The Baby Gear Jordan Foster, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Mom Of Two, Swears By

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For me, a huge part of motherhood is finding your “mom hive.” That is, a community of other moms (whether IRL, through an online group, on Instagram, etc.) that you can rely on for advice and recommendations. From commiserating, to sharing wins, to asking questions, hearing from other moms is so helpful and has been critical to building my confidence as a parent. One fellow mom I love to follow is influencer and entrepreneur Jordan Foster, founder of clothing line Favorite Daughter. She’s got two adorable kids, and some awesome parenting tips that I’m thrilled to share…

Jordan and her family celebrate her daughter’s first birthday

Thanks for sitting down with us! First things first, the classic “how do you do it all question.” Between two kids and a career, do you have any tips for balancing life?

JF: “The only way I'm able to balance life/kids/work is to ask for and accept help. There is just no way I could do all of the incredible things I have the opportunity to do if I didn't have people in my life to help me, whether that be my husband, a family member, a babysitter/nanny, friend, etc.  As moms we feel like we have to be perfect and be capable of doing everything, and that's just never going to be my reality.”   

Amen. I feel the same way – we put so much pressure on ourselves, and it’s so great you’re able to recognize that! Other than asking for help, what’s been your greatest learning since becoming a mom?

JF: “As a mom I've had to learn how to accept things for what they are. You really have to learn to let go and let things unfold for themselves. Babies truly cannot be controlled (at least mine couldn't), and if they don't want to eat the meal you've spent an hour making, they're not going to eat it.  If they don't want to sleep even though you're doing everything the professionals online told you to do, they're not going to sleep. If you try your hardest to keep them healthy, they're still going to catch 100 colds a year. This has been hard but also so freeing. I've definitely chilled out in a lot of ways since having kids.”

Let’s talk about shopping for kids (one of my favorite activities!). You obviously have a great eye for style – how does that translate to how you think about purchasing gear and clothing for your kids?

JF: “We are so lucky now that baby gear looks the way it does. It's so easy to have stuff that fits in with the aesthetic of whatever your personal style is.  When it comes to the items that are in the main part of my living space, I keep them tonal and neutral. 

My strollers are always solid black, sleek and can hide mess – sort of like your favorite staple handbag. I like to keep things simple and use materials that are easy to clean which is like the way I dress! While I love to be neutral personally, I also remember to let the kids be kids and have the brightly colored and loud things they love to have – I just try to keep it in their rooms!  

When I look at what I’m going to purchase for my kids, I take the same approach as I do for my wardrobe: invest in a few staple items and build around them with affordable options that won’t be everyday go-to’s. Rebelstork is the type of platform I wish existed when my kids were younger for buying big ticket items like strollers, and specialty items. Knowing how quickly kids cycle out of gear, being able to get gently-used pieces helps cut back on wasteful spending and gives perfectly good gear a second life.”

Jordan loves the Lalo high chair as much as we do! Shop hers here.

What are your top baby gear essentials? And why?

JF: “I'm mostly out of the baby gear phase as my kids are 4 and 2, but when they were younger the essentials for me were really anything I could safely keep them in while I was getting stuff done. I relied heavily on my Ergo Baby baby carriers. I loved carrying them like that in the early days so I could have hands-free supervision of them as I got things done. Additionally, for travel it was an absolute must. We loved using the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon for park days, family walks and everyday outings.  

My first born loved his Fisher Price swing for the first 6 months, and for me it was a lifesaver.  My daughter loved her bouncer, which was so convenient because I could move it wherever I was in the house with her older brother. My rechargeable breast pump was an essential for me and it never left my side.” 

Shop all of Jordan's baby gear picks here.

Taking “cool mom” to a new level

 OK enough about kids. I want to hear more about you. When you’re shopping for products personally, what do you look for in a brand? 

JF: “When I look at purchasing for myself, I want to make sure each purchase I make is thoughtfully done – from sustainable shipping methods, to resale shopping, mindfully made products and more. I think it’s most important to find retailers and brands that are making an honest effort to reduce negative impact on our earth and giving people the option to buy used, when available. 

When I'm shopping for things like makeup or skincare I always try to go for 'clean' products. I have found so many incredible brands that work just the same but have none or very little of the chemicals other brands have. I have Lupus so I have very sensitive skin and I have to be really careful with the products I use, especially on my face. This stuff is so much easier today than it was even five years ago. I'm absolutely not perfect when it comes to this stuff but I make a conscious effort daily to do my best.”  

What are your most-used products right now?

If you’re a mom (especially a new one!), we hope you find these tips helpful! Be sure to check out all of Jordan’s picks here.

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