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Photo by: Lea Banchereau

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The first thing that I caught my eye when I opened the products Klur so kindly gifted to me was the message creatively and intentionally written into each piece of packaging: Self-care is preparation for community care. I knew in this moment that Klur, a skin wellness brand cultivated to reflect the values of clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty, is the one for me. I’ve written essays about this quote, had hour-long discussions about this quote, wanted to plaster this quote on my wall. It symbolizes the way I walk through the world – words that I live by – and I couldn’t believe I finally found a brand that so perfectly reflects me. On top of that, it’s not only female-owned but Black-founded and Los Angeles-based.

The cherry on top is that everything Klur does is actually in line with focusing on yourself in order to give back to your community. Klur integrates the principles of high-performance technology and botanical sciences to create the most efficient, effective and eco-conscious line possible. Its formulas are made to carry through low impact practices, and each product is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable ingredients (this is huge). The brand’s goods are also passionately, solely and sustainably manufactured in the United States. While many other brands talk a similar talk  in terms of ethical production & manufacturing practices, Klur really walks the walk.

Photo by: Susanne Kindt


Founder Lesley Thornton started her career in the beauty space when working at Estée Lauder as a beauty trainer. After much transitioning and contemplation, and about a decade in the industry, Lesley realized that there was little to no representation for people of color in the clean beauty space. Already frustrated, she was equally infuriated by how normative harmful and conventional beauty products had become, and by the lack of science to back up green beauty products; “I realized that the real issues lied in the lack of consideration for science and data, prioritization of eurocentric beauty, and absence of education available to most consumers.”

In response, Lesley built Klur, with no team or funding, to create the brand she wanted to exist in the beauty industry. With these responsible, elegant and luxurious formulations, she aimed to finally bridge the gap between science-based practices and nature-inspired traditions.

Photo by: Rahel Weiss

“Since the inception of Klur, my vision has been to cultivate a brand that reflects my values of clean, ethical, and inclusive modern beauty. Klur is about more than quality products and a sustainable ethos; it’s about a human connection.” She strived to design a space that supports all skin types, conditions & ethnicities, and make gentle yet effective products through compositions of plant botanicals and bioavailable actives.  

By taking on this project on her own but never forgetting the collective as her end goal, Klur was created with eco-inclusivity at its core: the recognition of all voices in humanity, “centering inclusivity and community as the fundamental values required to preserve planetary ecology and achieve true collective sustainability.”

Photo by: Lea Banchereau


As a Brown girl whose skin tone changes a lot depending on the season, even though I live in forever sunny Los Angeles, I like using products that bring out the melanin and sun-kissed nature of my skin, even during the months in which I might not see the sun everyday. Luckily, the products I was gifted offer a glistening and hydrated look.

I received the Gentle Matter ($40) daily moisture cleanser, made with dandelion and olive, in a brown glass bottle. I loved it immediately because you can visibly see the bubbles in the gel through the bottle, which I found to be aesthetically very pleasing. It comes with a pump applicator, like all the other products do, which makes it super easy to use. I like the subtle scent of the cleanser – it makes me feel like it isn’t filled with any harmful ingredients but I can tell it still gently removes any dirt, while not stripping my skin of its natural oils. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, clean, refreshed and supple with its soothing blend of antioxidants and organic botanicals. I usually tend to have different cleansers, one for the morning and one at night, but I like this one so much, I use it at both times of the day.

Photo by: Rahel Weiss

I was also given the Symmetry Fluid ($70) skin supplement: a nutrient-rich anti-pollution serum that delivers potent vitamins & antioxidants for optimal environmental protection. I’ve never come across a skincare product that’s specifically targeted towards protecting your skin from pollution, so I was pleasantly surprised when trying this out. Its milky and light brown colored texture really nicely meets the skin. I can tell it's protective in its consistency, so that each time I apply the serum, it helps boost my skin’s resilience to oxidation and environmental stressors. It’s good for anyone living in a high-pollution city, and simultaneously functions as a nice base under any moisturizer.  

The Unseasonal Kind ($90) is a lipid replenishment oil that’s well-suited for all skin types and functional throughout all four seasons. This yellow-orange colored, oily blend is mixed with Squalene, Coq10, and Vitamin C & E; they all work in synergy to form a protective, hydrating, rich layer. I must say this is my favorite product as I tend to prefer oils over creams and my skin just simply loves this goodie. It’s the kind of product you want to use last in your skin routine because it delivers a glossy, glowy, almost moist look. I can tell this oil leaves my skin nourished throughout the day, and I can truly see how it transforms my skin when used in the morning as it wakes up my fatigued look and gives a ‘freshly out of the shower’ feel.

Photo by: Rahel Weiss

Last but not least, I got to try out the Sculpture + A ($150) overnight enrichment creme, which is an incredible gentle retinol cream. This evening treatment is made for any skin in need of repair, rest and rejuvenation. It consists of 19 anti-inflammatory botanical actives that effectively target key contributors of skin aging, from inflammation to firming. I can honestly say that it’s not only enjoyable to put on before bed, but my skin looks and feels so well rested and rebalanced the next morning. We all have nights where we might not get enough sleep due to long nights out and about or heavy work days, so having a skincare product that helps with healthier skin complexion is a must and a huge plus.

The best way for me to describe Klur is that it feels like the most considerate skincare brand I’ve come across so far. When reading the ethos and mission of the brand, I can see its values reflected in the products I was gifted. They feel genuine and planet-loving. Knowing you’re engaging with a brand like that leaves you feeling optimistic for the future of skincare.

Finally choose a brand that reflects your values by using Klur.

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