Theorie: Smooth The Bumps And Start The Year Fresh With This Body Scrub

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Transitions are bumpy. For many, a new year comes with a desire to start things off with a clean slate. That, however, is a feat much easier said than done. So, as we enter 2022 with focused resolutions and an eagerness to scrub 2021 away, how can we make our changes and transitions as smooth as possible? How about we start with our skin…

Part of being a human is the grit of it all. We wear our humanity on our skin through the beautiful lines, bumps, and spots that make us unique and show our maturity. However, nurturing our skin is a gift, and scrubbing away the dead skin cells of yesterday creates a smooth slate for today. That’s the beauty of self-care, and no one does it better than Theorie.

Theorie is a self-love necessity disguised as a spa-level treat. Once you try the brand’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub, you’re likely to stock up on several bottles to ensure you never run out. When life feels a little bumpy, this $17 sulfate-free scrub steps in to smooth things over. Vegan, cruelty-free, and smelling oh-so luxurious, there’s no better way to start your year than by giving your skin a little extra love with Theorie.

Exfoliating can help with clogged pores, fine lines, and collage production

Oh-So Silky-Smooth Skin

The natural exfoliation process can help prevent clogged pores, minimize fine lines, and even increase the body’s natural collagen production. Whether you use it first thing in the morning, before a shave, or during your DIY spa day, Theorie’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub ensures that your skin is left in its most silky-smooth form thanks to an all-star ingredient lineup. Theorie’s ingredient list, which includes bamboo extract, jojoba oil, sesame oil, and sweet almond extract, nourishes the skin beyond belief. 

The Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub uses activated charcoal powder as a natural detoxifier, meaning you’ll notice the glory of smooth, supple skin after your very first scrub. To use, massage a generous pump of the scrub into your skin in place of body wash. The brand recommends incorporating this step into your routine 2-3 times per week. 

A Damage-Free Detox

Sun damage is the skin’s #1 nemesis, but luckily Theorie helps keep things under control. The Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub uses yet another natural ingredient that keeps your skin not only youthful but also damage-free: Almond oil aids in the reversal of sun damage to your skin and protects you from further free radical damage. This all-natural ingredient is key to the power of the scrub, working to keep your skin fresh and free of the bad stuff beyond your in-shower usage. 

Theorie’s sleek, minimal packaging is an added bonus

At-Home Spa Days Await

Part of the path towards true self-care is enjoying the process, and how could you not when one whiff of the product transports you right to a spa day? Although less than $20 for the whole bottle, Theorie’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub feels like a true luxury item, and it’s all in the smell. 

Although less than $20 for the whole bottle, Theorie’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub feels like a true luxury item, and it’s all in the smell. 

Naturally scented with bergamot, cedar, tangerine, and vanilla, the ritual of scrubbing your skin feels like a sacred self-care spa moment. It’s citrusy and sandalwood-y and actually made from those ingredients instead of the chemicals that normally fragrance your products. As a company, Theorie hopes to create a full sensory experience with each product, hand-picking ingredients to ensure that the aroma intoxicates you with all-natural scents. This means that you can feel amazing about what you’re putting on your body – the full spa experience without the bill. 

Almond oil, activated charcoal, and bamboo extract help Theorie’s Detoxifying Body Scrub shine

It’s All In The Ingredients

Not only do the ingredients in Theorie’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub leave your skin smooth, deeply nourished, and smelling amazing, but they’re also chosen by skin-science experts. These natural and synthetic ingredients promote healthy blood circulation for glowing skin, while supporting the skin's moisture barrier, meaning the brand’s products give users the perfect balance of protection, rejuvenation, and detoxification. These ingredients never contain any of the “bad stuff” like PEGs, parabens, and phthalates. With Theorie, your self-care journey is a safe one. 

A healthy, safe, and smooth year with Theorie? Count us in. 

5 More Reasons To Love Theorie:

  1. Nothing but nice: All Theorie products are cruelty-free! This means that whether you're scrubbing your body or washing your hair, you can ensure that you’re using the safest and most humane stuff around. With a focus on high-end feel and performance, many of Theorie's offerings are also vegan and sulfate-free, so you can feel amazing about giving your body the luxury routine it deserves. 
  2. Less is more: Theorie’s carefully curated ingredient combination jam-packs all the essentials into just one bottle, making it a one-stop-shop to skin greatness. Not only does this make things easier on the user, but also promotes less waste in your beauty routine!
  3. Good for our future: Theorie is a company that thinks about our planet, making its packaging just as important as what’s inside. Designed to be recyclable, each product helps make the beauty industry a bit less harmful. 
  4. A product for everyone: Beauty is for all, not just for certain skin or hair types. Diversity is a top priority for Theorie. That means that the brand’s hair and body products cater to all types of beauty, making the industry a more inclusive space. 
  5. Never an off day: Some beauty products, especially exfoliators, can be harsh! However, Theorie's Charcoal and Bamboo scrub is crafted with rounded, mini-particles of all-natural pumice suspended in a cocktail of highly moisturizing vitamins and oils. The result? A moisturizing exfoliation that reveals glowing skin -- without being abrasive!

Try out Theorie’s Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Body Scrub, and thank us later. Change never felt so smooth.

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