The Toothpaste That Changed My Perspective On Oral Care: My Twice Toothpaste Review

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As a skincare and beauty lover, and ex-product reviewer, I probably spend an abnormal amount of time researching products before I make a purchase. I scour ingredient lists with a discerning eye, read countless online reviews -- I rarely just buy on impulse. It never came to my attention that I hadn’t given my oral care the same level of consideration. 

When I found out I had been lathering my teeth with sulfates and parabens (two ingredients I avoid even putting on my skin and hair, let alone in my mouth) every day, my brushing routine suddenly felt more like a bad habit than good hygiene. 

While the rest of the personal care industry has been inundated with better-for-you alternatives and a movement towards more transparency when it comes to ingredients, for some reason the oral care industry has been lagging a bit behind. The toothpaste aisle has been rather stagnant, lined with the same options that have been sitting there for years. 

To be fair, toothpaste was never something I truly got excited about -- and I’d like to think I care about my teeth a good deal. I wear my retainer every night, always keep floss in my bag, and have dabbled in a variety of teeth whitening products, but even so, I had no brand loyalty and I barely read labels, I just used whatever toothpaste was hanging on the bathroom counter. It wasn’t until I came across a tube of Twice that I was challenged to think twice (pun intended) about my oral care routine.

Twice is an oral care brand rejuvenating the dusty toothpaste aisle with products that are clean, effective, and delicious -- something I never thought I’d say about my toothpaste, but here we are. More than just a product, Twice is changing the narrative around oral care and highlighting the importance of the mouth for our overall health. 

Cleaning Up The Oral Care Industry

While on a mission providing free dental care to locals in Eleuthera, Bahamas, Twice founders Lenny Kravitz and brothers Julian and Cody Levine saw firsthand the power of a healthy smile. They watched as patients found confidence and joy with their fresh smiles and knew they had to find a way to keep this feeling alive. 

@twice’s smiling founding team
Good products and a good conscience? That’s something I can get behind.

Twice is on a mission to make high-quality oral care accessible to all. In terms of products, this manifests as premium toothpastes at affordable price points. A big tenet of the brand's philosophy is giving back, so 10% of all profits is donated to the Glo Good Foundation, to keep providing dental care to communities without access. Good products and a good conscience? That’s something I can get behind. 

Everything You Want, Nothing You Don’t

As a shopper, I have never been wowed by a traditional fluoride toothpaste, but the natural options didn’t ever seem satisfactory either. While I found many traditional fluoride toothpastes to be far too minty, almost chemically-tasting, I knew that going the all-natural route would leave much to be desired in terms of protection. 

@twice versus the competition

Twice is the happy medium between the all-naturals and the not-so-naturals of the toothpaste world. The formula, which was created alongside leading experts in the dental field, is filled with time tested and proven ingredients to keep your mouth clean and healthy. It’s about as clean as you can get without sacrificing the important ingredients you need to really keep your mouth protected from plaque, decay, and inflammation, most notably fluoride. Twice ditches the SLS, parabens, and other cheap additives that aren’t needed to keep your teeth clean and actually have been shown to have adverse effects on your health. They call it science + wellness: clinically-proven formulas made to improve your overall health. 

Twice adds a blend of vitamins a, c, e, and aloe vera to help soothe teeth and gums. I never thought I would need vitamins in my toothpaste, but now I can’t imagine why I would use toothpaste without vitamins. I am prone to dry mouth, so this antioxidant blend, which promotes saliva production, has been super helpful in keeping my chomper more hydrated. Dry mouth can lead to bad breath and is generally just really uncomfortable, so I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this addition. 

Twice provides my mouth with complete protection and care, while still solving some of my more vain concerns like keeping my teeth white. I’m only human, okay. 

It’s not just dry mouth that they thought about; every ingredient in Twice feels so intentional. While many toothpastes just whiten, prevent cavities, or provide sensitivity relief, Twice does it all. The multi-functional benefits are one of my favorite things about this toothpaste. There’s fluoride for cavity prevention, potassium nitrate to relieve sensitivity, hydrated silica to gently polish surface stains off the teeth. Twice provides my mouth with complete protection and care, while still solving some of my more vain concerns like keeping my teeth white. I’m only human, okay. 

The formula feels significantly more gentle than the conventional counterparts I’ve used in the past, but I’ve been getting lots of compliments that my teeth are looking very white, so I think Twice is really working for me.

