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Here at The Quality Edit, we’re self-proclaimed product experts with a knack for gifting and online shopping. We created Matchmaker to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Ask us anything and we’ll deliver hand-curated recommendations just for you. Want a chance to get a custom product rec of your own? Slide into our DMs or email us at hello@thequalityedit.com. Let’s make some matches! 

Reader: Basic essentials you need for moving. First items you should purchase for your apartment?

Remi: So you’re moving! Good luck! Moving can be really stressful, but the end result is always worth it. With the right preparation, you can make the process a lot less stressful. The first thing you’re going to need to do is get organized. I suggest investing in some packing cubes from Calpak ($22-$62), so you can get your belongings from point A to point B seamlessly. These make the unpacking process SO much better and you can use them for traveling in the future. 

The first piece of furniture I’d purchase for your new spot is a bed. RegardIess of what else you have (or don’t have), you want a comfortable place to sleep. If I were  you, I would get a Leesa mattress (from $799) -- it’s my personal favorite. I’m actually obsessed with it. Casper (from $395), Tuft & Needle (from $645), and Saatva (from $887) are some other great options. When you’re ready to top it off, Brooklinen makes awesome sheets. We have lots of great guides to help you find decor and more furnishings when you’re ready for that step too. 

Dreamy sleep setup via Brooklinen.

I’m looking for a tongue scraper for someone with a bad gag reflex! Suggestions?

Remi: Tongue scraping with a gag reflex definitely sounds a little more difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here’s a rec I think will work really well for you. The Rasana Tongue Cleaner ($9) from Boka is a curved piece of stainless steel that goes with your tongue’s natural shape. You just glide it along your tongue to gently scrape away buildup (yuck). It’s super gentle, especially compared to a traditional tongue scraper that’s (usually) shaped like a toothbrush and requires you to really scrub and poke around your mouth. I think this will be a much better fit for you and hopefully won’t make you gag!

Credit: Boka

Jewelry doesn’t always fit. People with fatter bodies can’t go into the stores that everyone else can and buy jewelry. They don’t make rings in my size. See also bracelets, and anklets. Where can I find inclusive jewelry brands for all sizes?

Remi: We’ve got you covered with size-inclusive jewelry recs. First up is Noémie (from $200). Noémie is a custom jewelry site -- bracelets, earrings, necklaces, they have it all. There are ready-to-wear and personalized options, and you can choose a custom size at no extra cost, which is awesome. Automic Gold (from $40) is another option. It’s a unisex, size-inclusive brand based out of New York. It’s also queer-owned and sustainble -- all pieces are made from reclaimed gold. Lastly, I’d suggest checking out Catbird (from $20). Catbird is an amazing fine jewelry boutique that carries a lot of great brands, as well as its  own in-house lines. Because they have such a wide variety of pieces, you’re bound to find something that is super beautiful and fits you well. 

Finger party a la Automic Gold.
Credit: @automicgold

I just moved into a new apartment and am looking for a low-cost but comfortable couch. Where would you recommend I start my search?

Remi: Congrats on the new apartment! It’s always exciting to have a new space to call your own, and decorating is one of the most fun parts. I’ll start by saying, couches are expensive. So, when I say low-cost, take that with a grain of salt. I mean low-cost relative to other couches out there. Even from the big-box retailers, it’s hard to find a super affordable couch, especially one that’s decent quality. If you’re renting a space and don’t want to commit to buying new furniture, Fernish (from $38/month) is a great option. It’s a furniture rental service where you can pay month-by-month so you only are paying for what you really need and will use. Another great option is Burrow (from $835). Burrow makes modular sofas, so you can start with a smaller couch and add new pieces (like an ottoman) as your needs change. The best part is all Burrow pieces are easy to assemble on your own. Paying someone to assemble furniture is a huge added cost, so if you can cut that out and spend that money on the piece itself, I think that’s a win. 

A cozy couch is a new apartment must.
Credit: @applejax_adventures

That’s a wrap on our third edition of Matchmaker. Check back in next month for even more product recommendations. 

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