To Infinity And Beyond: Meet The Earrings With Limitless Styling Potential

I could have on the most stylish outfit the world has ever seen, but without earrings I’d feel naked. After having holes in my ears for over 15 years, I’ve become accustomed to the weight of a simple stud or huggie adorning my lobe. It’s a comforting feeling. I love my little earscape. 

That said, I’ve amassed quite a collection of earrings over the years. One of the newest and most exciting additions to the mix is Senia’s Infinity Earrings. This aptly-named pair can be worn in over 50 different ways, making for combinations that go with quite literally any outfit. 

Naked ears? Never again! Keep reading to learn more about this new brand and its innovative accessories. 

Transforming The Jewelry Industry 

Senia's pieces are made to keep up with all the events life throws your way.
Credit: Senia

Senia was founded by two sisters with a shared passion for jewelry. With backgrounds in finance and engineering, they brought their skills together to reimagine the way we approach accessorizing. 

Senia is a brand built for building. What does that mean exactly? Senia makes modular pieces that are made to evolve with you as you grow your jewelry collection. Not only can Senia’s pieces be worn next to each other, but they are made to build upon one another for a look that feels completely custom and personal to you. 

These days people often talk about paring down. And I’ll admit, the idea of minimalism sounds quite alluring sometimes. But, at the end of the day, I love having a wide variety of options in everything from what I wear to what I eat. Senia’s modular pieces give you the feel of unlimited options. For the price, space, and resources needed to make one amazing pair of earrings, you’ll feel like you’re getting fifty (or more). It’s a thoughtful, sustainable, and chic approach to jewelry that I’m loving. 

Infinity, And Then Some

Senia has a plethora of gorgeous pieces, from trendy colorful enamel hoops to simple chains that will never go out of style. The brand kindly sent me one of its bestsellers, the Infinity Earrings ($250), to try. While I’ve only had these earrings for a few months, they’ve quickly become a mainstay in my repertoire. And for good reason. 

Senia calls these “the last earrings you’ll ever need,” and I think the brand is onto something. While technically one pair of earrings, these modular pieces offer over 50 unique combinations. The earrings are made of three pieces: a small hoop, a larger hoop, and an oval-shaped huggie. The small hoop and oval huggie can both be worn on their own, while the larger hoop needs to be worn with the other pieces as it doesn’t have a backing. You can get the earrings in all gold or a gold and silver mix. I opted for all gold, as I’m trying to lean into all gold jewelry these days. These earrings really can become anything from simple everyday studs to elegant dangles. Each combination brings a different vibe to the table, making this pair a versatile addition to any jewelry collection. 

All of the metals bring a serious sparkle.
Credit: Senia

While I’m truly obsessed with Senia’s innovative modular concept, what I’m really most interested in when I’m wearing jewelry is the quality. There’s truly nothing worse than finding a pair of earrings you really love and finally splurging on them, just for them to tarnish or for the plating to flake off shortly after. I’ve been there and don’t want that to happen to you. So, I’m happy to report that Senia’s quality has really impressed me. 

The silver earrings are made with sterling silver and plated with rhodium, a durable precious metal that adds some extra shine. The gold earrings are made of sterling silver as well, but plated in gold vermeil. Vermeil is thicker than your average gold plating, which means that these pieces are more durable and can handle the wear and tear that comes with an active lifestyle. 

Still, Senia recommends you treat these with pieces with some extra TLC to keep them in prime condition. The box that the earrings come in is actually a little velvet jewelry box. The brand recommends you keep that box and store the earrings in there when they’re not being worn to prevent scratching. It’s also a good idea to remove the earrings before you shower, go swimming, apply lotions or perfumes. Chemicals can expedite the tarnishing process, so making sure to keep your earrings clean and dry is the best way to make sure they last a lifetime. 

Wear It This Way – Or That Way, Or That Way, Or That Way 

By now you probably get that you can wear these earrings a lot of different ways. Here are some of my favorite ways to do so. The oval-shaped huggies are my favorite for everyday. They’re lightweight, easy to throw on in an instant (thanks to a convenient leverback clasp), and go with pretty much everything. I love that they feel like a hoop with the subtlety of a stud. If I’m going for a more retro look, I like to pair the two hoops together. The front-facing hoop look feels funky, but also timeless. If elegance is what I’m after I like to just put the little hoop in my ear on its own, it’s simple, subtle, and has just enough sparkle to make an outfit feel special. 

Some of my favorite ways to wear the Infinity Earrings.

The cool thing about this pair, though, is that everyone can find their own favorite ways to wear them. The way that you customize these earrings to make them fit your lifestyle and sense of style is completely up to you, which is pretty cool. 

Long Story Short

If you’re looking to treat yourself (or someone you love) to one pair of earrings this year, why not treat them to over 50 earrings for the price of one? At this point, the Senia Infinity Earrings are a no-brainer for me, and I’m excited that I know about them now, because I have a feeling we’re all going to start seeing these earrings a lot more often. 

5 More Reasons To Love Senia

1. Sustainable styles: Recycled precious metals and conflict-free gems are the basis of Senia’s pieces. 

2. Supporting women at all stages: Senia donates a portion of all proceeds to support diverse startup founders at the wond'ry innovation center.

3. Truly custom: Don’t see your dream piece? Senia will make it for you. Reach out to have your dream piece realized. 

4. Repair services: If your earrings need to be repaired, you can send them to Senia and they’ll replate for $50. 

5. Limited edition colors and drops: Senia offers limited edition colorways and drops that are totally worth snagging before it’s too late.

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