From La Di Dawn To La Di Dusk — Trying LaDiDa Oat Milk Lattes

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There’s been an influx of new beverages on the market, all in a can of course, as drinking out of a can is all the rage. There’s nothing like the crisp sound of popping open a new beverage. With little to look forward to nowadays, sometimes all it takes is trying out a new drink to turn one’s day around. My latest “does it spark joy” trial subject is LaDiDa, CBD oat milk lattes in a can.

Made with creamy oat milk, aka the superior milk, LaDiDa offers 3 different flavors on their website: Matcha, Lavender, and Golden Turmeric. Each flavor is vegan, dairy-free, made with 100% whole grain oats, gluten-free, and contains 15 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp extract.

Why Hemp?

While caffeine is a great morning pick me up for many, others report feeling jittery and/or uncomfortable after that first hit of caffeine each day. Chief Latte Officer, Ariel Levy, says that her mission was to take the jitters out of lattes. After working for years out of NYC’s best coffee shops, she noticed that so many of the artisanal lattes blended functional ingredients with the grounding benefits of hemp CBD. However, these calming lattes are nearly impossible to find outside of cafes. “You can find a ton of canned or bottled coffee lattes that deliver a punch of caffeine, but until LaDiDa there were no soothing ready-made lattes that deliver what a lot people actually need throughout the day: a gentle dose of caffeine and L-theanine for focus in the morning or afternoon (our Matcha latte), or a no-caffeine latte for a post lunch pick-me-up (our Golden Turmeric latte), or a nightcap latte, the first ever, to give you the support you need for an amazing rest (our Lavender latte),” says Levy.

@madsmaley upgrades her breakfast with LaDiDa

LaDiDa’s hemp is organically grown in Colorado and Oregon and contains over 10 botanical terpenes and CBD.  The water-soluble hemp oil is extracted using an environmentally-friendly cold-pressed method and tested in a third party lab for potency. With less than .3% THC there’s nothing psychoactive in each can and as a result, you will not get high.

Subscription Plan

Naturally, in this subscription economy, there’s a subscription plan for LaDiDa regulars that allows you to save up to 30%. Just choose the frequency of your shipments, 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks, and the bottles will ship to your doorstep for free. After your first online order, all additional orders going forward can be placed through text. Ah, the ease of the modern world.

For LA and Manhattan residents you can expect your order in as little as 45-90 minutes between the hours of 10 AM to 6 PM. For others nationwide, all packages will arrive within 1-3 business days. If you would like your subscription box to arrive on a certain day of the week, just text LaDiDa at 518-552-3432, and they will arrange the change! Cancel anytime — no commitments -- aka the ideal gen Z relationship.

Taste Test

Credit: @drinkladida

It’s important to mention that I’m someone best described as the antithesis of chill, which is why I’m drawn to any product that promises relaxation. Each latte starts with a base of creamy oat milk and 15mg of hemp CBD, layering on functional ingredients such as Matcha and Turmeric + Black Pepper for an extra boost of benefits.

During my morning slump I cracked open a matcha and was immediately taken by the packaging. Each 8 fl oz. can fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you’ll feel compelled to ‘gram a photo of it. Matcha is naturally caffeinated, filled with antioxidants, and boosts energy without the crash. The matcha was very earthy tasting, which didn’t appeal to my artificial-sweetener sensibilities. There’s no added sugar in each can and you can tell — love that for my health, hate that for my juvenile taste buds. It is also a lot more watery than the frothy concoctions you’ll find at your local coffee shop.

I didn’t feel super energized afterward, but to be fair I somewhat enjoy the jittery feeling coffee brings. If you are looking for a gentle sugar-free caffeine replacement, this is your guy. I for one will most likely stick with my whipped instant coffee tik-tok recipes.

Nightcap With A Lavender Twist

Later that night I sampled Lavender, a caffeine free contemporary nightcap at the end of a long day. Naturally soothing, lavender helps quiet and relax the mind for a night of peaceful rest. The lavender is a little overpowering, but if you like aromatic and earthy then it’s for you. I love the idea of winding down with a nightcap that promises better sleep. However, I want that beverage to be warm and served to me in a cozy mug.

Credit: @drinkladida

Cans are big go-go-go energy, possibly because I associate them exclusively with energy drinks. But obviously, it’s much easier to grab a can from my fridge than it is to warm up oat milk and mix a ton of powders together late at night. While I fell asleep fairly quickly after downing the Lavender, I was hoping for vivid dreams of which I can report no such luck.

I didn’t get the opportunity to sample their third flavor, Golden Turmeric, but reviewers say that it tastes better than a pumpkin spice latte, and is rich with spices. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant known for lifting mood and improving the immune system. Again, I prefer my turmeric flavored drinks to be served hot, so I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy this but if that isn’t something that bothers you then the ease of a can can’t be beaten.

Five Reasons To Love LaDiDa:

  • The drinks serve as a grounding ritual throughout the day — matcha for sunrise, golden turmeric for midday, and lavender for nightfall.
  • You can easily text to order LaDiDa to your doorstep.
  • The cans sport an aesthetic matte coating and soothing design.
  • The sugar levels are relatively low and there’s no added sugar involved. Matcha has 114 calories and 4 grams of sugar, Golden Turmeric has 140 calories and 10 grams of sugar, and Lavender has 109 calories and 4 grams of sugar.
  • LaDiDa can be found at popular grocery stores in LA like Erewhon, and at delis, markets, and cafes across NYC.

Try LaDiDa for yourself today.

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