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Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you. Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email us at hello@thequalityedit.com. Let’s make some matches! 

Reader: Work from home essentials? Or going back to the office essentials?

Ember ensures you never have to drink lukewarm coffee again.
Credit: @ember

Remi: Nailing your work from home setup is key to staying productive and efficient. If you haven’t gotten one already, you need a lap desk. If you ever work from your bed or on the couch, a lap desk will make your life a lot more comfortable. You can find them at any major retailer -- choose the one that feels best for your budget, space, lifestyle etc. Having coffee and tea on hand whenever I need it is so essential for me, whether I’m working from home or an office. An insulated mug is amazing for keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. I love the Corkicle Coffee Mug ($35) -- and the Yeti Rambler ($25) is a great option too. If you want to go all out, Ember makes a smart heated mug (from $100) that lets you choose the exact temperature you’d like to keep your beverage at. Pretty high tech stuff. 

Last but definitely not least, I think it’s important to have some great paper goods handy for your to-do list, calendar, and the like. You can always use your notes app or a spreadsheet, but if you also love writing by hand, the Do Work Journal ($26) is designed to promote productivity and keep you organized. Of course, you can’t ever go wrong with a classic Moleskine (from $10). 

Gift ideas! I always have a tough time buying gifts for men-- husband/brother/dad, especially since they don’t love having extra “stuff.”

Whoop provides in-depth health metrics to help improve your sleep and recovery.
Credit: @whoop

Remi: Gifting can be hard, especially for people who don’t love accumulating extra stuff. The key is finding something that feels special and indulgent enough to be a gift, but also is super practical and something they’ll use often. If they like fitness, a Whoop (from $180) is a fun gift idea. It’s a fitness tracker that gives really robust data on sleep, activity, and recovery. Whether they’re an exercise or data-nerd, this is a fun piece that can help inform activity moving forward. If they love to travel, a nice piece of luggage is a classic. Roam (from $495) makes customizable luggage, which definitely ups the gift factor. Away (from $225) is another one of our favorites. For home cooks, a nice piece of cookware is always a lovely gift. A Le Creuset Dutch Oven (from $225) is best in class -- it’s durable, simple, chic, and they’ll have so much fun trying it out with different recipes. 

Interested in more recommendations for Stan Rizzo: Big-City Cowboy and how it might complement Jeffry “The Dude” Lebowski Chic. 

Cowboy chic fall awaits.
Credit: Huckberry

Remi: So, I’ve never watched Mad Men or The Big Lebowski, but luckily our awesome editor Ryan (creator of the style guide which this question is referring to) came through to save the day. I think we have a piece you’ll love. This earthy, wooly Schott cardigan ($185) is totally up Stan and Jeffrey’s alley. Hopefully this fills the cowboy-chic-dude void in your wardrobe. 

Any healthy living products like protein powders, smoothies, or supplements you recommend adding in?

For a warm and fuzzy feeling on chilly fall mornings-- make this matcha!
Credit: @golde

Remi: I’m not sure what your specific health goals and concerns are, and I’d definitely recommend checking in with your doctor for a medical perspective. From a non-medical, strictly shopping perspective, a multi-vitamin is a great way to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet, and Ritual makes our team’s favorite ($35). Seed makes an awesome probiotic. I personally love adding some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides ($25) into my coffee. Golde also makes amazing superfood latte blends ($29) and hydration ades ($15) that taste delicious. All you have to do is add them to your water or milk of your choice, which makes them super easy to incorporate into your everyday life (something I always look for in a product!) If you’re looking for companies that will make healthy eating every day easier on you, Splendid Spoon is delicious. Their ready-to-eat soups and smoothies are fully plant-based and seriously so good, I wish I had some in my fridge right now. They also have multiple different meal plan options (starting at $65/a week) to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

Best treat yourself items? It’s my bday week!

Initial jewelry always feels like a special gift. Plus, this stack is to die for.
Credit: @silkonme

Remi: Happy birthday week! I don’t know what your passions are or what you like in terms of gifts, but if it was my birthday I’d probably want to treat myself to an experience or something that feels super special and indulgent. I’d suggest something sparkly like some new jewelry from Catbird (from $20) or Mejuri (from $30). If you love to cook, you could go with an Our Place Always Pan ($145) or the Perfect Pot ($165). Caraway also has some great bakeware (from $40) that would be fun to use (you’re gonna want to bake a birthday cake after all, right?). Misen makes awesome knives (from $35) that’ll render your other ones obsolete. A new suitcase is always a fun gift, especially if you have any birthday travel plans on the agenda. Roam (from $495) and Away (from $225) make some great pieces in all different sizes. Plus, they both have lots of options for fun customizations, like stickers and monograms. Hopefully there’s something in here you’ll want to add to your wishlist. 

That’s a wrap on this month’s edition of Matchmaker. Come back in October for even more product recommendations and gift ideas. 

Have something particular in mind, but can’t seem to find it? We’re here to help. Email hello@thequalityedit.com  or shoot us a DM for a chance to be featured in our October issue. 

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