Meet mate, The New Wellness Brand Helping Guys Last Longer

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When most families sit around the dinner table for a meal, the conversation usually covers topics like the day’s lessons at school or the news-worthy events happening in the world. But for mate founder Jordan Elist, whose father is a urologist, those talks were a little... “untraditional”— typically conversing about men’s sexual health and the latest scientific studies in the field.

mate, a sexual-health company that just launched last December, is aiming to help men find solutions to their issues through a collection of natural solutions. Starting off with the nearly 40% of men who experience premature ejaculation (PE), mate’s first solution is a physician-formulated supplement made with ingredients like cinnamon and grape seed extract.

Tacklin’ The Guy Problems

Recent years have seen telemedicine startups like Hims and Roman rise to prominence by giving men the ability to get doctor-prescribed drugs from the comfort of home, simply by filling out a questionnaire. These medicines, like ED solution sildenafil citrate, use the same active ingredient as brand names but are repackaged in a friendly, relatable way at a fraction of the price.

While their products may be cheaper than Viagra or Cialis, they still bring along the same side effects such as back pain and loss of hearing. Raised in an environment where Elist could ask dozens of questions about sexual wellness, Jordan started digging into the freshly-branded solutions from Hims and Roman to see if there were better options.

Credit: Hims

To treat PE, Hims (now a publicly traded company) offers antidepressant sertraline, the generic form of Zoloft. As Hims notes, “Sertraline is not FDA-approved and for the treatment of premature ejaculation” and “Some side effects can be serious.” One of Roman’s solutions is called Swipes, an over-the-counter wipe used to numb the most sensitive male parts.

While these medicines can certainly be effective, Elist says he was shocked by their harmful side effects and the lack of more holistic options: “There has to be a more natural alternative to helping address this issue which impacts so many guys.” Prior to mate, few companies were trying to create male-focused natural products to address these issues. Inspired by the science-backed approach taken by brands for women like health pioneers Ritual and Love Wellness, Elist recruited a team of urologists to launch mate’s first solution, mate endurance.

No Prescriptions, No Problem

What makes services like Hims convenient is that you don’t need to leave your house and have that awkward in-person conversation with your doctor. But, that doesn’t mean the end result is any better than the old methods. mate takes a different approach; endurance isn’t made with hard-to-pronounce chemicals, but a mix of just 12 ingredients with amino acids, vitamins, and plant-based additives.

Due to the endurance product being a supplement rather than a prescription, the ordering process is frictionless. No questionnaires, no doctor consultations, just start with a month’s supply from their website and cancel anytime. Thankfully, the packaging is discreet, so no awkward conversations with the mailman or apartment front desk.

Credit: mate

Does Natural Work?

Living in a world bombarded with brands claiming to be “natural” or healthy can certainly make one skeptical of those declarations. “When it comes to natural supplements, it’s totally understandable for people to have their doubts and hesitations as to whether something like that actually works, so we really wanted to have the science to back that up,” Elist says.

A clinic conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study over the course of three months to test the efficacy of endurance. The average participant revealed a 68% increase in his sexual satisfaction and a 66% increase in sense of ejaculatory control. You can find the complete report from the Open Journal of Urology here.

Credit: mate

Outside of the lab, customers love endurance, with reviews like “I’ve tried taking prescription drugs in the past to deal with this issue, but I still wasn’t lasting any longer. Just really glad that I FINALLY found a natural solution that actually works for me,” and simply, “Works great. Took about 3 weeks, but I can really feel the difference.”

mate is hoping to both give guys harmless products to the sexual obstacles they face every day as well as create an easy conversation around these problems. Once members have been using endurance for three months (the standard time needed to notice effects), they can anonymously submit any questions they may have about their performance and the mate team publishes a monthly YouTube video answering them.

If you’re facing these types of problems and tired of the pricy prescriptions, daunting side effects, and scary ingredients, check out mate. The team will teach you about why you’re experiencing symptoms through their blog resources and hopefully set you up with a sustainable solution. Goodbye to the days of embarrassing talks and medicines that are harmful to other parts of life; say hello to stress-free, pleasurable experiences that hopefully last longer, too.

5 More Things To Love About mate:

  1. Vegetarian formula: No weird animal byproducts to worry about.
  2. One simple pill, once a day—no need to fuss.
  3. Discreet packaging: The simple box won’t raise any questions or cause humiliating conversations.
  4. Easy to order, easy to cancel: You don’t have to worry about placing an order each month or running out.
  5. Works fast: mate recommends using the product for at least three months before you’ll see results, but some people can feel the difference after a few weeks.

Try mate for yourself today.

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