We Tried The Hassle-Free Outdoor Furniture That Will Turn Your Backyard Into Your Living Room

In partnership with Neighbor.

As we all continue to spend more (and more) time at home, the value of outdoor space -- and investing in the quality of that space -- has become increasingly apparent. Quarantine has seen many of us here at TQE taking on home improvement projects and looking for the next best investment piece that will elevate our spaces, whether we’re working or relaxing.

So, when we heard about Neighbor, the latest and greatest in outdoor furniture with a distinct patent-pending modular design, we knew we needed to investigate further. After connecting with one of Neighbor’s happy customers, I had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful backyard in Los Angeles to see it for myself.

A Dream Team

Founded by Chris Lee, Nick Arambula, and Mike Fretto after they met and became friends while working together at Tuft & Needle, Neighbor has craftsmanship and expertise in its DNA. The three founders wanted to design and create furniture that not only looked like the quality of your indoor living room sofa, but that also had the durability to withstand the outdoor weather. In addition to these design and functionality considerations, Neighbor prioritized sustainable materials, determined to create furniture that would enhance your backyard without harming the environment.

Credit: Neighbor

And the product is as thoughtful as its design process. With a patent-pending modular design, Neighbor’s outdoor sofas are made of sustainably harvested solid teak wood, mildew-resistant sunbrella fabric, and quick-drying reticulated foam. All of these materials work together not only to weather all outdoor climates, but also to preserve comfort and quality over time and use.

Up close and personal: a look at Neighbor’s sustainable teak and sunbrella fabric

The Real Deal: Meet Your Neighbor

While all of these new vocabulary words like “reticulated foam” and “sunbrella fabric” sounded great, seeing Neighbor in person was what really converted me from a curious observer to a need-this-in-my-backyard fan.

I happened to check out Neighbor the weekend after LA’s first big rainstorm of the season -- a storm so big it knocked down a tree on my street, to give you an idea of the type of rain and wind the Neighbor couch experienced before I saw it.

I was astounded by how sturdy and pristine the Neighbor chairs and ottoman looked. In a crisp “Sunbrella Canvas” colorway, the clean white fabric pairs beautifully with the teak wood. Despite the torrential downpour just the day before, the Neighbor cushions were not just dry and airy to touch, but also looked immaculate.

While I’m usually concerned about outdoor fabrics weathering the literal weather (yes, even in California), Neighbor’s quick-drying, porous foam and mildew-resistant fabric mean that the furniture not only looks nice, but will also deliver the same quality and comfort for years to come, with minimal maintenance. The owner of these beautiful Neighbor chairs and ottoman excitedly told me that she hadn’t cleaned the cushions in weeks -- and certainly not since the wind and rainstorms of the days prior.

A Purchase You Can Feel (Really) Good About

In addition to Neighbor’s sustainable and thoughtful design practices, their furniture is simply great. Because the three founders have intentionally sourced each element of Neighbor’s furniture to do good for both the Earth and the longevity of the product, all you have to worry about is assembly and enjoyment.

And even those two parts of the customer journey are simple. Neighbor’s modular system can be tailored to fit your particular space and design desires. Assembly is simple, with all instructions provided via a QR code in your shipment (or, if you’re more traditional, on Neighbor’s website) -- a minor detail, sure, but one that reflects Neighbor’s commitment to minimize waste and prioritize sustainability.

Credit: @the_midcentury_orient

And actually using Neighbor feels just as good as the environmentally-conscious purchase. While they’re built to last a lifetime outdoors, Neighbor’s chairs and cushions have all the comfort and elegance of indoor furniture. The modular design not only looks chic, but also provides a flexibility I’m certainly craving, as it’s easy to grow tired of home spaces that feel monotonous these days.

Neighbor’s furniture is built to be reassembled and arranged, perfect for making safely distanced social gatherings a breeze -- a necessity as we move into the warmer months ahead.

5 More Reasons To Love Neighbor:

  • Shipping is completely free, and your furniture will be flat-packed in small boxes delivered directly to your door.
  • Neighbor’s cushions are designed to withstand all climates and conditions, allowing for natural expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.
  • The cushion covers are removable and washable, and can be washed either by hand, with just soap and water, or machine -- so you can spend more time enjoying your cushions than worrying about preserving them.
  • Neighbor provides instructions for assembly via a QR code. Not only does this approach minimize paper waste by eliminating lengthy instruction manuals, but it’s also a necessity in our new physically distant and virtual world.
  • Completely waterproof, Neighbor is built for a long life outdoors (be it through the odd California rainstorm or more temperamental settings).

Try Neighbor’s outdoor furniture today.

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