MargaritaCore: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace a Little Jimmy Buffett in My Wardrobe

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I’ve always considered myself a relatively trendy dude with a decent sense of style, but something happened in the early days of the pandemic that altered my personal approach to fashion forever. Maybe it was the fact that I was sent home to work from my couch, or the harsh reality that I was gaining pandemic pounds like a teenage wrestler trying to make weight, but in the last few years I’ve really started to prioritize comfort in my closet. At first I found myself rotating through a variety of loose-fitting hoodies and run-of-the-mill track pants, but soon summer hit and I realized if I was going to be lounging around the house all day, I best do it En Vogue. That sentiment – paired with an impromptu trip to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Resort in Palm Springs (it’s a long, strange story – thanks HotelTonight!) – my latest style obsession was born.

MargaritaCore: A loungey combination of men’s resort wear, laid-back Caribbean comforts and your dad’s favorite Hawaiian shirt, loosely inspired by the milieu of legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett.  
Photo: Spotify

For those of you who aren’t keen on Buffett’s legacy, he’s the Hawaiian-shirt wearing genius who wrote the song “Margaritaville” and The Godfather of Island Escapism (he also owns a chain of restaurants and resorts making him one of the world's richest musicians with a net worth of over $900 million. The brand is strong with this one!). 

There’s a strong chance Buffett’s in your boozy uncles’ “Top Three Favorite Artists To Get Drunk To” and the total embodiment of the phrase, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Once I coined MargaritaCore as my newfound North Star of Style, I began scouring the internet for the best brands built for lounging by the pool, sipping Mai-Tai’s on a mini-yacht or just doing your best to keep it chill & breezy while working from home. So, throw on your flip-flops and walk along the beach with me as I highlight The Six Best Brands in MargaritaCore

Photo: Dandy Del Mar


Inspired by 1960’s and 70’s style, color, and patterns, Dandy Del Mar is the pinnacle of modern leisurewear for both men and women – and lands smack dab in the center of the MargaritaCore bullseye. The brand aesthetic is influenced by French arthouse films, old-school alcohol and cigarette advertisements and that warm and toasty feeling you get after being at the beach all day. 

Dandy Del Mar offers a variety of insanely hip pieces from the confident Gaucho Terry Cloth Shirt & Shorts Set ($178 for the pair) to the more straightforward yet still sexy aloe-striped Mallorca Swim Shorts ($99). The brand’s latest drop is the cool-and-breezy Cannes Waffle Knit Shirt ($129) which draws its outline from the classic polo, reimagined with a more robust delivery in perfectly weighted, high quality waffle knit fabric. I just bought one myself and – quick humble brag – anytime I wear it out in the world, I’m bombarded with compliments and “hey, where’d you get that’s?” So, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of MargaritaCore, Dandy Del Mar is a great place to start. 

Photo: @kennyflowers_


In 2015, Kenny Haisfield quit his high-powered corporate consulting job to move in with his grandma in Bali and start making Hawaiian shirts. Seven years later, his upscale tropical clothing brand Kenny Flowers is a major player on the Mount Rushmore of MargaritaCore. Whereas Dandy Del Mar takes inspiration from more obtuse aesthetics, Kenny Flowers has your “Hey, I’m in Hawaii!” vacation look on lock. The brand offers a great selection of classic-looking Hawaiian shirts that feel like they’ve been yanked right outta your dad’s closet in the 90’s. In 2018, the Johnny Blunami Hawaiian shirt ($88) was worn by none other than lifestyle legend Jimmy Buffett himself at the opening of his Summer Tour (these threads are Buffett approved, baby!) 

Photo: @kennyflowers_

I personally found myself drawn to the Terry Cloth Collection because who doesn’t want to recreate that childhood feeling of being wrapped in a towel after a long day at the pool, and I can confidently say I’ve spent much of this season’s summer pool hangs luxuriating in the The Cabana Boy Palm Tree Embroidered Terry Cloth Shirt ($108). Cozy, but cool. A great combo. 

Photo: Nisolo


If you plan to be boppin’ around the deck of a luxury yacht or sippin’ frozen cocktails by the pool, you’re definitely going to need some stylish footwear to complete your MargaritaCore look. Enter Nisolo –  a Nashville-based shoe company committed to delivering effortless style rooted in versatility, comfort, and quality. The brand's Men’s Huarache Sandals ($150) are the perfect footwear accompaniment to any Bermuda short-Hawaiian shirt combo. Not only are they made with sturdy hand woven leather, Nisolo is a brand that prides itself on sustainability, having spent the last half-decade evaluating how to create the lowest carbon footprint possible. In other words, Nisolo is trying to Save *clap* Our *clap* Damn *clap* Planet – and make you look hella good while doing it. 

Photo: @tombolocompany


In an age of minimalist activewear, Tombolo brings you maximalist inactivewear with a variety of bold-color button-downs, spunky swim trunks, and playful linen Cabana Shirt + Shorts Sets. With original artwork and kinky, nostalgic flair, Tombolo is perfect for anyone who is down to think-outside-the-box and make a bold fashion statement. The Gusanito Cabana Shirt ($138) or the Flamingo Tartare Terry Cloth Button Down ($128) are great conversation starters for any summer barbeque and The Angler Sweater ($158) is a cool, comfy pull-over for when those long days at the beach turn into even-longer nights. If you’re looking to splash onto the scene with maximum MargaritaCore pizzazz, Tombolo is the brand for you. (And yes, I just used the word pizzazz in 100% earnest.)

Credit: Mavrans


Mavrans is a new lifestyle brand known for its carefree identity and maverick mindedness and has been spotted being worn by A-list tastemakers such as Joe Jonas, Ed Sheeran and Dwayne Wade. It’s hip, it’s bold, and the Pantera Weekend Shirt ($99) and matching Swim Shorts ($99) are an unadulterated hit of 100% pure MargaritaCore Magic – straight to the dome. To top it all off, the brand’s clothing is made with ‘Recocoblend’ fabrics – a Mavrans coined invention, compositing a mixture of coconut husks and recycled plastics. In short, these guys pride themselves in creating the coolest pieces, while also keeping the environment in mind. How ‘bout we raise a glass and drink to that? Cheers!  

Photo: Anonymous ism 


Finally – and this is a hard and fast rule, guys – no MargaritaCore collection is complete without a dope-ass Bucket Hat or two. (I don’t make the rules. I just enforce them.) So, for all your bucket hat needs look no further than Anonymous ism, a Japanese menswear/homeware brand that is truly unique. Its 100% cotton OD Seersucker Hat ($75) is simple yet stylin’, but the mega-groovy Tie-Dye Rip-Stop Bucket Cap ($80) really tickles my fancy and feels like the perfect cherry on top of any MargaritaCore outfit. Oh, and I’d be remiss not to mention, Anonymous ism also offers some suuuuuper-vibey Tie-Dye Boxers ($50) if you want to look good strippin’ down with someone special at the end of the night. You know, after a few margaritas. 

Photo: Anonymous ism

Alright, amigos. That’s all he wrote. A complete-and-total breakdown of all things MargaritaCore. Yes, it’s just some silly term I coined to sum up my new personal fashion POV – but I don’t think I’m alone when I say I think we could all use a bit more laid back leisure in our life. So go grab yourself a bucket hat and a pair of strappy leather Huaraches and meet me by the pool. I’ll bring the margaritas. 

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