible car-free. It really is an amazing cross between fun and function – so much so that the very first time I ran into a neighbor with it, her face instantly fell: “I like your bike way better than I like my bike.”

Whether you’re seeking a new ride to work or a trusted companion to hit the trails, Velotric is a stellar choice. The brand really does offer the quality and features of much more expensive e-bikes for a fraction of the cost. (Sure, these bikes aren’t exactly cheap, but that’s not exactly what you want them to be anyway, right?)

They’re comfortable, stylish, quality-made and an absolute joy to ride. The perfect push to spend a little more time outside – and a release of dopamine whenever you need!

Five More Reasons To Love Velotric:

  1. Curious to try a bike for yourself? Velotric offers a 14 day trial. If you don’t love your bike, send it back.
  2. Ride in peace – these bikes come with a 1-year warranty.
  3. Velotric’s bikes are super comfortable to ride, whether you’re 5’1” or 6’9”.
  4. Choose from classic hues and bright colors alike – these bikes are compliments waiting to happen.
  5. Quality and safety is of utmost importance to the brand, and both the battery and bike are UL®-certified.

Start cruising here.

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