Phlur Fragrance Review: This Relaunched and Reimagined Fine Fragrance Is Taking Social Media By Storm

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Lost Cause.
Missing Person.
Not Your Baby.

No, these aren’t titles of the newest movies on Lifetime – they’re the trending scents coming out of the newly re-launched fragrance brand, Phlur.

Fragrance has been a topic of interest over the last couple of years, and much of my learning and discovery of new and luxury scents come from the fragrance queen herself, Rachel Syme. There’s something about getting back to life’s little luxuries and slowing down to appreciate the various layers that create signature scents.

Plus, there’s the whole thing about fragrance connecting you to specific points in life.

From spilling a jar of Chanel No. 5 all over my mom’s bedroom carpet as a young child to drenching myself in Sun-Ripened Raspberry from Bath & Body Works in junior high or wearing Ralph Lauren Romance on a first date – so many memories come with a particular scent.

Phlur’s new Creative Director, Chriselle Lim

A Little Backstory on Phlur

While Phlur is a new-to-me brand, it’s actually been around since 2015. But, in early 2022, influencer and entrepreneur Chriselle Lim relaunched the clean fragrance brand with her own twist.

New packaging, trendy names, and fresh scents are just some of the most noticeable changes with the brand reinvention. I learned about this new release, probably like so many others – through social media.

Lim has created such hype for the new fragrances (especially with Apricot Privée) with her creative work on both her Instagram and TikTok – followers going so far as to say it’s “the best marketing campaign they’ve ever seen” and “I actually never wanted a perfume I haven’t [smelled] more.”

While I’m not one to hop on all the trends (okay, that’s a lie), I wanted needed to try the newly reinvented Phlur fragrances ASAP.

Trending Fragrances from Phlur

With the hype surrounding Phlur, it’s hard to get your hands on a fragrance when it drops. Though only a handful of the original fragrances will be released (along with new ones), the current lineup consists of eight perfumes, four of which have gotten major attention on social media.

Apricot Privée: With top notes of apricot and plum, heart notes of jasmine absolute and peony, and base notes of sandalwood and tonka beans, this scent has it all for those who love the rich fragrance and hints of fruit, flowers, and spice.

Missing Person: Ideal as a signature scent all year long, Missing Person features top notes of bergamot nectar, skin musk, and sheer jasmine. Heart notes include neroli blossom and orange flower, finished with white musk and sandalwood Australia oil base notes.

Lost Cause: A delightful floral and woodsy blend, this perfume contains top notes of crisp apple and Italian bergamot, heart notes of Lily of the Valley and Jasmine, and base notes of vanilla orchid and Mate absolute.

Not Your Baby: A sexy but playful fragrance, top notes include bergamot and cardamom, with mimosa and violet as heart notes, rounded out with tonka beans, sandalwood, and vanilla milk as the base.

Day or night, there’s a Phlur fragrance for any occasion.
Source: Phlur Facebook 

Tips For Wearing Phlur Fragrance

Shopping for the perfect fragrance is no easy feat, so I first prefer to discover new perfumes through samples and travel sizes.

Two scents I saw all over TikTok were Not Your Baby and Lost Cause, so those were the two I opted for (and I loved that they ran the spectrum in scent profiles!). The packaging is gorgeous, and the bottle design matches the overall brand aesthetic – minimalist glass bottles that look lovely on any vanity.

These two fragrances also work well day or night, as do other Phlur perfumes, thanks to the balance between floral and musk layers. For those who like to play around with fragrance or prefer not to be limited to options, Phlur has a varied but chic collection to explore.

Tip: It’s helpful to pay attention to perfume's different layers or notes when deciding which to purchase or apply. Generally speaking, the top notes of a perfume are first to dissipate (within 5 to 15 minutes!), while heart and base notes last much longer on the skin (60 minutes to six hours, respectively).

This guide is helpful in deciding which Phlur fragrance to wear for an event, day or night. Not Your Baby has a softer, sweeter scent over the woodsy-inspired Lost Cause, making it a great choice for daytime wear.

Looking for other daytime recommendations? Apricot Privée and Phloria are two deliciously fragrant options. Missing Person or Sandra would make lovely scents for nighttime wear.  

Will I be trying more fragrances from Phlur as they come out? Absolutely. These fragrances hit all the right notes.


1.       Phlur prioritizes sustainably. From replacing single-use plastics with PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials to reducing paper usage, Phlur is always looking for new ways to reduce environmental impact.
2.       New owner Chriselle Lim is using her creative chops to rebrand Phlur and share it with new fragrance lovers!
3.       Phlur fragrances are unisex, vegan, and cruelty-free.
4.       Take your fragrance anywhere – Phlur offers travel-sized bottles of all available scents. 
5. ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ Want to learn more about perfume? Phlur offers resources to help understand the terminology – perfect for beginners to the art of fragrance.

Check out and grab your new favorite scent…if you can. 

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