Sleep Like A Baby: The Cozy Wearable Blanket Every Baby Needs

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I first discovered Kyte because everyone in my circle of trusted moms was raving about their now-infamous sleep bag. At first I was confused: what could possibly be so special about it? Well, I quickly discovered that this buttery soft, perfectly plush sleep bag is, in fact, the best in its class. After quickly skyrocketing to the top of my “must recommend to other friends” list, this wearable blanket is now one of the first things I talk about when fellow moms are looking to transition their kids out of the swaddle — which, btw, is not a fun thing to do. Thankfully Kyte makes it a bit easier, and to be honest, I’ll take any win I can get when it comes to helping my baby sleep.

We bring the Kyte baby sleep bag everywhere… in-flight naptime included!

Made with the silkiest bamboo rayon

The best thing about Kyte is their ultra luxe fabrics. The Original Sleep Bag ($50-56) is made from 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex, with a 100% polyester filling that’s OEKO-TEX certified against harmful substances. The Zippered Footie ($33) that both my babies lived in as newborns is made with that same silky bamboo rayon too. According to the brand, this fabric is “so soft you’ll have to touch it to believe it.” They’re not wrong. In fact, they’re one of the only premium baby brands that uses bamboo, a material that’s three degrees cooler than cotton, hypoallergenic, and super environmentally sustainable. Comfy baby, happy parent…right?

Baby Lucy lived in this double zipper onesie (we even brought one to the hospital!)

Peace of mind for every parent

Of course, Kyte doesn’t just make pajamas and blankets; they start by studying them. Designed with the latest sleep safety research in mind, these products are lightweight, breathable, and most importantly, safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a well-known set of safe sleep guidelines, which include things like keeping baby’s crib free of any loose blankets or other soft items… but every parent worries that without a blanket, their little one will get too cold. That’s where Kyte’s Original Sleep Bag ($50-56) comes into play. It’s the perfect alternative to a blanket that keeps your baby warm while being fitted enough to promote safe sleep. And with temperature-regulating properties and breathability in mind, both you and your baby can sleep peacefully.

Regulating baby’s temperature, year round

Another challenge many parents face is keeping their baby cool on hot days, and warm during the cooler months (yes, parenting is exhausting.) Luckily Kyte offers a wide range of products and options that solve this problem too, including sleep bags that come in a variety of TOG ratings (Thermal Overall Grade). This rating system measures the warmth of a fabric and how quickly it uses heat. With three different weights — 0.5, 1.0, and 2.5 — you can assess the ambient temperature in the nursery and dress your babe accordingly.

Their Slumber Suit ($85) falls right in the middle, TOG-wise, and is great for littles who may get out of bed at night. For older kids, I love the Twin Sheet ($70) and quilted Youth Blanket ($130), a thicker, duvet-like blanket that is “just the right warmth for sleep or cuddles.” As for mom and dad, grab yourself an Adult Sleep Bag ($140) and it’s a family affair (yes, it’s real).

Who doesn’t love a matching moment? With a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns, it’s easy to find a Kyte that both kids will wear.

Made with environmental and ethical standards in mind

Like many brands these days, Kyte is committed to sustainability. Not only is their flagship bamboo fabric a sustainable resource, but they’ve made some serious progress in every step of the manufacturing journey. To start, they’ve figured out a way to recycle in-house, using fabric scraps to make smaller products like bibs — or, when that’s not possible, donating the scraps to a local mop factory. Because the products are so high-quality, with premium fabrics, sturdy zippers, and durable stitching, they actually grow with your little, meaning you have to buy less and the Earth has to give less in return. A win-win, if you will.

From pajamas to sleep bags to bedding, Kyte’s got you covered. If you’re hoping for the coziest, comfiest night of sleep for your little one — and peace of mind for yourself — look no further.

Five More Reasons to Love Kyte

  • Every month, the Kyte blog publishes a launch calendar that details when seasonal patterns or new products will be released.
  • They also spotlight and donate to a new charity every month: last month they gave 358 pieces of clothing to the Cook Children’s NICU and a $5,000 donation to the foundation.
  • Their line of Toddler Bathrobes ($50), plus the Bamboo Brush Set ($25), would make the perfect baby shower gift.
  • The Kyte Club - a free Facebook community - is a great resource, especially for parents to make friends and share tips on everything from diaper changes to sleep schedules.
  • Don’t miss Founder Ying Liu’s heartwarming story, or her International Women’s Day Q&A.

Bring some cozy to your crib with Kyte.

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