Leo Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For This Month, According To The Stars

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As the summer reaches its peak – and temperatures do the same – it’s appropriately the dawn of Leo season. Leos, similar to the sun, are the stars of the zodiac. Known for their magnetic quality and natural ease as leaders in their social and professional lives, Leos appreciate gifts that celebrate (and enhance) their shine. Birthdays are a big deal for Leos: they’re dramatic, passionate, and love nothing more than their special month. You’re going to want to take this gifting process seriously. Study up with my astrologically-informed selections, and make the Leos you love feel just as special as they already know they are. ;)

Timekeepers Fit For Emily Ratajowski, $170

Credit: Breda

Leos will always be fashionably late – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a totally fabulous and sleek watch to keep track of their busy and equally fabulous schedules. Gift them a timeless timekeeper from BREDA’s new Tethered collection of modern classics ($170), notably loved by Emily Ratajowski. If it’s good enough for scene-stealer Em Rata, it’ll suit your Leo perfectly.

Because A Leo Would Wear Sunglasses Indoors And At Night, from $45

Credit: INDY and AKILA

Whether they’re lounging in a metallic bikini at the beach or rocking a “sunglasses at night” type of vibe (something they’re probably known to do), your Leo will love a pair of shades that look vintage, but feel brand new. Shop from INDY’s line of under-$100 retro-inspired sunnies for a gift that will make your Leo feel like a million bucks (without making you shell out that kind of cash). For the Leo who veers off the beaten path with their personal style, shop AKILA’s RAW collection, featuring sunglasses crafted from unpolished acetate for a subtle textured finish (from $120). 

For Their Nightstand: A Bespoke Book And Candle, $125

Credit: TQE and Birthdate

Most Leos are – to put it plainly – in love with themselves. As they should be! Naturally, there’s nothing they’ll adore more than a custom gift that (1) allows them to read all about their personality and (2) emphasizes their best qualities every time they light a beautifully scented candle. Birthdate’s customized Book and Candle Bundle is as bespoke as it gets. Each candle takes into account numerology, astrology, and tarot to create a label that will tell them all about your personality – the delicious custom natural fragrance and reusable glass vessel are just added bonuses. The book, meanwhile, is made-to-order and fabric-bound, with illustrations of your Leo’s unique birth chart and over 70 pages of detailed astrological analysis. Take it to the next level with a custom birthday message on the dedication page. You just officially became the best gift giver – thank me later.

A Perfect Pair Of Shoes For Strutting The Proverbial Red Carpet

Credit: Ranch Road and Carel

By now we’ve acknowledged how much a Leo loves to be the celebrity in any given social ecosystem. What better way to honor their star power than with a pair of shoes they can show off as they make an entrance? I’ve compiled a few different options for every type of Leo:

For the one who loves a classic: sleek and structured loafers from Charles & Keith (from $55).

For the couture countryside: a pair of star-studded boots fit for line dancing from Ranch Road ($648).

For the Nordic it-girl: clogs from Swedish Hasbeens, whether your Leo leans more timeless or trendsetting (from $116).

For an ultra-feminine touch: perfect patent leather sandals from Carel – or anything from the brand’s collection, you can’t go wrong ($365).

For A Leo You’re Very Close To, from $46

Credit: Le Petit Trou and Find Me Now

Leos love to be the best-dressed – even (and perhaps especially) when it’s just for themselves. For a Leo you’re intimate with (in a literal or emotional sense), consider gifting some gorgeous undergarments. Small mother-daughter-owned label Find Me Now recently debuted Second Skin, a 23-piece collection that sits somewhere between intimates and activewear, designed to be layered up or down. With a range of sheer and spandex items, gift your Leo anything from a bralette ($46) to a tissue-thin turtleneck ($79) – and let them decide how revealing they’d like to get. 

For something a little more sexy, gift them a set from small lingerie brand Le Petit Trou, whether you’re comfortable enough to splurge on an embroidered sheer bra ($130) or would rather go with some breezy, beautiful loungewear

For Documenting Their Whole Birth Month (And Beyond), $60

Credit: Manual

A Leo’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without ample documentation. Send them a reusable 35mm film camera from Manual, and they’ll remember you through their perfectly nostalgic photo albums forever. 

Get to gifting – and I’ll meet you back here next month to coach you through the process of pleasing a Virgo (A.K.A. finding them something they actually won’t return).

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