Iris&Romeo Knocks Out Multiple Skincare Steps With One Award-Winning Product

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Weekend. There is no better word, as images of freedom, more outdoors time and plenty of sunshine come to mind.

Weekend Skin ($47), accordingly, is the perfect moniker for a beauty product that delivers analogous benefits. It’s the multi-purpose product by Iris&Romeo that embodies the brand's mission to "have more time to live like you mean it." Read on to learn what I – and my skin – have gained since incorporating this hybrid hit into my routine.

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Skincare That Gives You A Break

While Weekend Skin conjures up days of R&R, this multi-tasker is the single hardest-working item in my beauty cabinet as it combines transparent mineral SPF 50 (with 10% zinc oxide, which satisfies my TQE 2022 sunscreen guidelines), a stabilized time-release Vitamin C, and tinted hydration (thanks to Niacinamide, Vitamin E, German Chamomile and Jojoba). In one tube.

While the pairing of ingredients – including ethically-sourced mica – create a dewy glow 24/7, it’s Weekend Skin’s Vitamin C time release delivery system (which maintains fresh, potent levels) and formulation stability that go beyond surface beauty to keep skin healthy. Topical Vitamin C, a derm fave, is the antioxidant to fight skin damaging free radicals from external aggressors (UV rays, pollution) and unstable molecules in the body; Iris&Romeo outperforms here. And while I am thrilled to even my skin tone for the day, Weekend Skin is minimizing further hyperpigmentation while preventing new sun damage.

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The Perfect Pairing: SPF + Vitamin C
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Universal Beauty With Age

Former Smashbox exec Michelle Gough-Baril created Iris&Romeo (named after her mother and her horse respectively) for women in the middle of their lives – which she refers to as their “power years.” With the goal of making “women feel good emotionally, spiritually and physically, on every level,” the portfolio features versatile, easy to use products; each must be “valuable in her life and meaningful. It’s not just about creating products for the sake of products.”

When Gough-Baril set out to make Weekend Skin – which is “one part overachieving skincare” and “one part makeup” – it was imperative to create a universal tone that highlighted everyone’s natural beauty. She succeeded. In addition to leaving skin looking bare, bright and with a natural glow, the formula is “coverage free” – there is zero shade matching required, and no white cast or chalkiness left behind. Regardless of your skin tone.

“Originally, I thought we would need two shades to account for cool and warm undertones (that’s usually the approach to products that have glow), but I wanted this product to be easy, and people often don’t know their undertone. I sent it back to the lab. The journey was long and frustrating at times, but it was well-worth it.”

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The Beauty of Undone

Long before The New York Times declared “foundation is dead,” I’d avowed the same. As a writer and busy mother of twins, an emphasis on the undone, well hydrated look was the only way to ensure I wouldn’t skimp on beauty despite time restraints.

With its "less makeup, more you" mantra (and products that make this mission a reality), Iris&Romeo is incredibly appealing and the perfect reminder that despite the influx of celeb beauty launches (and their plethora of steps) beauty is less about spending time and money on products and more about making time for things that matter. Weekend Skin embodies this. While applying seamlessly with my fingers each morning for a bare-faced luminosity that lasts all day, I focus on life, not my skin. Besides, I don’t need to look like a glazed donut. Just a glowing, well hydrated and SPF protected woman.

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  • Weekend Skin doubles beautifully as a sheer makeup primer, if you opt to wear more makeup.
  • Weekend Skin’s Vitamin C has superior stability (among competitive testing) and allows you to reapply frequently (as you should with SPF!) without irritating skin.
  • Iris&Romeo is proudly cruelty-free, reef safe and clean (made without PEGS, Parabens, Phalthates, Chemical Sunscreens, Formaldehydes, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrances, Mineral Oil).
  • It’s liberating – and good for your skin – to use hybrid makeup/skincare, especially as you age. Ask any makeup artist!
  • The brand just launched The Reset ($45), a three-in-one hybrid Hyaluronic Serum Spray. It’s a “2-second hack for supple, bouncy skin.”

Shop Weekend Skin and other Iris&Romeo favorites here.

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