Little Luxuries Under $25 -- Indulge Without Breaking The Bank

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For many of us, the past year has taken away some of life’s little pleasures. Doing the same thing day after day (after day after day… you get the point) can get tiring and make the things we once found joy in feel rather ordinary. If there’s anything that really boosted my spirits during my time spent at home, it was infusing my routine with little luxuries that made even the ordinary feel special.

Let’s face it: it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, sometimes you need to indulge just a little. To clarify, a luxury or an indulgence doesn’t need to be expensive; it’s simply something that brings comfort, pleasure, and bliss. I gathered a list of 7 amazing products under $25 that will help you slow down, savor the moment, and indulge. So, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Credit: Nécessaire

1. Necessaire Body Lotion, $25

When I’m looking to up the ante on my personal care routine, I reach for my Necessaire Body Lotion. There’s something so soothing about lathering on this soft, creamy lotion. The nutrient-rich formula leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. While it’s fragrance free, my skin always looks and smells fresh after using it. Plus, the minimalist packaging looks really chic on display.

Credit: @makeup2themaxx

2. Slip Silk Scrunchies, $15

Growing up, I had hundreds of cheap rubber hair-ties around my bedroom. There was nothing wrong with them per se, but the metal bobbles definitely did not do anything helpful for my thin hair. Something about silk feels oh-so-luxurious, even if it’s just a small bunch wrapped around my hair. I live by these silk scrunchies from Slip -- they help prevent creasing and breakage and feel so gentle on my strands.

Credit: Public Goods

3. Public Goods Candle, $5.95

These days, slowing down and taking time for yourself can feel like the ultimate luxury. I love lighting a nice candle, putting away my tech, and reading or journaling to relax. The Public Goods candles are super affordable and smell lovely. They’re small and the simple black and white aesthetic fits in just about every room.

Credit: Chillhouse

4. Chill Tips, $16

A manicure is one of my favorite forms of pampering -- one that always leaves me feeling better than when I came in. I haven’t been to a nail salon in over a year and when it comes to painting my own nails, Iet’s just say I can’t. That’s why I’m obsessed with Chill Tips -- the easy-to-use press ons from NYC nail destination Chillhouse. Each $16 package comes with everything you need for a fresh mani, and the patterns and colors are so so fun.

Credit: Highline Wellness

5. Highline Wellness CBD Bath Bomb, $15

Baths are the ultimate luxury, especially when paired with an amazing bath bomb. This CBD Bath Bomb is packed with rich essential oils, botanicals, minerals, and CBD to help relieve your body’s stress and tension. Rose, lavender, and hibiscus powder not only smell amazing, but hydrate and nourish the skin so you emerge feeling silky-smooth and super calm.

Credit: @thatcurlytop

6. Golde Superfood Latte Sampler, $22

I drink coffee and tea often, but when I have extra time in the morning I love frothing some milk and channeling my inner barista. Something about lattes just feels inherently more special than a drip coffee or bag of tea -- it makes me want to savor every sip. Golde’s superfood latte blends are antioxidant and nutrient-rich. The set comes with 12 sachets -- each one a treat for your skin, hair, and taste buds. Yum.

Credit: Loops Beauty

7. Loops Eye Masks, $20

Stressed out? There’s nothing that dulls your skin’s sparkle like stress. When my skin and I are feeling meh, I love slapping on a good face mask. The ritual of putting it on and knowing I’ll probably look and feel better when I take it off, is always soothing. If you want to really get the spa vibe, slip on a robe, light a candle, and grab a hot tea or glass of wine to really wind down.

That’s a wrap!

It doesn’t have to take a lot to treat yourself. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a relaxing experience made possible by a Public Goods candle or a delicious Golde latte, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 7 brands for more everyday and luxury items you’ll love:

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