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Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you! Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email me at hello@thequalityedit.com. Let’s make some matches! 

Reader: I’d like some help choosing graduation gifts for everyone finishing school this summer.

Dinnerware for the first apartment.
Credit: @dinewithfable

Lillie: When I graduated a few years ago, I felt like a fish out of water. New job, new friends and a new home. One of the best gifts I got from my best friend’s mom was this beautiful ceramic dinnerware set ($198) from Fable. It comes in speckled white, blush pink, dove gray and midnight blue – a lot of options for you to choose from. I think it makes such a wonderful graduation gift because it symbolizes what it means to grow up, a little piece of luxury for this next chapter of life. 

If you are looking for options of various price ranges, make sure to check out our “Ultimate New Grad Gift Guide” that we released earlier this year.

Reader: Please help me find comfy strapless and backless bra options for the summer ‘fits!

Sweatproof and reusable sticky bras for every cup size.
Credit: @wegatherall

Lillie: Backless dresses and shirts are a huge trend this summer, and while I don’t mind occasionally going braless, having a secure backless option is always a relief. Gatherall has these incredible sticky bras ($68)  that lay well against your chest and keep everything extremely secure. I know that stick-on bras can have a bit of a learning curve in terms of putting them on for the first time, but once you get it down, these are incredibly convenient and make any outfit look amazing. 

Reader: What is your go-to sunscreen for everyday wear?

The cult-favorite serum-SPF hybrid.
Credit: @saiebeauty

Lillie: Yes, yes, yes to the SPF. Summer is in full swing and making sure you’re wearing SPF daily is a non-negotiable. I’ve never been a fan of the drugstore sunscreen since most of them leave my skin feeling dry and patchy. Last summer, I found Sunvisor ($32) from Saie Beauty. It’s a serum-oil-sunscreen hybrid and is one of the few sunscreens I can wear everyday without it feeling heavy or greasy. If you’re looking for something to hold up while being outdoors for longer periods of time, the Daily Dew SPF 35 ($24) from the brand Kinfield is another great choice.

Reader: I’m finally over the phase of eating out all the time and am ready to invest in some quality cookware, any suggestions?

This cookware is in every kitchen, and for good reason.
Credit: @ourplace

Lillie: There’s something about cooking at home that always puts me in a better mood. I recently picked up the Home Cook Duo ($250) from Our Place – which contains both the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot. As someone who is constantly trying new recipes, I really wanted cookware that was not only beautiful on the countertop but high-quality and durable. My current go-to dish is cooking up pasta in the pot while making a delicious red sauce in the pan, then serving it together with a fresh salad and some toasted garlic bread!

Reader: Healthy snacks to bring out at the barbeque and summer gatherings?

100% real fruit and plant-based ingredients only.
Credit: @thatsit

Lillie: Summer barbeques and cottage weekends are good for the soul. The effects of all the sugar and processed snacks on your body? Not so good. This year, reach for options like a variety pack of fruit bars ($29) from That’s It. They’re made from 100% real fruit and are versatile enough to be a snack or a breakfast addition. If you’re craving something crispy and salty, From The Ground Up has a snack to fulfill any craving: with pretzels, tortilla chips, potato chips, veggie stalks, and crackers made from cauliflower, butternut squash, and purple carrot. The sea salt cauliflower chips ($4) come highly recommended by other editors on the team!

That’s a wrap on this month’s edition of Matchmaker. I’ll see you in July for more product recommendations and fun gift ideas. 

Have something particular in mind, but can’t seem to find it? We’re here to help. Email hello@thequalityedit.com or shoot us a DM for a chance to be featured in our July issue. 

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