Tabu Sexual Wellness Kit Says “If you don’t use it, you lose it”

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The Tabu Kit Is Changing the Menopause Sexual Wellness Landscape

Not since Gwyneth launched the Jade Egg has the world’s wellness takeover gotten so involved in sexual well-being. And for good reason. With 6,000 women entering menopause daily, women are not only living longer but feel they’re just hitting their stride as “The Change” strikes. I am one of them. But despite the growing numbers – and the ability to finally mention menopause in the media – there is significant misinformation in the marketplace. Even the medical community admits there is no proper, prescriptive care; Menopause is covered in an hour in med school. Enter Tabu -- the kit changing the menopause sexual wellness landscape. 

Credit: Tabu

A Powerful One-Two Punch: Educate And Stimulate

Originated as the remedy to decades of unanswered questions about what sex is like as women age, Tabu founder Natalie Waltz tapped into insights from her mother and legions of doctors who sought to connect health with pleasure. With Tabu, Waltz strives to change the lives of the nearly 50% of women in their 50’s who are “writing off pleasure too soon.”   

I opened The Kit, which includes a massager and lubricant, with an open mind. Made of medical grade silicone, the massager feels silky smooth, features three speeds and offers a heating (which gets mildly warm) system to increase blood flow. The lightweight flexible massager is easy to handle and pairs well with the water-based lubricant, made from aloe and powerful plant extracts. For us skincare enthusiasts, calling the lubricant “Lady Parts Serum” makes you feel seen. But it’s the 75% of us, aging women suffering from vaginal dryness and atrophy, that Tabu satisfies with a narrow massager head and non-sticky lubricant rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Credit: Tabu

A Non-Crude, Sexual Wellness Routine

As a wellness fanatic, I was drawn to Tabu for its direct, refined approach to sexual well-being. From the clean white packaging, to the non-descript massager shape, the brand does not connote “sex toy.” Reframing Tabu to be another form of self-care, similar to my weekly facial masks or Power Dot (the smart muscle stimulator) sessions, I found benefit in using Tabu once a week, as recommended by the brand.

While I knew Tabu would score on the merits of stimulation, the brand is more than a sexual tool. Waltz and her team of doctors designed what they believe is a smart and elegant product experience to overcome stigma. I applaud the brand in fulfilling their mission. Almost immediately, the connection between stimulation and increased libido, better sleep, and overall joy was indisputable. Over time, The Tabu Kit will strengthen vaginal muscles and self-lubrication, liberating the obstacles that make sex more challenging as we age (thanks for nothing, depleted estrogen). For women experiencing any of the thirty-four (and counting) symptoms of perimenopause, I would prescribe Tabu. Then again, a healthy sex life is important to more than those of us sprouting gray strands. Tabu, like love itself, is meant for everyone.

Consider This Your Menopause “Talk”

Unlike every other stage – periods, pregnancy - there is no sit-down to explain what is going to happen to your body in menopause. Tabu’s Sexual Wellness Kit is the start of the dialogue as the brand knows women are shy about addressing issues – even with their doctors - about painful sex, incontinence, or vaginal dryness. 

While The Kit is Tabu’s debut, the plan is to expand services – offering tele-health and other products into the portfolio – with the same sincerity and appreciation for women who are new to the experience, to further the conversation about aging and sexual wellness so that it becomes part of our vernacular. And with more Tabu, less taboo. Check out Tabu’s offering today -- this new sexual wellness routine is just what Mother Nature ordered. 

5 More Reasons To Love Tabu: 

  • Tabu has relied on findings from progressive healthcare health systems from The Mayo Clinic to Harvard, as well as leading gynecologists globally, to ensure The Wellness Kit is an effective and pleasurable experience.
  •  The natural lubricant – developed in Sonoma, California – is recommended by top GYNs and menopause care experts.  Refill at your convenience or subscribe and save.
  •  While The Kit can be used alone or with a partner, studies show that women who engage alone have better sexual satisfaction with their partner.
  •  With Tabu, you feel you’re regaining some control – and eliminating the chaos of – emotional and physical changes brought on by menopause. 
  • Tabu embraces self-love and recognizes sexual wellness as a key pillar to our overall well-being. Once you embrace the healthy pleasure and emotional benefits, you will too.

Honor your sexual wellness at every age with Tabu.

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