Gemini Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Birthdays This Month, According To The Stars

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Gemini season has arrived. While this sign often gets a bad rap for its “two faced,” mercurial disposition, Geminis are actually far more nuanced. Known for their strong opinions, bold personalities, and charismatic duality, Geminis often have incredible social lives (filled with friends searching for the perfect birthday gifts).

Just your luck -- because you’re a loyal TQE reader, you’ll get the scoop on finding the best presents for the super charming, intelligent, and unique Gemini in your life.

W&P Porter Mugs & The INKA Lunch Kit, from $25

With booming social lives and often jam-packed schedules, Geminis can always use some chic portable travel mugs and containers. Some of our favorites are W&P’s Porter Mug (and the whole Porter collection, really), and of course, INKA’s gorgeous Lunch Kit. Picnic-ready, just in time for the summer.

Some Killer Activewear From Ernest Leoty, $174

Credit: @ernestleoty

Geminis are known to take care of their physical fitness, but certainly would never sacrifice their sleek style to do so. Gift them the impossibly chic Josephine Bodysuit from Ernest Leoty -- it’s a one-and-done, no fuss, and sleek piece they’ll love for its functionality and aesthetic sensibilities. Just like Geminis’ trademark duality, this bodysuit has all of the virtues of athleisure with a polished and elevated exterior.

Haus Duo, $70

Is there anything more on-target for the dual, ever-changing sensibilities of a Gemini than a Duo gift set? Haus’ Duo -- which allows you to select two of the brand’s full-size bottles for $70 -- makes for the perfect Gemini birthday gift. Not only will they be able to taste two of the brand’s seven delicious flavors with a gorgeous unboxing experience, but they’ll also be delighted by the social possibilities of spritz making and birthday celebrating.

PYM Mood Chews, $35

Often the most difficult sign to read, and one that can hold many tensions and conflicting emotions in their mind at once, a Gemini deserves gifts that can honor and soothe their duality. PYM Mood Chews -- developed by Zak Williams, son of the late comedy god Robin Williams, with the intention not only to improve mental health, but also to bring greater awareness to conversations around it -- are the perfect small but impactful treat for the Gemini in your life.

Set It And Forget It: A Linen Uniform From Lykke Wullf, from $98

Credit: Lykke Wullf

Like the bodysuit, but different -- gift your Gemini a polished linen set and they’ll love you forever. I’m obsessed with this linen and cotton blend Tank and Trouser set from Lykke Wullf, a small California-based DTC brand that combines California cool with a minimalist sensibility your Gemini will adore.

A Journal Or Notebook From Papier, price varies

Credit: @papier

As a sign ruled by Mercury, Geminis are governed by communication. Sure, this might mean that your Gemini is on their phone 24/7. But they’re also likely to be working out conversations, social plans, intellectual machinations, and relationship management in their minds at all times. Make their life a little easier (and mind a little clearer) with a notebook or planner from Papier.

Rainbo Lion’s Mane, $40

Credit: @kaysthetics

Another benefit of being ruled by Mercury? Geminis are intellectual powerhouses, and are naturally curious beings. Gift them this Lion’s Mane tincture from Rainbo, which will boost their mood, memory, and mental clarity, while also catering to their love for trying something entirely new.

For The Gemini You Really Love: SENREVE’s Aria Belt Bag, from $445

For the jet-setting Gemini who values a versatile and compact bag, gift SENREVE’s splurge-worthy Aria Belt Bag. She’ll love the endless styling options -- transforming from a belt bag to a crossbody to a clutch -- that will enable her to gracefully carry her essentials while fulfilling her social and professional calendar.

Get to shopping -- and check back here next month for our complete guide to gifting a Cancer.

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