Taylor Black on Valentine's Day Gifting and Self Love

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New mom-to-be Taylor Black shares her daily life as an actress, producer and model across social media for adoring fans and followers. Her skincare recs, hearty recipes (healthy Always Pan chili mac and cheese, I’m looking at you), and baby inspo are aspirational yet grounded: she’s an influencer, but in the very best way. Always at the top of my IG stories, Taylor’s authentic Q&A’s reviewing products sold me on her elevated taste and gift giving trustiness. Below, former Miss New York Teen USA shares how she’s celebrating Valentine’s Day as prepares for the birth of her son, plus how she’s showing love to herself and those around her. 

Taylor, you have such a bright and fun personality! What does this season of love mean to you?

Thank you! That’s sweet of you! To me, it’s about celebrating love in all forms. I’m also a big believer in self-love, and I think it’s always nice to give a gift to yourself this time of year too. I’m also getting ready for the birth of my son, so I’ve been nesting and meditating on that, and just feeling so grateful for my little growing family — and enjoying buying baby and home items too! 

Taylor regularly serves up yummy meals in her Our Place Always Pan.
Photo Credit: @astoldbymichelle

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

My taste is pretty simple, to be honest. I love to cook a cozy dinner at home in my Our Place Always Pan ($145) and Perfect Pot ($165), light a bunch of candles, snuggle and reminisce by the fire with my other half! 

Taylor cozy in Naked Cashmere matching sets.

What do you want to be gifted this Valentine’s Day?

I think a cozy new lounge set ($325) or accessories from Naked Cashmere would be a really nice gift!ᅠ Or some specialty chocolates or flowers are always fun.

Taylor applies Droplette’s micro-infusion skin device post shower to cleanse her skin. Watch her tutorial here.

We love this new theme of becoming #THATGIRL as a form of self-love. What products/services are part of your #THATGIRL routine?

I love it too!  I am currently really into the Droplette micro-infusion skincare ($299) device and the NEWA radio frequency device (on sale for $239). I’ve also been loving PIQUE Matcha Tea ($58) because I’m avoiding too much caffeine during pregnancy, and it’s so easy to make (no fancy whisk required!). I can’t live without my amazing Perelel prenatal vitamins ($48/month).

Credit: @islainthecity

I also love my red light therapy device ($545) from Joovv, my new Amazon amber reading light that I use every night before bed, and a great skincare routine. My current favorite skincare line across the board is Luzern Labs

We just finished setting up our home gym, so I’ve also been enjoying light workouts as I get ready to give birth. I love Obe’s workouts and EQUIPT movement weights ($149). They look so cute in the gym! 

Wow. These EQUIPT weights are pretty.
Credit: @equipmovement

What are you gifting to your family or friends?

I’m sending out homemade jam from our garden! We harvested blackberries last summer, froze them, and just made a huge batch of raspberry jam. So fresh!

If you’re not as nifty as Taylor, you can pickle your own fruits and veggies with Brightland’s lemon oil.
Credit: @wearebrightland

Taylor has reminded us that the spirit of Valentine’s Day is sparked through intentional efforts of showing your love with everyday gestures. Being present is the best present…with a side of cooking, self-care, and creativity!

I’m ready to steal Taylor’s dreamy Valentine’s Day. Share the love with her on Instagram. Thanks, Taylor! 

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