The Only Bra I Don’t Immediately Take Off When I Get Home

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Like most in my generation, I identify as “chronically online”—which is why it’s a small miracle that I was first properly introduced to Knix not by Instagram ad or influencer endorsement (Ashley Graham is a collaborator), but via some good, old-fashioned window shopping. Okay, perhaps not a “miracle,” and moreso the product of clever retail placement: Knix’s Los Angeles flagship sits directly next to my local Reformation.

Either way, as someone who is perennially in the market for undergarments that jibe with both my work-from-home lifestyle and the related urge to leave my house, I was immediately intrigued by the soothing silhouettes, ultra-soft modal fabrics and apparent promise of comfort-meets-function. Knix’s bras, for example, are wireless yet size-inclusive, and the brand offers a comprehensive range of undergarments and apparel designed to offer comfort through PMS, pregnancy, postpartum, and every day in between.

My needs were a little more specific—I was really intrigued by the idea of a wireless bra that functioned like super comfortable shapewear. And as for the promise of underwear that would make my period a little more manageable? Bring it on. But I’d also learn that Knix’s commitment to supporting bodies of all kinds goes well beyond its product offering.

Period and PMS-Friendly

Knix Luxe Modal Pullover Lounge Bra ($42) and Luxe Modal Leakproof High Rise ($28)

Period-friendly intimates that are highly absorbent, odor-free, look cute, and actually feel nice during my least comfortable time of the month? A few years ago, it might have been a tall order—especially since for me, a poorly placed waistband is enough to trigger a PMS irritability spiral. But I’m happy to report that this ultra-soft modal set has become my go-to for light days, overnight protection, bloat, and just about everything in between.

A few specifics of note: Knix designed this leakproof underwear to absorb up to 3 teaspoons of liquid (for reference, the average pad and tampon absorb about 1 teaspoon). And while I’ve tried my fair share of period-friendly underwear, these earn the top prize for their streamlined design and odor-wicking fabric. As for the matching bra? While I’d gladly wear it 24/7/365, I also appreciate that the fabric stretches and contracts with any natural fluctuations in cup size, without ever compromising on support.

For those looking to round out a more sustainable approach to period care, Knix also offers reusable, machine-washable pads—each of which can absorb the equivalent of 12 tampons. (For every 3-pack purchased, the brand also donates 1 reusable pad to BWHI's Positive Period Campaign to help alleviate period poverty.)

A Wireless Bra That Feels Impossibly Supportive

Knix WingWoman Contour Bra ($62)

As a D-cup, going wire-free usually means resigning myself to the dreaded “shelf” look—even if it tends to be infinitely more comfortable. (It’s why I typically reserve my wireless bras for bedtime or working out.) But thousands of reviewers enthusiastically endorse this Knix bra as the perfect marriage between comfort and support, so naturally, I felt pretty inclined to give it a go.

My first impression out of the box was that this bra provides way more coverage than I typically go for. But as soon as I put it on, I understood why: For one thing, the thicker band and cups quickly (but comfortably) began to mold to my body like a second skin, making this bra feel almost custom. Another clever detail? An additional flap of fabric runs alongside the outer cup, concealing any bra bulge under my clothes—making this bra one of my favorite new shapewear pieces.

Is it the sexiest bra I’ve ever owned? Perhaps not. But it still offers plenty in the way of aesthetics, and again: Comfort and body-contouring ability are the winning factors here. The biggest feat of all is that I forget I’m wearing it—high praise from someone who tends to tear her bra off the second she walks in the door.

Intimates That Give Back

As I entered 2023, I channeled more focus on aligning myself with companies that are socially impactful—yes, even my underwear brand. (FWIW, I’m not alone—one recent study shows that over half of US consumers factor company values into their purchasing decisions.)

In addition to a carbon offsetting program and increased initiatives around sustainable packaging, Knix maintains that its leak-proof underwear has the potential to offset some major period-related waste—roughly 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown out every year, most of which contain plastic.

But Knix has also strived to give back in a way that goes beyond its products and manufacturing methods, partnering with the Black Women’s Health Imperative to fund a doula training program and free postpartum care for families—all in service of a more equitable maternal health experience for all. The brand’s Knix Fund also commits a total of $200,000 every year to organizations and initiatives making a difference in the reproductive health space. (Insert pun here about a bra company that’s supportive in more ways than one.)

Ashley Graham layers her Knix at Time’s Person of the Year gala. Source: Instagram / @knix

Five More Reasons to Love Knix:

  1. Inclusivity. From size range (28A to 48H) to its marketing, Knix has positioned itself as a truly inclusive option for DTC undergarments. The brand also offers a tonal range of six “nude” shades to choose from, as well as solutions for changing bodies and different life stages. And on that note…
  1. Options for maternity, postpartum, and more. Knix understands that our bodies are ever-changing—and that our undergarments should evolve with us accordingly. Beyond their period-positioned underwear, Knix also offers maternity and postpartum collections, with solutions for incontinence, breastfeeding, and more.
  1. Shapewear that’s actually comfortable. UTIs, reduced bladder function, acid reflux… the not-so-desirable side effects of squeezing ourselves into shapewear have been well-documented. But true to form, Knix’s offerings—which include bodysuits, shaper briefs, and shaper shorts—prioritize comfort without sacrificing function.
  1. A welcome expansion into apparel. All-inclusive undergarments for every life stage was just the start—Knix now also offers activewear, daily apparel, sleepwear, and (most recently) knitwear. The common denominator? You guessed it—comfort (and whisper-soft fabric).
  1. High quality, reasonable price point. As someone who has invested quite a bit in DTC undergarments lately, I’ve found Knix’s prices to be on the lower end of its competitive set—while its quality factor sets the bar rather high.

Shop Knix here.

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