Saie Beauty’s Sunvisor Tinted Sunscreen Is So Good, I Might Never Wear Foundation Again

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To all the sunscreens I’ve loved before, it’s not you; it’s me—well, actually it’s Saie Beauty’s Sunvisor. Offering a clean and perfectly-glowy solution to daily sunscreen, this one-of-a-kind tinted zinc oxide sunscreen that is designed to not only protect your skin from the sun but also impart it with a dewy, almost silk-like finish. Yes, that’s right, it’s a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t leave you with an unflattering, pasty white cast. Groundbreaking!

Fans of the brand know that dewy and glowy are Saie Beauty’s thing. Founded in 2019 by Laney Crowell, Saie Beauty has been on a mission to raise the standards of clean beauty, bridging together innovation with quality to create high-performing cosmetics products that are safe, elevated, easy-to-use and won’t break the bank. To achieve this, the New York-based company has banned 2,000 harmful ingredients from its formulations and encourages transparency, inviting beauty enthusiasts in to see exactly how their products are made and what they’re made with.

Now, back to Sunvisor. A momentous accomplishment for not only Saie Beauty but sunscreen in general, Sunvisor marks the debut of skincare performing at the same skin-perfecting level as makeup thanks to its moisturizing, glow-boosting tinted formula. With licorice, aloe vera, viola extract, argan, grapeseed and vitamin E as its key ingredient players, this dewy sunscreen infuses your skin with a healthy dose of hydration and nutrients, which translate to a more plump, supple and radiant-looking complexion. And, that’s not even including its sunscreen benefits. Ranking in at SPF 35, it offers adequate protection from UVA/UVB rays and is 100 percent mineral and 100 percent clean.

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Sunvisor Review

As someone with acne-prone skin, I’ve always had my reservations about sunscreen—not when it comes to its UVA/UVB-blocking capabilities but more so about the effect it will have on my pores, especially when it’s layered under makeup. Sunvisor’s universally-flattering sheer tint is what attracted me to the product and I hoped that it would potentially help me simplify my skincare and makeup routine.

Let me tell you, this formula is super hydrating. So much so, that I think it could maybe pass for a moisturizer for those with normal skin types. My skin, however, has been very dry this winter and I found I still needed a little dab or two of my 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream from TULA before applying Sunvisor. It’s also very illuminating and for me, it can also double as a face primer in addition to an SPF; it gave my skin a dewy glow that shined through my makeup and made me feel radiant.

Despite its tint, Sunvisor is technically a sheer formula, so it doesn’t offer color-correcting benefits like other SPF-fortified BB creams and foundations. That being said, if you’re like me and experiencing a breakout or have some redness going on, you’ll definitely need to follow up with some sort of complexion makeup. For me, I didn’t want to dim down the brightness it had created so I went in with some concealer on the areas that needed coverage. This made my base look natural-looking and virtually seamless, which makes me think that Sunvisor will become my new foundation as well.

Getting The Saie Beauty Glow

To really get the Saie Beauty effect, I decided to try some of the brand’s best-sellers to complete the look and “clean” up my makeup routine. On days when I wasn’t using Sunvisor but still wanted that coveted lit-from-within-glow, I used the Glowy Super Gel in Starglow ($25), which is a dazzling champagne-hued primer that makes you look like you’ve swallowed the sun in the best way possible. It’s got a weightless feel to it that melts into your skin for a dewy finish. Not only does it make a good primer, but I’ve found that it can be worn as a liquid highlighter as well and that it pairs well with a variety of complexion products.

For the eyes, I used the brand’s cult-favorite Lash Curler ($20) and Mascara 101 ($24), which are now my two favorites and staples in my routine. I had seen the Lash Curler all over Instagram and was thrilled to finally be giving the pastel purple tool a try. Even though I’ve been using lash curlers for over a decade, I still always end up pinching my eyelid or messing up the curl. But with Saie Beauty’s Lash Curler, I found that it was not only incredibly gentle on my lids but that every curl was virtually perfect and fanned out. This is definitely a testament to its silicone pads and hand-calibrated design.

In the past, I’ve exclusively used waterproof mascaras and was nervous to branch out with the mascara, which I was nervous would run or cause flakes. Spoiler alert: It didn’t! In fact, it’s so good that it stayed put through a sweaty workout, which is when other mascaras would have thrown in the towel and left me looking like a sweaty vampire. Staying power aside, Mascara 101 is also made without aluminum, parabens or propylene glycol, meaning that it won’t irritate sensitive eyes, and its flexible wand coats every lash perfectly to give them enhanced-but-natural lift and volume.

Final Thoughts

I’m officially a Saie Beauty convert. From their sunscreen to their lash curler, every product is quality-made and helps you achieve a high-impact glam look. And, they’re made with safe, eco-friendly ingredients that are good for your skin and the planet, which is always a plus when it comes to makeup. Not only are the products high-performing, but they’re moderately priced as well and I think they’d suit any beauty routine; Saie Beauty’s products take a minimalist approach to glam and prioritize natural-looking dewiness but they can easily be built up so you can go full-glam. I’d recommend all four of the products mentioned above, especially Sunvisor, and can’t wait to branch out and try more from the brand.

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5 More Reasons To Love Saie Beauty

  • Saie Beauty excludes known chemicals and additives from its products to ensure the safety of your skin and beauty. Their “No” List includes chemical sunscreens, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, polybutene, hydrogenated polyisobutylene, GMOs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, talc and synthetic fragrance or flavor.
  • Every product is fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, ensuring that they will suit every skin type.  
  • Instead of packing peanuts and bubble wrap, each Saie Beauty order contains a packet of cotton balls to keep your new beauty goodies safe, which you can use to remove makeup later.
  • Every product is housed in sustainable packaging that can be recycled.
  • The Saie La Vie blog is a fun way to stay up-to-date on what’s new with Saie Beauty and also get beauty, wellness and lifestyle tips as well.

Start glowing (and stay clean) with Saie Beauty today.

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