Ten Little Takes the Guesswork Out Of Shopping For Kids

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As parents, we all know how overwhelming shopping for our kids can be. Their abilities and needs can change seemingly overnight, and with each of these changes comes a market full of products claiming to help parents and kids at every milestone.

Enter Ten Little, a mom-founded marketplace that provides a go-to option for parents to find safe, tested and curated products – ranging from doctor-recommended shoes, socks, and accessories – for their kids. Ten Little has taken these age-old parenting questions head on: “What does my child need and when, and what are the best products for them?”

Perfectly Curated For You

The first part of Ten Little’s secret sauce is its product curation. The brand has created, sourced, and vetted a range of products that support healthy development for a child’s size and developmental stage. Whether your child is a toddler or fully in “big kid” territory, Ten Little has safe, non-toxic products that will keep them entertained and learning every step of the way. All of the brand’s products are designed or sourced from top kids’ brands and have been curated and tested by experts. Ten Little even has a team of medical advisors on board, so you can rest assured that these recommendations are both safe and smart.  

Ten Little’s ‘First Walker’ shoes

Take the brand’s shoes, for example—perhaps the category that Ten Little is most known for. Ten Little has taken a unique approach to sizing that ensures your kid won’t be walking around in uncomfortable kicks—be that too big or too snug. The brand does this by offering online sizing printouts, as well as measurement guides that come with your shipment. And, with indicators on the insole of every shoe, it’s easy to tell when your child is ready for the next size. 

Beyond shoes and other wearables, Ten Little offers curated products for play and feeding. The website is organized in easy-to-browse categories like books, building toys, outdoor, and dress up—or you can browse all for a full view of its offerings.

With Personalization To Match

The second part of Ten Little’s secret sauce is its personalized guidance. No kid fits neatly into a single box, and Ten Little’s platform leans into this. After taking a short quiz on the website, I was served up with my child’s custom shop, called “My Shop,” that will grow just at the same rate as my kid. (If you have multiple children, you can create a custom shop for each of them.)

Take a short quiz on Ten Little’s website to get personalized recommendations.

At checkout, Ten Little’s personalized guidance continues. The brand offers size recommendations and reinforces whether a product is age-appropriate for your child on each product’s page, so you can move forward with your purchase with confidence.

Ten Little confirms on this toy’s product page that it’s recommended for my child.

So, for my 20-month-old daughter, My Shop has products like Ten Little’s rain boots, a shape-sorting pull toy, and age-appropriate paint sticks. This narrowed selection of options gave me the confidence that I knew I’d be getting things that are just right for her right now. Upon receiving my order, she immediately wanted to try on her new boots (and quickly learned the word “boots”) and pulled her new pull toy up and down the hallway over and over.

Some curated picks from My Shop!

When my daughter gets older, I can revisit My Shop, which will dynamically update with new recommendations as she gets older. So, when she moves from being a “Scribbler” to a “Budding Artist” or a “Tiny Trekker” to a “Scout,” Ten Little’s product recommendations will reflect that. This age-appropriate curation takes the guesswork out of shopping for my daughter so I can focus on, well, her rather than endlessly scrolling a website. When raising littles, we all know nothing is more valuable than time, and Ten Little ensures that mine – and ours – is well spent. 

Five more things to love about Ten Little:

  • Ten Little sends friendly reminders when a child may be ready to size up or is approaching a new developmental milestone.
  • The brand makes it easier for parents to donate their kids’ new and gently-used products through Give a Little, the largest nationwide donation directory for kids’ goods.
  • Ten Little is the first personalized and predictive ecommerce platform that is built for kids, going beyond static recommendations and outdated age-based boxes.
  • Beyond its e-commerce offering, Ten Little offers expert-vetted information and resources on key parenting topics via their free, private platform Learn & Connect.
  • This shopping experience is built for ease, so parents can focus on what matters most.

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