Gemini Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For This Month, According To The Stars

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Gemini season has arrived, and it’s here until June 20. While this sign often gets a bad rap for its “two faced,” mercurial disposition, Geminis are actually far more nuanced. It’s this wonderful duality that makes Geminis such exciting and dynamic friends, companions, and yes, even lovers! Known for their strong opinions, bold personalities, and charismatic duality, Geminis often have incredible social lives (filled with friends searching for the perfect birthday gifts). 

As a TQE reader you’ll get the scoop on finding the best presents for the super charming, intelligent, and unique Gemini in your life. Read on, you generous and caring gift-giver, you.

For Their Duality: A Sultry Summer Palette From Too Faced, $52

Credit: Too Faced

I couldn’t resist the double meaning on this one. Although I do reject the dismissive categorization of all Gemimis as “two faced,” it’s undeniable that this sign loves a little yin-yang transformation. The Gemini glyph is, after all, “the twins” – two lines joined together that symbolize the sign’s duality and neutrality. Encourage their sultry, sun-kissed, summer persona with this new and sparkly Born This Way Sunset Stripped Palette from Too Faced. All of the shades are spectacularly pigmented and shimmery, and the palette even has a light, delicious vanilla scent. Glow ahead! 

Supply Their Next Spirited, Spirits-Free Cocktail Hour With Ghia, $50

Credit: Ghia

Geminis are not only social creatures – they also love to try new things. Satisfy both elements of their personality with Ghia’s First Sip Kit, the perfect introduction to the brand’s booze-free, botanical-rich aperitif and pre-mixed spritzes. Ghia’s aperitif not only tastes like a more flavorful, biting version of its alcoholic counterparts, but it’s also packed with potent extracts of natural nervines like lemon balm and gentian root, ideal salves for a Gemini’s often overactive mind and body. Any Gemini will love learning and mastering some new cocktails, mocktails, and flavor profiles. And sure, they’ll also adore the beautiful unboxing experience and any excuse to get mixy and host a Spring soirée featuring their new bar cart treats. 

Put Their Planning To Papier, from $30

Credit: Papier

As a sign ruled by Mercury, Geminis are governed by communication. Yes, this might mean that your Gemini is on their phone 24/7, or constantly in email-triage mode. But they’re also likely to be working out conversations, social plans, intellectual machinations, and relationship management in their minds at all times. Make their life a little easier (and mind a little clearer) with a notebook or planner from Papier. The new collection with artist Rejina Pyo embodies an elegant aesthetic your Gemini will love. For the friend who needs a little more reflection and relaxation, pick from the nature-inspired Pause Collection, with notebooks perfect for journaling, daydreaming, and gratitude lists. 

Adaptogenic Supershrooms To Nurture Their Big Brains, from $36

Credit: @kaysthetics and @woodenspoonherbs

Another benefit of being ruled by Mercury? Geminis are intellectual powerhouses, and are naturally curious beings. Gift them this Lion’s Mane tincture ($40) from Rainbo and hit them with a link to this Brain Pop recipe to encourage their summertime kitchen ingenuity. Quick Wits ($36) – a blend of potent plants and Lion’s Mane from Wooden Spoon Herbs – makes another great choice that will help to boost their mood, memory, and mental clarity, while also catering to their love for trying something entirely new.

Upgrade Their Closet – From Pilates To Purses

Credit: NOIRANCA and Justine Clenquet

Geminis are notably expressive dressers. Their unique personalities often manifest in the items they wear – but they’re sure to lean towards polished, quality aesthetics, whatever their specific preference. Might I suggest a few brands that could do the trick?

-NOIRANCA, for geometric, structured purses that are not only beautiful and classic, but also impressively sustainable. Made of vegan leather with zero volatile organic compounds, and comprised of 58% recycled elements. (from $220)

-SENIA, for innovative modular Infinity Earrings they can wear 55 different ways – yes, really. ($250)

-Justine Clenquet, for edgy, sparkly jewelry that will make them feel like a birthday superstar all year round. (Hot tip: shop the brand on SSENSE to cash in on the currently epic sale.) 

-Alo Yoga for sleek new sets that will take them from pilates to tennis to coffee – and beyond. (price varies)

Skincare For Soothing From The Outside In, from $88

Credit: Vintner’s Daughter and Strange Bird

Geminis are, of course, air signs – so their social energy and professional ambitions can often send them into a spiral of high-energy stress. They might be in need of some self-care, vis a vis skincare.

-Splurge on the Signature Set from Vintner’s Daughter ($420) for the only two-step routine they’ll ever need – the aromas in the nutrient-rich botanical and plant formulas will take their nervous system to a very expensive spa.

-Alternatively, go with the Inner Balance Serum from Strange Bird ($88) for a gift that won’t break the bank, but will bring out your Gemini’s inner glow and peace with the help of amethyst and oak essence. 

Get to gifting – and we’ll meet you back here next month to coach you through the process of pleasing a Cancer.

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