Pisces Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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The sun has officially moved on from Aquarius and into Pisces: it’s time to pamper the zodiac’s empathetic, intuitive, and emotional sign. Arguably the most sentimental sign of the entire bunch, a Pisces will appreciate any gift given with affection and love (you really can’t go wrong). Read on to find the perfect gift that acknowledges all of the sensitivities and eccentricities that make them tick. 

It’s A Water Sign Thing: Gift Them An At-Home Spa Experience (Every Night), from $56

Credit: OSEA

This sign is not just symbolized by the fish, but also benefits from rituals related to water – like long baths, showers, and walks by the ocean. Gift them the Do Not Disturb set from OUI the People ($56), CBD Bath Salts from Lord Jones ($65), or a therapeutic seaweed bath soak from OSEA ($60) to elevate their at-home spa game.

Credit: D.S. & DURGA and Canopy

After-shower treats will leave them feeling extra pampered. Send them Canopy’s Home Oasis Bundle ($210), complete with a humidifier and set of essential oils to purify and upgrade the very air they breathe. Select some scents like the D.S. & DURGA cult-favorite Big Sur After Rain, or Concrete After Lightning ($65) that allude to the water sign’s moody nature for bonus points.

For The Pisces Who Could Use A Day Off (Or A Daily Ritual), from $10

Credit: Dad Grass and Feals

The Pisces you know is likely to enjoy (and benefit from) the mellowing effects of some hemp, be it of the THC or CBD variety. Browse Dad Grass’s offerings (from $10), whether they’re into mellow pre-rolls, CBD tinctures, or the whole pure flower, featuring organic hemp of every variety. For the Pisces who’s just dipping their toes into the world of CBD, gift The Flight from Feals ($20) – and let them thank you later. 

Footwear For Every Occasion – Because A Pisces Can Always Use Another Pair Of Shoes, price varies

Credit: M. GEMI

Pisces, in addition to being associated with water, also governs the feet. Gift supreme at-home luxury with some slippers, or select a new pair of shoes that will make them feel like a million bucks, wherever they’re going. 

For the Pisces with a penchant for artisanal style, gift a pair of seriously beautiful embroidered velvet mules from Chinoiserie No. 19 ($138). The brand also recently debuted velvet Mary Janes, for the Pisces that yearns for slippers even when out in the “real world” ($285).

Browse M. GEMI for some Italian footwear that’s sure to please any Pisces with a penchant for quality and comfort. I’m personally privy to the mule Greta clog and chunky Elsa loafer, both of which align with Pisces’ retro stylistic proclivities. The brand’s men’s selection is full of great gifting options, too – the loafers, whether you go for a leather or suede, are a timeless classic that will upgrade your Pisces’ wardrobe in an instant.

For The Dreamers And Mega-Feelers, from $22

Credit: @woodenspoonherbs and @69herbs

Pisces are very in touch with their (often overactive) dream states, whether asleep or drifting into daytime fantasies. Help them get some truly restful shut-eye – and a reprieve from any racing thoughts or restless nights – with botanical allies from Wooden Spoon Herbs. Send a bottle of Sweet Dreams or Anxiety Ally (or both), formulated with adaptogens and herbs designed to nourish the nervous system and promote relaxation. 

I also love gifting tinctures from 69Herbs. My favorites for my Pisces friends – who tend to love all things herbal and alternative to the mainstream – include Come Undone, formulated to help with grief and depression, and Sleep It Off ($22).

Dress The Part: Loungewear And Bedding For Rest + Relaxation, from $35

Credit: @daily_sleeper

In addition to dreams, Pisces generally rules the subconscious. The final essential gift for a good night’s sleep? Pristine bedding, of course. Upgrade their quality of sleep with a cooling sheet set from Molecule ($119) or luxurious Eucalyptus bedding from Sijo (from $35). And what better to rest in than a gorgeous loungewear set – be it silk or tencel – from Eberjey or Sleeper?

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here next month to talk all things Aries.

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