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Within hours after finding out I was pregnant with my first child, I opened my computer and started researching baby products. Obviously safety and utility were top of mind, but I was also on the hunt for minimalist gear that would fit in with our existing home and wouldn’t be a total eyesore. When it came to picking out a high chair, it quickly became clear that almost every option was bulky, ugly, and probably hard to clean. We ended up buying one that came highly recommended, but still had those same three issues, proving to be an annoyance day in and day out. It wasn’t until our daughter was almost two that I discovered Lalo.

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A Modern Baby Brand

A relative newcomer to the baby market, Lalo was founded by two dads who set out to reimagine shopping for baby and toddler essentials by creating “thoughtfully-designed, quality goods that are easy on the eyes, honestly priced, and rigorously tested.” Sounds great, right? Like many parents, I’m skeptical of ambitious promises, but after trying out The Chair, I’m officially obsessed with this brand. Plus, with endorsements from Goop, Motherly, and The Bump, not much additional research is required.

Credit: Lalo

The Best Seat In The House

First and foremost, a baby item needs to get the job done. In this case, we’re talking somewhere to put your baby while they eat - ideally at table height, so they can enjoy meals and snacks with the family. It pulls up comfortably to dining tables 28-30” high, and also comes with a food rest and removable tray for added flexibility.

But we all know mealtime doesn’t end when the plate is empty (or in our toddler’s case, when all of her vegetables remain intact on the plate, but she’s too busy showing the “all done” sign to care). Meals are messy and usually require at least ten minutes of post-nosh cleaning...or so I thought. With surfaces that are easy to wipe, a tray that is dishwasher safe, and a machine washable infant cushion, The Chair makes cleaning a breeze. Cleaning takes about a minute, saving me roughly nine minutes per meal, multiplied by 3 meals a get the drift. Time adds up fast when you’ve got a little one ready to move on to the next activity!

Safety First!

I think all parents can agree that if a product isn’t safe, it doesn’t belong in the house. This is especially true of high chairs, where tiny children sit 3-4 feet off the ground. Our daughter in particular loves to stand up in her high chair and turn around - literally a mom’s worst nightmare. In our old high chair, she could easily wiggle out of the straps and was constantly getting herself into ridiculously unsafe positions. I was relieved to discover that while still comfortable and cozy, The Chair is just the right size to keep her contained. With its wide base, adjustable safety straps, belly bar, and smooth edges, there’s no way she’s getting out of this one! And I could go on and on about toxic chemicals in baby products, so it was a relief to discover that all of Lalo’s products are non-toxic, BPA-free, and Prop 65 compliant.

Hey There, Good Lookin’

What I really love about The Chair is that it keeps a low profile. Sure it’s obviously a high chair, but with simple wooden legs and only a few neutral colors to choose from, it gives off the impression that it belongs.

Ok so it works and it’s safe. Check, check. Recall my other Pinterest-perfect criteria -- how does it look? It’s personally very important to me that baby gear isn’t a total eyesore. While we can’t win every battle (and I certainly don’t, as evidenced by the colorful toys strewn about my house), if something is going to be a permanent fixture in my dining room, ideally it at least looks natural with my chairs and table. What I really love about The Chair is that it keeps a low profile. Sure it’s obviously a high chair, but with simple wooden legs and only a few neutral colors to choose from, it gives off the impression that it belongs. Sometimes, and especially when it comes to baby essentials, less really is more.


One thing I love about The Chair is that it’s truly built to last - taking you straight from kitchen to playroom. Once your little one graduates to a booster seat for dining, it easily converts to a lightweight play chair that kids can use for years to come. We tested this out too, and our daughter loves pulling it up to her pint-sized table to draw, paint, play with stickers, or have a snack.

Babies grow really fast and their needs change quickly, rendering most products useless after just a few years, if not months. This is something I find incredibly frustrating, as I have high standards and want to be able buy the “best of the best” for my family. Luckily, there are a few emerging brands focused on creating items that are not only high quality, but serve multiple purposes as babies grow.

Lalo does exactly that, building their repertoire of products with longevity in mind, so you can feel good about your purchase for years to come. Check out all of Lalo’s products here. I’ve already got my eyes on the full Play Kit and adorable food-based dough pack.

5 More Reasons To Love Lalo:

  • At $195, Lalo offers a lower price point than top competitors, making it possible for more families to enjoy a good looking high chair. Even better, Lalo's full kit is priced at $235 -- an incredible value for the quality of the product, as it includes legs to convert it to a play chair and a machine washable cushion.
  • A color palette full of neutrals and pastels doesn’t have me stashing these products behind closed doors when friends come to visit.
  • Every product comes with a 100-day risk-free trial, so you can shop with confidence.
  • Feel good knowing you're supporting a company that does good. A portion of sales last year went to Baby Quest, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high costs of fertility procedures; this year, Lalo's donating to Good Plus Foundation, which supports families in need.
  • All of their products are Prop 65 compliant and rigorously tested to meet the highest safety ASTM and government compliance safety and testing standards.

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