The After-Dark Style Edit: Dressing For TikTok’s Spring 2022 Trend

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Over the past year, we’ve met “that girl” and her social media morning routine. Fluffed pillows, whirring espresso machines, monochrome activewear sets. Perhaps a lit candle and a Five Minute Journal to set intentions, paired with an Atomic Habits quote about consistency and showing up at 6 A.M. every day.

Luckily, trendspotters have pinpointed a “vibe shift”  for spring 2022. This season’s biggest TikTok trend features a “post-wellness” rebellion.

These girls could care less about their green juice. Their nighttime luxury aesthetic? Espresso martinis, dimly lit dinner tables laden with oysters and vodka penne, and silky backless dresses. Their photos are underexposed, blurry, and evoke a sensual, exhilarating dance floor moment of party girl chic, mostly vintage heiress style with a touch of indie sleaze. Nights you’ll never forget.

The party-positive after-dark aesthetic still has a distinctive formula, though. And it’s easily replicated with some of our favorite DTC brands. Get in on the vibe shift.

The Beauty

With this style, every night out is an event. An elaborate getting-ready routine is as much a part of night luxe as the oysters. To establish the necessary high drama of this look, consider the following:

High drama lashes with LoveSeen.
Credit: @isabelyrosado

Bedroom curls.

The origins of this particular after-dark TikTok aesthetic stem in part from the resurgence of late 2000s indie sleaze. The translation for hair? Messy, slept-on curls. Coax out texture with some dry shampoo ($22) from Act+Acre, keep it protected with heat spray ($36) from HairStory, and maybe opt for a heavy duty hair mask ($38) from Ouai after a chaotic weekend.

A manageable smokey eye.

The TooFaced Natural Matte Neutral Shadow palette ($39) is an ideal entryway into a smokey eye, leaning on matte and richly pigmented shades that build easily. For winged liner, the Perma Precision Liquid Liner ($32) from Pat McGrath Labs has a cult following for a reason.

Minimal skin products (so you don’t break out overnight).

If you’re already anticipating stumbling home (or crashing on a couch), opt for beauty products by Youthforia – makeup you can sleep in. The brand is especially popular for its adaptive color-changing BYO Blush oil ($36) that brings the perfect pink to your skin tone.

Add fake lashes.

Try these highly-customizable lush lashes from LoveSeen. The Inez Lash ($24) comes with one demi-lash and five singles for ultimate personalization. Dial up the emphasis, or leave a little more natural.

A red lip.

According to trendspotters, “wine-stained lips” and “red lips” are defining characteristics of this aesthetic. Try Merit Beauty’s Signature Lip in Brick Red ($26) for a buildable, hydrating color with a soft satin finish.

And maybe the full on body treatment.

Nights like these are for those full-body showers and primping. We love the limited-edition razors ($75 for 10 blades) from OUI the People; these have the perfect amount of pressure for a zero-irritation shave without razor burn. It’s no wonder they sell out practically instantly.

The Style

The Celene Dress in Onyx.
Credit: Allina Liu

Here’s where the aesthetic really shines. Fabrics should be heavy and evoke opulence: silks, satins, metal, etc,. When in doubt, the clothing is black. A blazer or leather jacket is always welcome.

Wear short, silky, backless dresses.

The LBD reigns supreme on these sorts of occasions, like this draped, open back mini dress ($67) from Lioness.

Silky concoctions from Manhattan-based label Allina Liu are Instagram famous in alignment with this trend; her Celene Dress in Onyx ($150) is splattered across feeds. Poly satin and delicate puffy sleeves make for a sleek but feminine silhouette.

Feeling spicy? Motel Rocks has an assortment of short, strappy tanks and tops, like the Keiza Top in Satin Black ($46), that fit the bill. The halterneck is skin-tight but elegant enough to dress up or down.

Switch up the coloring with a chocolate Satin Slip Midi Dress ($53.21) from Because of Alice.

The blazer dress speaks for itself.
Credit: @ameebakht

Or an attention-grabbing blazer fit.

If dressing like a trust fund kid is natural for you, KHANUM may be your vibe. This embellished blazer dress ($677) has chic detailing and plush velvet.

And while we’re talking swanky, MARIEMUR has the most decadent luxury leather lingerie. This temptingly layered satin and lace set ($210) has sensual detailing; one reviewer notes that it “oozes quality.”

The higher the heels, the better the night.

An undoubtable truth of the mini vlog: the heels make the outfit. These strappy black sandals ($280) from Larroude would be a reasonable choice, or maybe a pair of custom heels (prices vary) would help with the balance issue after a few martinis.

Elaborate, glittering earrings.

Earrings that brush your shoulders feel sexier. I don’t make the rules. Earrings for this look must have a certain element of crystal to them à la chandelier. I recommend the Jacques ear climbers from Dorsey ($152), which emulate the similar heiress luxury vibe we’re going for.

Duplicating The Evening

Shaken, not stirred. Credit: @liquidofficebar

Make the perfect martini.

A distinctive feature of the night luxe aesthetic is the grainy, dimly lit restaurant shot. But if you’re duplicating it at home – or pregaming in front of the bathroom mirror – a martini is necessary.

Try these tasteful vintage glasses from Nude Glass (2 for $37) for the vibe. We have great luck with their entire line, ranging from classic to startlingly unique glassware.

Air Company is a futuristic brand that converts carbon dioxide from the air into alcohol. They’ve created perfume, hand sanitizer, and (of course) vodka through a carbon negative process. Drink your martini, save the world. Try it for $60.

If you’re on the sober train, try CleanCo’s Clean V ($29.99) instead – an alcohol-free apple vodka alternative with warmth and a touch of cinnamon to add depth to your drink without the hangover.

Stay out all night with a heavy-duty portable charger.

When you do make it out, you want to go all night as the aesthetic demands. This credit card sized phone charger ($49) is a game changer. It’s thin, sleek, and unobtrusive. When you’re stranded and need your Uber at 2 A.M, it’s a lifesaver.

Stumbling Your Way Home

Headed to bed with 4AM Rest serum.
Credit: 4AM Skin

Get your drunk food.

One of the pleasures of staying out late is that of late-night food, typically from the greasy pizza spot on the corner. Recreate a healthier version of that joy with Snow Days pizza bites. They’re organic, grain-free, and satisfying enough to fulfill a late-night craving.

“Makeup wipe and pray” your skin routine.

By the time we get home, the thought of a ten-step skin care routine is exhausting. 4AM Skin meets you where you are with a minimalist, uncomplicated approach that encourages you to stay out all night without worrying about your skin after. Just use the Rest serum ($69) and you’re good to go.

Keep some water by your bedside.

Don’t forget your Liquid IV ($24.47 for 16). And your Cheers Restore ($35 for 12). Because, oh God, it’s only Friday night…

Shop the edit for Saturday night. Or next weekend.

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