Give Your Kids The Best Night Of Sleep Ever With Little Sleepies’ Ultra Soft Pajamas

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I have a thing for pajamas. For some inexplicable reason, I just can’t stop buying them for my kids (and myself, let’s be honest). Despite never leaving the house in nighttime attire, both my girls’ pajama drawers are bursting at the seams. But really, is there anything cuter than toddlers in matching pajamas? Bonus points if they’re seasonally relevant. It’s my weakness. So I guess you could say I’ve become a bit of an expert. We have a few favorite brands these days, but our all time favorite are Little Sleepies. Made from the most insanely soft fabric you’ve ever felt, these pajamas come in a ton of fun patterns and are the pajamas we reach for every night.

Magic…Aka The “Softest Fabric Ever”

Created with comfort in mind, Little Sleepies’ feature a proprietary, custom-milled blend of bamboo viscose called Lunaluxe. And let me tell you, it is luxe. Like, silky, buttery soft. I love that it’s not only comfortable, but it’s perfect for sensitive skin with no irritants, tags, or seams. My kids are constantly complaining about being itchy, but never in their Little Sleepies. They feel like a cozy dream and quite literally help my kids sleep so much better at night (and, they make those pre-bedtime snuggles even better).

Ellie and Lucy over a year ago in the Zippy and Two-Piece…both pairs still fit today!

Flexible Sizing That Grows With Baby

Arguably the best part about this fabric is that it is extra flexible and actually grows with your child. When buying clothes for my kids, I typically size up in order to get the best “bang for my buck,” but this often means they’re wearing awkwardly large clothes for some period of time. By the time the clothes actually fit, they’re so worn that they don’t even look good anymore!

Little Sleepies, however, stretch perfectly to fit longer, meaning you can buy the size that fits now and they’ll continue to grow as your child grows. In fact, they fit for 3x longer than traditional pajamas (and the fabric is high quality, so they actually last that long too!). Money savings? Sign me up.

Designed with babies and parents in mind, the Zippy is perfect for babies (photo credit: Little Sleepies)

The Perfect Pajama, From Day One

I only packed a few things in my hospital bag when I had my second daughter, but of course a pair of Little Sleepies made the cut. From day one, we loved the Zippy, a one-piece pajama that’s perfect for even the littlest of babies. It features the same amazing fabric that is gentle on sensitive baby skin, plus a two-way zipper that makes getting dressed (and changing diapers) a breeze. Last but not least – room to grow! In addition to stretchy fabric, the Zippy also has fold-over feet that allow you to convert from footless to footie, so they’re just as great for a sleeping newborn as they are for a cruising nine-month-old.

The girls rocking Little Sleepies on ‘Pajama Day’ at school

Patterns You Can’t Pass Up

I’m a total sucker for a sweet pattern, and Little Sleepies does not disappoint in this department. From seasonal patterns like Pink Sweet Valentine or Hannukah Sweets to interest-based patterns like Pink Jurassic Jungle, Farm Animals, or Construction (all $34), there’s truly something for everyone. Don’t worry, neutral lovers, there’s something for you too. The best part is that the patterns are actually cute. So many kids brands make the kitschiest patterns or have such little variety that you end up buying something you don’t love. I’ve never been disappointed by Little Sleepies, and they’ve quickly become my go-to for every pajama drawer refresh.

Ellie on her third birthday. The birthday patterns are our favorite!

The Absolute Best Gifts

Buying birthday gifts for kids can be stressful, so I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. Pajamas make the best gift. Pick a pattern based on the child’s interest and you’ve got it covered. I like to stock up on Pink Party Animals (in blue too!) in a bunch of different sizes and just grab one when we’re getting ready to leave for a birthday party. How easy is that?!

I can’t resist a good pun, so let’s just say…don’t sleep on Little Sleepies. From newborn one-pieces, to baby sleep sacks, to fun patterns for toddlers and kids, you’ll want these staples in your home for years to come.

Five More Reasons to Love Little Sleepies

  • All Little Sleepies products are made without flame retardant chemicals and natural materials.
  • For the movie lovers in your family – don’t miss the most recent Disney or Star Wars collections.
  • I love a family matching moment as much as the next mom, and Little Sleepies has you covered here too. Check out the dedicated family matching section and pick out the perfect pattern for your next holiday.
  • The super handy Little Fit Finder lets you input your child’s measurements and preferences (colors, patterns, etc.) to find the perfect fit and styles.
  • Everyone loves a brand with a story, and Little Sleepies’ blog has some of the best, from behind-the-scenes content to helpful advice to community building.

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