Health Starts Here

The mouth is the gateway to the body, quite literally. Not only is it how we eat and communicate, but our mouth can offer insights into the broader health and wellness of the rest of our body. Additionally, health issues that begin in our mouths can find their way to the rest of thei body if not treated correctly. This all goes to say it is really, really important that we all take good care of our mouths. Knowing this, toothpaste becomes more than a product for surface-level whiteness and fresh breath: it’s preventative care. 

I was fascinated to learn that our mouths are one of the most diverse microbiomes in our bodies, filled with a plethora of different bacteria. An out-of-balance oral microbiome can lead to bad breath, inflammation, and even periodontal disease — a chronic inflammatory disease that affects your gums and teeth. Twice is focused on improving the oral microbiome with clean, healthy ingredients that promote long-term health. Harsh ingredients can wipe out the good bacteria in our microbiomes, letting bad bacteria thrive. On the flip side, ingredients that are too gentle can let bad bacteria thrive too, leaving an out-of-balance ecosystem. You can learn more about the oral microbiome here, but in a nutshell, it’s really important to keep the bacteria in your mouth balanced. With it’s blend of clean and clinical ingredients, Twice does that, and I can already feel the difference. 

One of Twice’s many fans, @alyssalynch, smiling bright

First Impressions

The first time I used Twice I couldn’t ignore how amazing my teeth felt. Twice gives my teeth a just-left-the-dentist-clean-feeling. My mouth feels more hydrated and my teeth feel so slick, my tongue just glides right over. It feels like any gunk or plaque is just gone. 

Another major benefit I’ve noticed is that I can eat or drink whatever I want right after brushing my teeth and it doesn’t change the flavor at all. There’s truly nothing more annoying than my morning coffee being ruined by a bold mint lingering in my mouth. Since Twice is SLS-free (SLS kills taste buds), everything tastes as it should. In the past, I would wait until after eating to brush my teeth because I didn’t want the mint flavor to ruin my meal. Unfortunately, sometimes this led to me completely forgetting to brush my teeth at all. Gross, I know. With Twice, I brush first thing in the morning. I’m able to keep up with this better habit knowing it won’t tarnish the rest of my morning routine with unwanted flavor. 

Credit: @twice
I alternate my skincare routine for morning and night time, so why should my oral care routine be any different?

The variety of flavors definitely adds to the experience too. As of now, Twice offers a cooling spearmint eucalyptus, invigorating wintergreen peppermint, and a calming lavender vanilla mint. I honestly love each and every one, but there’s something about the original mint that is so smooth and delicious, I find myself using the tube down to the last drop. I gravitate towards using one tube at a time, running through it, then moving on to the next flavor, but I appreciate the ability to switch it up. I alternate my skincare routine for morning and night time, so why should my oral care routine be any different?

Taking Self-Care To The Next Level

With the help of Twice, I’ve considered how my oral care routine plays into my broader approach to living a more balanced life. I’ve become more cognizant of how I treat my mouth, making sure to always brush, floss, and rinse and not give up on these important habits just because I’m feeling lazy. Additionally, Twice has challenged me to reframe my two minutes, twice a day, as somewhat of a meditation. A self-care ritual that I can indulge in rather than a chore that I try to rush through. Am I feeling like I need an invigorating boost or a night time wind-down? 

It’s better for me, the planet, and gives back to those in need of dental care, and that’s an investment I’m happy to make. If you’re looking for a toothpaste with multi-functional benefits, healthy ingredients, a great mission, or you’re just tired of the mundane mint in your medicine cabinet, I highly suggest giving Twice a try

5 More Reasons To Love Twice

  • At $7 a tube (and even less if you subscribe online), Twice feels like an affordable luxury. 
  • With three different fantastic flavors -- spearmint eucalyptus, wintergreen peppermint, and lavender vanilla mint -- Twice makes me look forward to brushing my teeth.
  • Twice was co-founded by Lenny Kravitz -- if it’s good enough for Lenny, I’m ready to get on board, too.
  • Twice is 100% vegan, leaping bunny certified, and SLS-free, and its packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Because Twice has the dentist-approved active ingredients to keep your mouth healthy, I feel confident knowing I’m getting the benefits of a clean product without sacrificing oral care efficacy. 

Elevate your self-care routine with better oral care: try Twice for yourself today.

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