What’s The Deal With Metabolic Support Supplements? I Tried Organic Olivia GlucoBitters & Lemme Curb To Find Out…

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I’m a pretty big skeptic when it comes to supplements. While I’m into health and wellness, over the years I’ve found that too many supplements are really a hodgepodge of sugar and fillers – and very few brands are actually based in science and research. 

So, when I noticed several supplements claiming to support blood sugar levels, help balance hormones and curb cravings, I initially rolled my eyes. But, as they’ve gained more attention, I’ve grown more curious – and I review products! Why not see what the hype is all about? 

In this edition of throwdown, I’m putting two of the most popular metabolic health enhancers – Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters and Lemme Curb – to the test. Both brands promise to help support metabolic health and manage cravings, but does either actually work? 

I’ll cut to the chase and let you know that yes, one does! After taking it consistently, I’ve noticed that I generally feel better and less sluggish (especially after large meals and treats) and while my cravings aren’t gone entirely, I no longer require a sweet treat after each and every meal. Find out my winner below…

Organic Olivia’s herbal vinegar blend

The Big Idea: 

Before I truly dive in, I think it’s worth giving a bit of extra context as to what these products are meant to help with. You may have noticed an increase in people talking about balancing their blood sugar levels lately. That’s because doing so can help prevent the 'glucose rollercoaster' of cravings, energy dips, stubborn weight gain and hormonal imbalances. 

Products like GlucoBitters and Lemme Curb are meant to help you balance your blood sugar levels and, in turn, optimize your response to the food on your plate. In theory, they should help your body respond to nutritious foods in a healthier way and trigger the release of gut hormones that aid metabolism and support healthy weight management. All in all, they’re another piece of the health and wellness puzzle that will hopefully help you see more positive results after your hard work! Now, without further ado…

The Players: 

Organic Olivia: Organic Olivia, founded by Olivia Amitrano, is a brand that prioritizes holistic health and natural ingredients. With a focus on traditional herbal remedies, the brand aims to provide effective, science-backed solutions for modern health concerns. Organic Olivia's products are known for their transparency in sourcing and formulation. Below, I’ll be trying the brand’s GlucoBitters, which is available as an herbal tincture.

Lemme: Founded by Kourtney Kardashian, Lemme offers a range of wellness products. Known for its sleek branding and celebrity endorsement, Lemme emphasizes convenience and modern formulations that are both accessible and easy-to-use. In this throwdown, I’ll be trying Lemme Curb, which is available as a capsule.

Ingredients and Formulation

Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters: Organic Olivia’s GlucoBitters takes the wellness phenomenon of having apple cider vinegar in water before a meal to lower one’s blood glucose response to their meals. OO’s version is an herbal, “metabolic vinegar” tincture infused with over 500 mg of blood-sugar balancing herbs and botanicals—gymnema leaf, bitter melon fruit, cinnamon bark, fenugreek, gentian root, bupleurum, and peppermint leaf to name a few. These digestive herbs are rich in bitter phytochemicals that support both digestion and healthy insulin sensitivity on a cellular level. In short, when these bitter compounds are detected by our taste buds, the brain is triggered to release digestive fluids to prepare your GI tract to break down your meal. Pretty cool, huh? 

Lemme Curb Lemme Curb features a mix of modern and traditional ingredients aimed at reducing cravings. Key ingredients include Chromium Picolinate (Chromax®), wild bitter melon, organic cinnamon, and a ‘veggie superfood blend.’ To be totally honest, I don’t fully understand what Chromax is – the brand claims that the chromium in it is clinically studied to provide blood sugar support and lessen cravings, but I wish the brand offered more of an explanation as to what it’s doing in our bodies. On top of that, the explanation of the product messaging leans more towards contemporary dietary trends which I don’t love.

Lemme’s Curb capsules


Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters: This blend’s effectiveness is backed by both traditional use and modern research. And to be frank, I’m shocked at how well it works! Right before each meal, I would squeeze 1-2 dropperfuls of GlucoBitters into 4-8oz of water and shoot it back.  On one hand, I felt good just knowing that I was doing something to improve my mealtime digestion. On the other hand, I actually noticed that I didn’t feel like there was just food sitting around post-meal, taking hours to digest. I felt more comfortable, less sluggish, and overall more even-keeled throughout the day. And while I still enjoy indulging and treating myself here and there, I’ve been able to cut down on that nagging desire for one after every meal, which is a total win in my book.

Lemme Curb: After a few days of taking Lemme Curb and noticing minimal results (I couldn’t tell if I noticed a difference or I wanted to notice a difference, which was a bummer after using GlucoBitters), I checked the brand’s reviews to see if I was alone in this experience. Unfortunately I wasn’t: “I wanted to love these but they did not work,” “Didn’t seem to do anything.” I’ll note that not everyone felt this way, but a decent number of us shared this experience. 

1-2 squeezes before each meal does the trick!

Transparency and Quality

Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters: Organic Olivia is known for its commitment to transparency, and I’m all about that. The brand prioritizes quality, ensuring that each herb is sourced from reputable suppliers and processed to retain its potency. Each product comes with detailed information about its ingredients, sourcing, and formulation process, plus details on a bevy of third party tests conducted. 

A look at Organic Olivia’s third-party testing

Lemme Curb: Lemme provides basic information about its ingredients but lacks the in-depth transparency Organic Olivia boasts. I’ll also note that while the brand emphasizes quality, it does use artificial additives in some of its products, which feels a bit hairy to me.

Price and Accessibility

Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters: GlucoBitters is available in 2 oz and 4 oz tinctures for $33 and $58, respectively. You can order it online, or buy it at Erewhon if you’re in the Los Angeles area. 

Lemme Curb: Lemme Curb has several purchase options: one bottle ($40 as a one-time purchase, $35 if you subscribe), two bottles ($75 as a one-time purchase or $65 if you subscribe), and three bottles ($110 or $90). It’s also available at Target, Ulta, Sprouts, and on Amazon, Instacart and Revolve. 

The Winner: GlucoBitters

While both Organic Olivia's GlucoBitters and Lemme Curb offer benefits for managing cravings and supporting metabolic health, Organic Olivia is the superior choice in my book. The brand’s dedication to natural ingredients and commitment to transparency provide peace of mind, and – more than anything – it actually works! 

If you’re looking to feel more balanced, especially after indulging, and focus extra attention on your health and fitness journey, I absolutely recommend this product. I was skeptical – but not anymore. The proof is in the plants!

Try it for yourself here.

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