Keep Your Kids Healthy With These Winter Essentials

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Parenting during a pandemic...sigh. Just when it seemed like we were turning a corner, we’re back in the land of school closures and figuring out what the f$%& to do with our kids all day while trying to work from home. Rather than complain (just ask my husband, I do enough of that!), I decided to take action and prepare our family for a seemingly inevitable wave of winter illnesses. Here are my favorite cold-weather essentials that will help get you through this winter…and whatever else comes your way.

Naturally sweetened with lemon and berry, Ritual’s Essential For Kids is, well, essential
Credit: @ritual

For An Everyday Boost: Ritual’s Essential For Kids

I’m a long-time Ritual fan and took both the Prenatal and Postnatal for both of my pregnancies. Naturally, I was super excited for Ritual’s Essential For Kids ($30), a daily multivitamin that serves kids 4 years old and over. This vitamin is packed with nutrients that support immune function, brain health, and digestive health. Perhaps best of all, it’s completely sugar-free so you can feel great about giving it to your kid every day.

Our go-to products that are free of artificial dyes and preservatives

For When Your Little One Gets Sick: Genexa’s Clean Medicine Lineup

Until recently, I didn’t realize how much crap is in everyday medicine. From artificial dyes to very long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, most kids' medicines are full of stuff to make it “taste better” or “look less scary.” Ummm, no thanks. I’ve replaced everything in our cabinet with Genexa’s lineup of clean medicines, which are completely free of artificial dyes, flavors, and preservatives while still using the same active ingredient as what you typically see on the market. We especially love the Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer ($11.99) and the Vitamin D ($12.99) – both very important to keep on hand these days.

A mold-free humidifier that gets the job done and looks chic? Count me in.

For Breathing Just A Bit Easier: Canopy’s “World’s Cleanest Humidifier”

We’ve written about Canopy before and still stand by this humidifier ($150) as one of the best. I especially love it for my kids’ rooms for two reasons: first, it’s super clean. This humidifier has a unique anti-mold technology that combats mold growth, meaning you don’t have to do the weekly vinegar rinse (actually, you can just throw it in the dishwasher!). Second, it has automatic sensors that maintain optimal moisture throughout the night and help with both congestion and dry skin. I have one of these in both girls' rooms, though I am tempted to steal one for myself.

7AM Enfant’s Teddy BébéPOD is perfectly cozy for a walking nap

For Staying Warm On-The-Go: 7AM Enfant’s Stroller Accessories

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom wouldn’t let you go outside with wet hair? No? Just me? I’m not totally sure what it meant but I think the spirit was to avoid sickness by keeping warm. Enter 7AM Enfant, a new-to-me brand that specializes in keeping babies warm – and stylish – no matter where they are. We love the Teddy BébéPOD ($95), which is legit the coziest bunting I’ve been able to find. It fits our stroller perfectly, but you can also adapt it for the car seat or unzip the cover and use it as a blanket or carrier cover. I’m also obsessed with this duvet-like jumpsuit ($80), these adorable scooter warmmuffs ($24), and these less adorable but equally useful adult warmmuffs ($48).

A toddler-sized weighted blanket that’s great for anything from movie night to sleep time
Credit: Dreamland

For A Good Night’s Sleep: Dreamland’s Weighted Toddler Blanket

Everyone knows sleep is the best medicine, but of course kids don’t want to hear that. We got this weighted blanket ($99) for our toddler a few months ago, and it’s been a game changer for nighttime sleep. According to the brand, the “gentle weight naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation…helping children feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.” This blanket is extra cozy and warm, making it perfect for chilly winter nights.

Sickness is inevitable, but we hope this list will help your littles stay healthier and get better faster this season. Sending well wishes to all the parents out there!

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