A Mother’s Day Date: 3 Memorable Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

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Mother’s Day 2021 was a lonely one for my mom: it was the first year that both of her kids lived full time across the country, and the lockdown prevented us from seeing one another. In lieu of our usual joint bouquet and phone call, my brother and I decided to make it extra special. Our mother loves to dance (and can never get my dad to do it with her) so we thought it would be cool to organize a Zoom salsa class for the four of us. Needless to say, it was a hit. It was a blast to put so much thought and attention into a day I have admittedly half-assed throughout my life. 

So, no more Hallmark cards. Here are a couple of ways to take your mom out on a proper date, whether at home or 3,000 miles away.  

The fan-favorite Outdoor Voices exercise dress keeps things fun and functional
Credit: @outdoorvoices

The Active Date:

The Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress ($100) is a longtime fave of OG OV-heads. The compressive shorts underneath are incredibly comfortable, and I will always be floored by how supportive the top is, even without a sports bra. My mom and I are rocking H-cups, y’all, and we’re deadly serious about bounce reduction and lift. This number is perfect for twirling, brisk walking, or whatever you and mama get yourselves into. And what mother can resist a nostalgic mother-daughter matching dress moment? Just in time: new colors just dropped.

The new Mood Powders ($21.99-38.99) from Recess are a genius concoction that I’ve been adding to my morning and workout routines. The specific blend of magnesium, electrolytes, and adaptogens keeps me feeling energized, clear-headed, and hydrated throughout the day. I love the lemon citrus with water or seltzer, or the unflavored in my coffee and smoothies. Whatever the activity, bring these along to make sure the two of you are ready for action. 

If you’re taking things outside, make sure you stay protected! The Elemental Sun Balm by AKT Therapy ($48) is a balm, block, and base all in one. The lightweight, moisturizing formula has a natural tint that blends sheer, and the addition of meadowfoam and grapeseed oil help calm redness. This jack of all trades  is incredible for sensitive and mature skin, so bring this along to let mom know you’re thinking about her. 

The Heated Neck Wrap from Ostrichpillow ($45) will really win you some Favorite Child points. After a long day of play, the gentle pressure and heat is a luxurious and easy way to wind down. 

Brightland, a delicious and stunning addition to any Mother’s Day brunch
Credit: @wearebrightland

The Brunch Date:

Growing up, breakfast in bed was my family’s favorite way to thank my mom for everything she did for us (like making breakfast pretty much every other day of the year). Whether your mom prefers eating breakfast cozied up in bed or sitting at a beautiful tablescape, you can never go wrong with a Mother’s Day brunch. What better way to celebrate mom than with some delicious, home cooked goodies?

Set the scene with Year & Day, our go-to for elegant, aesthetic tableware. The brand’s ceramic dishes are chic, refined, and make the perfect canvas for showing off your homemade treats. Not only are they great for brunch, but mom can keep them and use them in her kitchen forever. Add some flowers and one, or a few, of Otherland’s candles ($36) to create the ultimate tablescape. 

A bottle of Brightland olive oil ($37) is the perfect sidekick to whatever you’re planning on whipping up. Use this liquid gold to fry up some eggs, dip a fresh chunk of sourdough in it, or add a hefty drizzle to top of any dish. With different flavors to satisfy mom’s taste buds, this stuff is simply *chef’s kiss*. 

Brunch without coffee is just wrong. So, pour mom a cup of her favorite brew in these elegant HAAND handmade coffee mugs (4-pack, $175). They even come with a matching saucer. If mom also likes a cocktail with brunch, stock up on some of Haus’ low-alcohol apertifs ($40) to make your favorite lady her own signature beverage. Cosmompolitan? Mamargarita? Momjito? You get where we’re going here. 

If a sweet treat is her favorite indulgence, we cannot recommend a Levain Bakery Cookie Assortment (4-pack, $27) enough. If an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie isn’t her speed, head over to Goldbelly to find something that feels special. Goldbelly curates food gifts from iconic restaurants and bakeries all around the country, so you can get sentimental with this one. Maybe get mom a cake from her favorite childhood bakery or cookies from a place she’s always wanted to try. Are you full yet?

Who wouldn’t be obsessed with these glasses?
Credit: @estellecoloredglass

The Tipsy Games Date:

Turn a night at home into a special event with wine and board games. Start by ordering some of mom’s favorite blends. If everyone in the family likes something different, Usual’s single-serve wines (12-pack, $96) are perfect for making sure everyone gets to drink what they love. You can even set up a wine tasting. Get the mixed pack, pour everyone a little cup of each blend, rate your favorites, and lean into becoming a wine connoisseur. 

A great glass of wine is as much about the vessel as it is about the wine itself. Estelle Colored Glass makes the most beautiful, colorful glass stemware (6-pack, $185) – we’re itching to drink out of these glasses ourselves. 

Coasters are something I always thought were silly until I’d bought my own table. My mother would be proud to hear I’ve finally come around. Keep things neat, cute, and classy (and show your mom how much you’ve grown) by busting out a set of Merino Wool Felt Coasters by Graf Lantz ($24). Extra points if they match your glasses!

Give mom’s age-old hobby a makeover. Le Puzz makes incredibly fun, eye-catching jigsaw puzzles that she’ll be dying to frame afterwards. From 500 piece sets like Hot Dog and OOPS ($28) to 1000-piece beauties like Match Made in Heaven ($38), there’s no shortage of fun. The hardest part is figuring out which to choose! 

Get into the nitty-gritty with We’re Not Really Strangers, a beautiful questions-based card game meant to deepen your relationship. There are multiple editions to choose from, like Family, Self Love, Healing, or Forgiveness. So laugh, cry, and find out some young-and-dumb story you wish you could unhear. A couple of glasses of wine in, and we guarantee you it’ll be a Mother’s Day to remember. Plus, this game can be adapted for virtual hangs –– if all you can manage is a phone call, this will ensure it’s a special one.

We Love Ya, Ma

Whatever you call her, you love her and she deserves the world. There’s nothing wrong with flowers and jewelry, but in our opinion a fun activity is the best gift of all. Not only can you gift mom some of the props you use, but you get to spend quality time together, too. And after a few years of so many of us being away from our loved ones, what is better than that?! We hope these date ideas get you inspired and excited about celebrating the leading lady in your life this Mother’s Day.

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