I’m Confident That This Block Set Will Stand the Test of Time

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At just 16 months old, my daughter has amassed a sizable toy collection—some that helped her to learn how to crawl, some to snuggle up with, and others that helped her learn to climb and walk. But one big gap was something that would teach her to build: a good, old-fashioned set of blocks. 

Already a fan of the brand’s playkits, I turned to Lovevery’s Block Set ($90) to round out her toddler toy bin. After just a few months of using this set, I’m confident it will both withstand the test of time and grow with her. 

A Toy For Many Ages

Most of my favorite purchases for my daughter are those that don’t lose their relevance after only a few months of use. The Lovevery Block Set fits this brief perfectly: it’s designed for children as young as 18 months, and will be a core part of her toy collection until at least 4 years of age. 

Blocks are great for fine motor and hand-eye coordination practice!
Credit: @inselkind9

To help parents keep the Block Set in use for such a long duration, Lovevery provides a pamphlet that offers over 20 suggested activities by age. This is in line with Lovevery’s philosophy: to offer products and information that are developmentally appropriate for little ones and that give parents confidence in helping their children grow and learn. I appreciate having the prompts so that I can guide how my daughter plays with the Block Set as she gets older.

Providing Multiple Ways To Play

The Lovevery Block Set is made up of over 70 solid wood blocks in a variety of shapes and colors that is meant to help my daughter build spatial, language, and problem-solving skills. It’s designed for all sorts of ways to play. For starters, it comes in a sturdy wood box that goes far above-and-beyond typical block storage. Right now, my daughter uses the storage box for a simple game of emptying and filling up, and is starting to get familiar with using it as a shape sorting game. As she gets older, she’ll be able to build it into a pull-along car or make a ramp for round blocks to roll down.

The solid wood blocks are made of sustainably harvested FSC-certified wood
Credit: @lovevery

The block set itself has standard square blocks, but also comes with flat panels, dowels, small round pegs, triangles, circles, and more. Right now, my daughter is happy with simpler uses of the blocks, but I can easily imagine a future of her using her imagination to create a drum set, build a path, create a DIY domino run, and build more complex towers and houses.

A Welcome Addition To The Lovevery World

Before receiving the Lovevery Block Set, I was already a huge fan of the brand’s age-based Play Kits. (If you’re unfamiliar, Lovevery is a subscription-based program that delivers kits of Montessori-style toys to your door every 2 months for the first year, then every 3 months until age four.) It’s a joy to unbox a new set of toys every few months, and to see my daughter learn new skills because of them. What I didn’t expect was for the Block Set to be compatible with the toys from the Play Kits that we already had.

It’s not something that Lovevery markets, but I have to imagine that there’s intentionality behind this unexpected compatibility. For example, the square blocks with a round hole fit perfectly on the Flexible Wooden Stacker that comes in The Babbler Play Kit (ages 13-15 months). My daughter also loves to experiment with different blocks on the Slide & Seek Ball Run (The Babbler Play Kit) and the Race & Chase Ramp (The Pioneer Play Kit) to see if they slide down the ramps. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, but I love to see her curiosity to play with the Block Set in different ways.

I value finding toys that last – both physically and practically – as my daughter grows. That’s why I can’t recommend Lovevery enough. Crafted with intention by a real parent, Lovevery ensures that childhood development is a fun and playful experience. Isn’t that every parent’s dream?

5 more reasons to love the Lovevery Block Set:

1. It comes with a Digital Play Guide that you can tap for even more play ideas.

2. The block set arrives with a drawstring cotton bag for flexible storage, particularly when the wooden box is in use for an activity.

3. At just 15" x 6" x 5" in size, it easily fits on a bookshelf or toy bin when it’s not in use.

4. The blocks meet or exceed global safety standards for babies and children, with solid wood blocks made of sustainably harvested wood and water-based paints.

5. On the Lovevery website, the Block Set boasts over 1300 5-star reviews. Happy kids and happy parents seem like a sure bet!

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