Treat Your (Pregnant) Self: 3 Products To Soothe Your Body During Pregnancy

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For most moms, pregnancy comes with lots of ups and downs. There’s the exciting moment of finding out you’re pregnant, then the mental anxiety of making it through the first trimester. Next thing you know, you’re waiting for that cute little baby bump to pop through, which is quickly followed by itchy skin and worrying about stretch marks. Today, we’re rounding up the 3 best products to soothe your belly during pregnancy and make things just a little bit easier.

Hatch Belly Oil

First things first, can we talk about how chic Hatch’s Belly Oil looks? Not something you need to hide away in a medicine cabinet, but I digress. Marketed as stretch mark smoothing therapy, this oil is a must-have for any expecting mama. It’s super hydrating, jam packed with essential vitamins, and dries quickly, making it super easy to incorporate into your post-shower routine. The subtle citrus scent is refreshing without being overpowering - something I’m extra sensitive to these days! It’s great for the belly, obviously, but I’ve started using it all over my body to seal in moisture and smooth things out. I also love that it comes in a mini version, which is great for throwing into a hospital bag.

Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm

I’m a huge fan of Summer Fridays products (I swear by their Jet Lag mask, especially during dry winters) so I was over the moon when I found out their Babymoon Belly Balm would  be released just as I was just starting to show. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Unlike many balms which come in jars and are super thick, this one has a velvety texture that is easy to squeeze out and spread around. The combination of clean, pregnancy-safe ingredients like sunflower oil, avocado oil and calendula is extra nourishing and ever-so-slightly scented so as not to trigger nausea.  I love it so much I even started bringing it to ultrasounds and non-stress tests to use instead of the harsh gel that’s provided at the hospital. The result? A soft and itch-free belly that is even better equipped to grow and nurture a baby.

Hatch Belly Mask

I must admit, when I first saw these Belly Masks from Hatch, they seemed a bit extra. Then I quickly remembered how much I love doing sheet masks on my face and realized this makes just as much sense for a growing belly. Think about it - as your belly expands, all the layers of your skin get pulled super tight and the area just needs a bit more love. Like Hatch’s other beauty products, these cooling and hydrating masks are free of parabens, phthalates and dyes, making them extra gentle and safe for the skin. Using them is a breeze - you simply peel off the back, apply the mask to your belly, and find somewhere to relax for 15 or so minutes. There’s a lot of extra serum too, so you can share the love with your hips, breasts, thighs - whatever needs rejuvenation. These would be great postpartum too, especially for recovering from a c-section.

Overall, I’ve loved using all three products throughout my pregnancy to soothe my belly as it grows. This combination of balm, oil and masks has certainly upped my self-care game, and I think all fellow mamas would agree that’s a luxury we could all use more of. 

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