Vacation® Makes Sunscreen Application Actually Enjoyable

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I’ll never forget my last visit to my doctor. I walked in absolutely fried. I mean, I wasn’t even close to being able to hide my sunburn. It was everywhere on my body… and I knew she’d say something (which was of course, totally fair). She and I discussed the importance of wearing SPF daily and I promised her I’d go home and buy some. When I got to my computer to make good on my promise, I was overwhelmed by the flood of SPFs available – not to mention the price tag on some of them. My research, of course, ended with me scrolling social media, where Vacation’s Classic Whip Sunscreen has absolutely been running the show.

Vacation Mode = Activated

When I first saw this sunscreen, I lowkey thought it was an April Fools’ Day prank. No disrespect, but it kind of gives that vibe at first. In all reality, the $22 sunscreen is really just intended to be a light-feeling, fun option for protecting your skin. The design mimics whipped cream so that you can truly experience “lighter than air” sunscreen in a mousse-like format.

The brand’s IG gives a breakdown of how the innovative sunscreen works. Credit: @vacationinc

Probably not unlike you, my immediate next thought was “that can’t be good for you.” It must’ve been the old school aesthetic that had me assuming the worst when it comes to synthetics. I’m not an expert when it comes to ingredients by any means, but I try my best! There are some very positive additions such as coconut oil and banana extract, but there are admittedly other ingredients I can’t pronounce. That being said, it is totally free of PEG, paraben, oxybenzone, and octinoxate, which are some of the main toxic additives I try to avoid in sunscreens.

Pristine Packaging

The process of ordering this sunscreen was so different from any other brand I’ve bought from – in a really refreshing way. Their website is impeccably designed to have a retro vacation feel and is easy to use. Perhaps my favorite part of navigating the website was the easy-to-read benefits, features, and ingredients list located right on the product page. Brand transparency has increasingly become something I look for and Vacation passes that test for me with flying colors.

Even the packaging is thoughtfully designed to make you happy. Credit: @vacationinc

This product does sell out sometimes on Vacation’s website, but when it is available, it comes quite quickly right to your door. When it arrived, it was in simple, yet branded packaging. Just like the photo above, the box had tape with the logo on it, and on the inside was a bag similar to a prescription bag you’d get from the drug store. I thought this was a cute retro touch and frankly kept the bag around for a while so I could travel with it more easily.

Admittedly, I did struggle to open the can the first time. There's a tab that I expected to pull, like you would on a can of whipped cream, but it turns out you just press a button to pop the cap off. Once you know that little secret, it’s nice and easy. This feature turned out to be awesome as I traveled with it because it kept the lid secure in my weekender bag.

The Skin Test

I originally used the sunscreen on my face before learning it is primarily intended for your body… oops. This makes a whole lot more sense, as I didn’t love the feel of it combined with my makeup. I did, however, adore the smell as I put it on my body. The smell transports you to a place other than your bathroom with a long day of work ahead. It is tropical, without being overly tropical, and just smells freaking good. It’s so light, too, that you barely notice you put it on.

The baby can looks so cute on any bathroom counter.

On my skin, it seemed to do the job nicely. It’s only 30 SPF, but according to Johns Hopkins, that’s enough for daily activities. The biggest learning curve I had was how much to use. When you invert the can and press the nozzle, the mousse-like foam comes out pretty fast! Vacation recommends a ping pong sized ball for each limb or a tennis ball sized amount for your entire body, which I found to be a good amount.

Beyond just being a daily sunscreen, it is water-resistant up to 80 minutes and is reef safe per the Hawaii Reef Compliant Act 104, making it a good fit for all your ocean activities. For those concerned about the impact on the ozone layer, the nozzle utilizes a clean, eco-smart propellant.

So, Is It Worth the Money?

At just $22/can, I’m a big fan of this product. Applying full-body sunscreen, as I previously admitted, is something I stink at, so anything that gets me to do it is worth the money in my mind. With the best smell and fun packaging, Vacation’s Whipped Sunscreen is an easy “yes” from us. Bon voyage on your continued SPF journey.

5 More Reasons to Love Vacation:

  1. Need to get in the vacation mood? Use Vacation’s “Vibe Generator™” (which pops up when you hit “Menu” on their site) to get a little beachy surprise. Hint: turn your sound up.
  2. All of the brand’s products are Leaping Bunny-certified and are 100% vegan.
  3. If you’re in a bind (or only bringing a carry on), Vacation is available in several retailers around the US.
  4. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know the company through their site and social media; they have a great sense of humor. Exhibit A: Ray Smith from Sales & Accounting on the FAQ page.
  5. Vacation’s products are all formulated and made in the USA.

Start every day on Vacation with the Classic Whip SPF today.

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