The Workout Class That’ll Transform Your Body (And Mind)

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It is a personal goal of mine to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (thanks, Apple Watch) – whether that means a long walk through the park, a rigorous bike bootcamp, or a strength class. And while I love the ritual of a daily sweat, I’ve always struggled to find a workout that works well for my body and keeps me motivated. Group fitness classes tend to fit that bill, but between scheduling difficulties and decision fatigue (love you, Peloton, but there are almost too many options!), I found myself tapping out. Thankfully, a friend recently told me about The Pilates Class, an online pilates program that offers a small variety of workout options, and comes with lots of celebrity endorsements. Between preset “challenges” and a library full of workouts (including super short easy-to-get-in-while-the-baby-is-napping classes), there’s something that I am excited and motivated to do each day.

My favorite “quick” class – a 15 minute booty burn that can be done with or without equipment

A Class For Every “Body”

Hands down, my favorite thing about The Pilates Class is that it’s as accommodating of the super experienced pilates guru as the new mom trying to bounce back. Founder and pilates instructor Jacqui Kingswell really created a class that works for any and every body. As a mom of two with a full time job and a couple side hustles, I’ve loved the range of classes Jacqui offers, from 13 minute prenatal stretches to 15 minute banded booty burns (my favorite) to the new 44 minute pilates boxing class. With 20 different filter types (including, class style, intensity, goal, duration, and target area), there is always time to fit something in – and I’ve become so much stronger and more confident in my body along the way.

TPC is available across devices and syncs your favorites so you can literally workout anywhere (Photo Credit: The Pilates Class)

Whenever, Wherever

I’m a big fan of workout classes and pre-pandemic, you’d find me at Barry’s Bootcamp, SoulCycle, or the local Pilates studio at least six times a week. While I loved the energy of a group class (and met some amazing friends along the way), between commuting, socializing, and the class itself, in-person classes are a major time commitment…and sadly not something I have much time for these days. The Pilates Class hosts exclusively online classes, meaning you can do whatever you want, wherever you want – everything is on your own schedule. And, there’s no equipment needed. So basically, there are no excuses! I’ve done classes in baby’s nursery, in hotel rooms, even in the park on a sunny day.

Showing Up Is Half The Battle

As hard as actual exercise is, carving out the time and putting workout clothes on is often the hardest part. Personally, I struggle to stay motivated, which is why The Pilates Class has worked so well for me. Weekly schedules with a detailed lineup for the seven days ahead are posted to Instagram each Monday, meaning you literally do not have to think about a thing – just pick a time and show up..

Founder Jacqui Kingswell training Kaia Gerber
Credit: @thepilatesclass

Grounded In Expertise

Founder Jacqui Kingswell, a former professional dancer (for artists like Beyonce and Kylie Minogue...umm so cool), approaches fitness from a holistic perspective starting with love, respect and care for the human body. She’s focused on overall wellbeing: helping you become a better version of yourself, with a stronger body and more confident mind. And her classes do just that, with an emphasis on technique, posture, and breath work. It’s a super tough workout but you’ll leave feeling relaxed and mentally clear…in addition to sore all over!

Whether you haven’t worked out in years or you’re just looking to spice it up, I encourage you to give The Pilates Class a try. Check it out and sign up for a free 7 day trial here.

Five More Reasons to Love The Pilates Class:

  • We all know what you eat is just as important as what you do, so don’t sleep on Jacqui’s Nourish Me, a 30 day nutritional ebook that shares nutritional guidance and recipes that pair perfectly with a side of pilates.
  • Jacqui's focus on the mind-body connection sets The Pilates Class apart. Optimizing both physical and mental health makes for a great workout in more ways than one.
  • Missing the community feel of in-person workout classes? The private TPC Facebook group brings members together to connect and inspire each other. 
  • For new moms and moms to be, check out the 8 week prenatal program and 2 week postnatal program that’ll have you feeling your best in no time.
  • If you’re not totally ready to commit, you can choose between a more flexible month-to-month pricing ($29/month), or a cost-saving annual membership ($139/year). 

It's time to get moving and give The Pilates Class a go.

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